The Pain on loving him

Aleera's Love Words

I know him better than my sisters, he thinks that I am crazy, that I can't follow orders, but he is wrong, so wrong. Everything I do is for him, for his love. And he doesn't see me, he loves them more.

I love my sisters, but I also hate them sometimes, I've tried to be like them but I can't. My love for him is selfish, is strong, evil and deep. Sometimes I wish to be the only one, to be the only owner of his cold heart. He gave me this life and for a while I hated him, but when I looked to his eyes and saw that pain, that loneliness I fell in his spell and I lost my last breath of kindness and humanity.

I try to be like he want me to, but all I see every night; it is he loving them more than me. Sometimes I wonder why he rejects me all the time. I hate what he hates, I love what he loves, I desire what he desires and that is not sufficient for him.

In his heart I have a little space, sometimes, when I look at his eyes I see that he regret the moment he made me his bride. I am too wild for him, out of control as he use to say when I failed.

If my master can only love me with the same passion I love him, if he can only understand that I will die for him, that my sisters together will never love himwith the strength that I do. I am his shadow and protector every night; during 150 years I have fought to his side, trying to eliminate the Valerious from the face of earth. In all those years and to the moon of tonight, Dracula has taken my body; he has drunk my blood and planted his seed in me. In all those years and to the moon of tonight he never saw the pain in my eyes, in my heart, because when I try to say "I love you", he sent me away. This is the pain of loving him.