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Welcome Back

Chapter 7: Of History and Moving

The first thing Akira noticed as he swam up from the depths of unconsciousness was that he was warm. Warm and comfortable even though his right arm hurt a little bit. He'd never felt like that before. Everyday felt like every other day as far as he was concerned. Last night, though, he'd had a very nice dream. He'd dreamt that Hikaru had come over and confessed that his feelings were the same as Akira's. Then they'd kissed. The kiss was magnificent, like heaven come to earth. After that sort of dream, who would really want to wake up? Akira certainly didn't. It would mean the return to his semi boring life.

The sun was shining in through the window. Akira could tell because it was shining directly into his closed eyes. Sighing, he carefully opened his eyes. The light was blinding so he didn't fully open his eyes, he just squinted. He tried moving his right arm to shield his eyes from the glaring sun but found that something was holding his arm down. He looked down and blushed. Hikaru was laying on his arm and part of his chest; one leg was thrown over Akira's.

So, it wasn't a dream after all. He smiled softly as Hikaru snuggled deeper into his chest. He couldn't help thinking that Hikaru was so cute when he slept. Like an angel. Quite different from his loud, hyper personality during the day. Akira thought that since Hikaru was loud during the day then he'd even be loud when he slept. He was proven wrong now.

Akira moved a long strand of hair out of Hikaru's mouth. He was sure the other boy wouldn't want to eat his own hair. Akira looked around the room and got a tiny jolt when he saw Sai watching them. He had the most peculiar look on his face. It was sort of a mixture of sadness and longing. Akira nodded at the ghost who nodded back.

Silently, Sai got up and walked over to the goban and sat down. Akira and Hikaru had fallen asleep playing a game late at night- or early this morning. Akira didn't know and didn't care. He remembered falling asleep with the bed supporting his back. Hikaru must have rolled over and latched onto him during the night some time.

"I hope you don't mind if I use my left hand." He whispered, careful to keep his voice low enough to not wake the sleeping boy.

Sai's eyes crinkled in laughter. I don't mind. It's fun playing against you no matter what hand you use.

Akira frowned as he grabbed both cups of stones. "Hikaru hasn't really told me much about you. Only that you're a thousand years old and your name is Fujiwara no Sai. Why did you die?"

The question didn't seem to faze Sai. A thousand years ago, I was the Master of Go. I was the instructor in the emperors' palace. Everyday I would instruct the courtiers how to play. There were people from all over the land who would journey just to play a game with me. I played many, many people and I won all of the games. He paused to place a stone. I wasn't the only instructor though. There was another almost as good as me. He was devious. To pronounce a true Master at the game, he issued a challenge. The entire court was there, including the emperor. While everyone was watching the game, I saw him cheat. It was a close game in the beginning but with that move I saw a loss at then end. I tried to inform the court about his cheating but he turned it around and said that I was cheating. I, of course, lost and was thrown out of court. I was so saddened by my loss- to be exiled and never to play my beloved game- that I threw myself into a river and drowned.

"Then you appeared before Hikaru when he was twelve?" Akira asked, thoroughly interested in Sai's story. He placed a stone half-heartedly, more interested in the story than in the game.

Sai smiled, amused. "No. The goban that I'd played on for years bore my sadness and a boy saw that sadness. His name was Torajirou. I appeared before him and asked him if I could borrow a part of his heart so that I could once again play my beloved game of Go. Sai smiled warmly, remembering those happy days. Torajirou changed his name and succeeded his master at the early age of twenty.

Akira's eyes narrowed. If there was such a magnificent Go player like that, then he would recognize the name. Torajirou didn't ring a bell.

"What was the other name he went by?" He asked his voice very serious.

His name was changed to Shuusaku.

A large jolt shot through Akira's body which made him gasp and widened his eyes. "Honinbou Shuusaku? You were Honinbou Shuusaku!"

Hikaru's hand clenched into a fist, capturing a fistful of Akira's shirt in it. Hikaru rubbed his head against Akira's chest and both boy and ghost didn't say a word. Akira wanted to let Hikaru sleep as much as possible. When Hikaru calmed down and his breathing was even again, Akira looked at Sai.

Sai chuckled. Yes, I was Honinbou Shuusaku. He was very good on his own but he gave up his game so that I could play.

"Honinbou Shuusaku died when he was in his 30's."

