Only in Your Heart

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Ch. 1 What happened? Who?

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Thought a certain blonde while walking on a cement sidewalk. Cagalli, the blonde, came from shopping for groceries from a near by 24hr grocery store, started to walk home in the dark flooded light streets.

For the longest time, Cagalli, still though that this small districts were still safe like before when she was young at her old district where she came from before she came here.

That's why she didn't care if she went outside pass midnight to get something from the near by 24 hr grocery store.

Well, obviously she never got attacked while walking because she won a black belt in karate when she was little. Hope she doesn't forget what she learned!

…Thump. Thump. Thump.

"Eh?" Cagalli turn around from hearing footsteps. Finding nothing behind her.

What was that? Maybe it was my imagination! Hah!

There is no way these safe streets can suddenly turn bad. Ahahaha, I'm scaring myself…wait…what am I scared of?

Cagalli is scare of nothing! If something were to attack me I would take it easily…

Cagalli was so DEAD WRONG! A girl who came from a protective family up coast, didn't know what she was getting into…

…Thump. Thump. Thump.

"Eh?" Cagalli turn around again. Finding nothing again.

Yah, I think it's my imagination alright…

…Thump. Thump. Thump.

Twitch. Twitch. Man, was she frustrated. Well, mostly annoyed. She felted like punching the person following her on the face.

She decided to turn to an alley. Nice thinking… the alley was pitch black. No turning back now. She made a slow turn. Then she felted something like a figure in front of her.

It grabbed her below the chin where her neck was with its arm, almost likely to choke her fast.

"Give me all your money! Or I'll stab you!" said a mysterious dark aggressive figure. He's holding a knife near Cagalli's neck.

The feelings of fear and confusion escape from her little mouth.

"AAAHHHH! Let go of me! Some one help--"said Cagalli with disbelieve that a man would suddenly attack a innocent girl. The thief cut her off.

A blue hair figure is walking on the dark cement sidewalk. He was kicking pebbles while thinking of something in his mind.

Inhale. Exhale. SIGH " Can't take this anymore. This job is making me have headaches. May be I should quit…but I can't leave them… they need me—"

"AAAHHHH! Let go of me! Some one help—" said some one screaming with wild fear.

"Wa-wait, did I just heard someone call for help in English—" he got cut off.

Without pondering more, he run towards the incoming cut off screams. Turning to the sharp corner of a street. He finds two figures.

One was holding the person with a knife, and covering the mouth of the other.

Shock to his mind, he thought fast. Someone was indeed getting attacked.

"Shut up! —" Said the thief. He suddenly halts his talking because of a sudden light steps coming towards them. Seeing a bluenette coming closer to them.

" Calm down Sir! Let go of the boy! You got nowhere to hid, I called the police already!" said the bluenette with a clam straight tone.

"You what? Damn you! Oh, so you want to save this kid so much, huh? Well, have him then!" said the thief furiously while he slashes one of Cagalli's wrist and throwing him at the bluenette laughing hysterically.

After throwing him at the bluenette he madly made a dash out of the dark alley into the cold street disappearing into the darkness.

"Ahhh!" screamed Cagalli at the pain of her bloody wrist.

"Holy Shit! Are you ok?" of course he wasn't!…

"I have to get you to a hospital now." Looking out the alley into the street searching for transportation. Finding nothing out there he immediately came back to the blonde.

"Shit!" there isn't any cars out there…what should I do? … I have to call them…he's going to die sooner if I keep him here…

The bluenette took his cell phone out fast and dial quickly.

… Tru. Tru. Tru.

"Hello? This is the B.P.C. (Bodyguard Protection Corp.) what can I –" the speaker got cut off by the bluenette.

"Stop the chit-chat Miguel. I need a ride and a bodyguard to the hospital! FAST! "

"Heh? The hospital? OMG! Sir Athrun, is that you? Right away! Tell me the address then…"

"Of course that's me! The address…I'm in a corner of…Kurotsuke St. In a alley…"

"…Hmmn? Where am I? I feel weak for odd reasons…I can't remember anything…what's this warmth around my shoulder?" thought Cagalli while her blurry vision caught a sight of a blue hair man talking on his cell phone while holding her.

"…Oh, now I remember I got attacked by a thief and got slash in the wrist. I feel so weak. Am I going to die? …I should call…" Cagalli fainted from the blood lost.

"…Hmmn…? Where am I? Where is this place? I don't recall coming here at all…where is the blue hair man? …" Cagalli mumbling her words to a near by nurse.

The blonde detected a really bright surgery light over her. Moving her head around, Cagalli saw nurses and doctors bandaging her wrist and knees and saying something.

She once again felt unconscious.

"Eeehhhh? So, Athrun, you found that guy in an alley getting attacked?" said a shocked orange hair man wearing a black suit and dark shades (funny, it's night and I made him wear sun shades, lol, more of a bodyguard look).

A.k.a. Heine, one of Athrun's most trust worthy bodyguard and friend.

"Yah, poor guy. I heard him scream so I run over there and found him getting attack by a thief. I hope he has a family to contact so, they can get him safely home after such incident." Said Athrun.

Out of an emergency room, doctors and nurses came out. The bluenette notice the emergency room were the boy that he saved went.

"So, doctor how is he? The boy." Said the concern bluenette.

"Heh? Excuse me? The boy? Oh, you mean that blonde girl that got slash on the wrist?"

"W-wh-what? That was a girl?" said a very disbelief Athrun.

Fake Cough."Uhmm, yes, unfortunately that's a girl not a boy. The girl is fine. If you will excuse me I have other people to attend." Said the doctor exiting the conversation walking away.

A very shocked Athrun turn around finding his friend, bodyguard, burst out laughing hard.

"Hey shut up! How am I supposed to know? He…uhhh…she—" Athrun shouted at his bodyguard friend Heine. But he stops short from talking due to a familiar voice coming from a brunette hair boy behind him.

"Athrun? What are you doing here? You heard about my sister too?" said the brown hair boy.

"Huh? Kira? Your sister? YOU HAVE A SISTER?" Athrun said confusedly from a short interruption from Kira messing up his mind easily.

The end of chapter 1.

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