Yes, he did. There was so much pain and sadness in his voice that Akira was sorry he mentioned it. When a plague came into the land, Torajiou wasn't immune. He caught the sickness and spent his last days in bed coughing up blood. On the night he died his blood landed on the goban. The goban was forgotten again and I was thrown into a world of eternal darkness. I had given up hope of ever returning to the world when I heard a voice. A young boys' voice was saying that he saw the blood. I asked him if I could inhabit a part of his heart and…

"Here you are." Akira finished when it was certain that Sai wasn't going on.

Sai nodded. Here I am. My punishment for my suicide is that I go on with this life for eternity without ever being able to pick up another stone. Even though I am able to teach, I will never be able to play a real game.

The pure grief in Sai's voice made Akira wince. He understood Sai's love for the game; he could not handled living an eternity without picking up a Go stone. This must be a very rough existence for the ghost.

"But you play through Hikaru and you will play through me. I understand that's not enough but it's all we can do."

I know. I just sometimes miss the feel of the stones in my fingers.

Akira decided to change the subject. It wasn't nice to keep reminding the ghost of what he lost. "Now I understand how Hikaru got so good so fast. Having a teacher be with him 24/7 has its advantages."

Many advantages, yes. Sometimes not so much. Akira wondered at the remark and the mysterious amused look in Sai's eyes.

Hikaru chose that moment to wake up. He gazed up into Akira's eyes, his eyes half lidded with sleep. He rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"Morning already? It's too early. I'm going back to sleep." He turned over and fell asleep on the floor.

Akira blinked. "No you're not!" He crawled over Hikaru and looked into his sleeping face. "It's time you woke up, Hikaru."

Hikaru's eyes flew open. "Just kidding!" He lunged up and planted a firm kiss on Akira.

Stunned, Akira followed Hikaru as he lowered his head, keeping the kiss going. They opened their mouths to start a tongue war when Sai walked up beside them.

Awwww, how cute! I really wish I had a camera. This scene is just too cute. I've never seen Akira-kun blush like that.

Both boys broke apart and Akira became aware of how bold their position was. Heat flamed his face in a fierce blush. He grabbed the first thing his hands came in contact with and threw it at the ghost. Of course, the object passed right through him, but one would have thought it hit him with all the ruckus he was causing.

"Then again, having a teacher with you 24/7 could be very annoying too." He stressed the word 'annoying'.

Sai grinned cheekily at him, a habit he must have picked up from Hikaru. Hikaru was watching them both with a bewildered expression. He scratched his forehead in thought.

"Did I miss something while I was asleep?" He asked.

Akira wouldn't look at him. "No. You didn't miss anything. I was just thinking how advantageous it would be to have a Go Master's ghost as your teacher 24/7. Now I can see how annoying it is as well."

Hikaru laughed. "One gets used to it very fast. No worries Akira." He kissed the tip of Akira's nose.

Akira sniffed and then sighed. "The one thing I've been trying to figure out is; does this make me gay?" He slowly crawled off of Hikaru.

Hikaru sat up with a sigh of his own. "I don't know. I don't really think I like other guys, I just like you." Hikaru said with a shrug.

Akira nodded. "That makes sense. I don't think other guys look good. I just like you." He sighed. "But that answer wouldn't satisfy the public. In their eyes, we'll be gay. We don't have interests in other guys, but we don't have any interests in girls either. That makes us gay. The public will not take kindly to two gay Go players."

Hikaru flopped back down to the floor. "Who cares what the public thinks? What are we going to do? Just go out there today and announce that we're gay? They don't have to know our personal life. Let them find out when they find out."

Sai nodded his agreement. Hikaru has a point. If it's not affecting your ability to play, then it has nothing to do with the public. Your lives are your lives. Not theirs.

"It's not that easy you two." Akira pointed out. "If you think we're famous right now then just you wait. With Sai's teaching, we're going to be just as good, if not better, than Shuusaku. The media is going to eat it up like crazy." He looked at Hikaru. "The media was on us when we were the two top rising stars in the Go world. Now, they're going to be on us like ticks on a dog." He winced at his crude wording.

He felt a warm hand cup his face and opened his eyes to the most vivid green eyes he'd ever seen. Hikaru placed his forehead on Akira's and Akira could feel Hikaru's breath puff gently on his face.

"It's going to be ok, Akira. I'll protect you. I promise you that I'll stay with you no matter what happens. I love you." The last sentence was said breathlessly.

Akira leaned against Hikaru's forehead. This all felt right. This all felt good. "I love you too Hikaru." Hikaru let out the breath he was holding. "What? Did you think I would say I hated you?"

Hikaru stroked Akira's face nervously. "No, I just didn't know if you felt as deeply for me as I do for you. I was worried I might be pushing you."

Hikaru gave Akira a gentle push and Akira fell on the floor onto his back. Hikaru was quick to follow, kneeling on all fours, his face hovering above Akira's.

"I love you, Akira. I promise we'll be together forever." He leaned down and covered Akira's lips with his own.

The passion in the kiss was driving Akira insane. This was no child's kiss nor was it a light lovers kiss. It was hot and passionate. Akira was lost in the moment. He reached up and pulled Hikaru down on top of him. He wrapped his arms around the taller boy's waist. Akira's eyes flew open when he felt Hikaru's hands on his bare skin. Hikaru had pulled Akira's shirt up and was exploring the exposed area. Neither of them were paying any attention to the ghost who was having a fit of hysterics. Akira decided to be bold and put his hands under Hikaru's shirt and started exploring his chest. Hikaru let out a moan which excited Akira.

They ignored the polite cough. Then it came a bit louder and that's when both the boys looked to see who it was. Hikaru nearly jumped out of his skin when his eyes met those of the elder Touya. Akira's face went from fine to fire in 0.23 seconds. A new record in his book. Akira noticed that everyone in the room was blushing to some degree. He gave silent thanks to all the gods that he wasn't the only one.

They quickly crawled over to the goban and continued to play the game that he and Sai had started. They acted as though this is what they've been doing all along. Akira hoped his father would just go along with it. He placed a stone, not remembering whose real turn it was. Hikaru placed another stone.

Akira looked up. "Oh, Father, I was so into the game I didn't notice you." He knew he wasn't acting like he usually did but, when one's father caught one in a very humiliating position, one resorted to nervousness.

The elder Touya coughed. "I can see that. Your mother told me to call for you before entering, which I did. I was just going to ask if you have decided to move out or if you were going to continue living here."

"Move?" Hikaru asked, interest lifting his voice. "Why do you have to move, Akira?"

Akira sighed. "My parents have decided to spend a few years touring the major Go countries: China, Korea, and America. They've giving me a choice of moving out or staying in this house."

"You have? Hmm, I've been thinking of moving out on my own." He looked pointedly at Sai. Akira nodded to show he understood. "I was actually going to start looking for a roommate." Hikaru grinned at Akira. "How about we move in with each other?"

Touya coughed discreetly. "Yes, well, whatever you two chose, tell me. We're leaving in a week and we'd like everything to be settled by then. You know your mother's such a worrier."

Akira nodded sternly. He understood the subtle message his father was giving him. It was a 'make up your mind so you don't worry your mother' message. Touya looked at them sternly and then left the room.

Hikaru let out a rush of air. "Woo, your father really knows how to scare the living daylights out of someone." He laughed nervously. Then he cocked his head in confusion. "Your dad didn't look too surprised to see us, um; kissing and neither did your mom. Am I missing something?"

Akira sighed. "Yes they knew about us. They're the reason I finally figured out my feelings toward you. My father was a bit upset finding out his only son was gay but he seems ok with it now."

Hikaru gulped when Akira said his father was a bit upset. "Um, ok, I guess thank heavens for small miracles." He glanced around the room. "So, do we move out, or are we going to live here?"

Akira's brows rose. "We? Since when did 'we' have to make the same decisions?"

Hikaru laughed. "Oh trust me. I know about this subject better then you." Akira glared at his boyfriend, getting more frustrated at Hikaru's superior look. "When we're away from each other, it's like having our heart ripped out from our chest. I could only stand it for about a week."

"What are you talking about?" Akira demanded.

Akira's right Hikaru. I don't think a week ago Akira realized his feelings for you so he didn't have to deal with the pain.

"What!" Hikaru exclaimed. "No fair." He pouted. Then he grew serious. "When I left you in the train station, I felt as if I was ripping out part of my heart. The further I am away from you, the more pain we'll be in. Sai and I sort of figured it out. When people fall in love, they exchange half of their hearts in their bonds. They never feel it and they never suffer the side effects of long term separation if they do have to separate. For us, I have accepted Sai to stay in a part of my heart. When I gave you half of my heart, I gave you half of my contract to Sai. So, in essence, you carry 3/4ths of my heart and part of Sai's as well. It's why you can see him and talk to him."

"So you're saying that because of the ghost, we can feel each other? We're aware where each other are and we'll need to stay close together?" Akira was totally serious.

"I don't understand more then that, but in a nutshell- yes." As if an afterthought, Hikaru went on. "Oh, you'll have to learn how to communicate with Sai even when there are people around. Trust me; you'll look really weird if someone sees you talking to yourself. He not only inhabits our hearts but he's also in our minds. Just think what you want to say and he'll hear it." Hikaru gave him a grin. "Try it."

Akira sighed. Might as well. Can you hear me Sai?

Loud and clear. The ghost said, clearly amused.

Akira jumped, not expecting it to work the first time. "I see. Well, I will have to inform my parents about moving, I suppose."

Hikaru looked around the room. "Why can't we stay here?"

Akira thought about it. "With our low income, we might just be able to pay the utilities for this place. My parents wouldn't expect rent out of us so that wouldn't be a problem." He tapped a finger against the goban absentmindedly. "It could work."

Hikaru nodded. "It could and it would. I'm off to start packing my room and tell my mom I'm moving. Inform your parents and ask what the arrangements are going to be like." He looked at Sai. "Stay here with Akira while I run home. Now that there're two people, you'll have more options then just to hang out with me." He grinned cheekily at the stunned ghost. "Besides, you'll have to explain the pain thing to him." Hikaru winked at Akira and then took off.

Now that Akira was paying attention, he could feel the distance as Hikaru got further away. It wasn't until Hikaru got to the train station that Akira felt the pang of pain. He doubled over onto his hands and knees panting.

"Hikaru had to go through this all week?" Akira asked, disbelief heavy in his voice.

Yes. Now you understand what Hikaru meant. He's probably feeling exactly what you're feeling right now.

Akira smiled grimly. "I can't be outdone by a boyfriend who is weaker than I am." He gathered his strength and climbed up to his feet, his legs shaky. "Let's go inform my parents of my choice."

Hold on a second. Sai's expression looked confused. Why didn't you know something was odd about me from the way I dressed? I am still what I was a thousand years ago. Hikaru's always telling me how odd I look in my clothes.

Akira smiled. "These days I see people wearing everything. My father wears that kimono of his everyday. I don't see others doing that so it's odd but it's my father. I just thought you were one of those types of people. It's not required for a person to dress nice to play Go."

I see. His tone told Akira that he didn't.

"Later I'll show you some other people who don't dress like other people. Then you'll know what I mean. Ok?

Really, There are weirdly dressed people? I'd like to see that just to say I've seen it.

Akira shook his head. "You're a very odd ghost."

Boy and ghost left the room to go search for Akira's parents. They walked down the hall and found both parents drinking cups of tea at the kitchen table. His parents looked up when he arrived. An image of what happened that morning flashed across his mind. He quickly banished the thought and suppressed the blush. He shot Sai a look when he noticed he was snickering. This mind thing could be very bad indeed.

"Mother, Father, I think we've made a decision." Both parents watched Akira with steady gazes. He had their full attention. "Would we have to pay rent if we stayed in this house?"

"So you're planning on staying here?" Akira's mother asked with a smile. "No, we won't charge either of you rent. This house is paid off, so there's no real worry. We don't want to have to worry about this house while we're gone. If it's something broken, you pay for it. Other than that, you will just need to take care of the utilities."

Akira nodded. "I thought as much. And is it ok for Hikaru to move in here?"

Touya raised his brow. "I thought you two were in a relationship. Am I wrong?"

Akira felt the blush starting to rise. "N-no. You're not wrong." He looked at the floor. He hated feeling as if he were weak. He knew he sounded weak.

"Then what's the matter with you two living together?" She smiled.

Touya looked around the house and sighed. "You'll want us to move our things out. This house will never feel like yours if we keep all of our belongings in it. You'll need to buy the things you need so that it'll feel more like you."

"And you'll be leaving…?" Akira asked.

"In a week. Don't sound so happy your loving parents are leaving." His mom's eyes crinkled with laughter as her son slightly blushed at her words.

Akira lifted his head proudly, despite his slight color. He wasn't happy they were leaving, but he knew that they would be happier to get out of here the fastest they could.

You're very nice to your parents. Sai remarked.

I've come to realize how difficult it was for my father to be tied down here when all he wanted to do was play Go with some challenging people. He got his wish when he retired. I can't complain because it was his choice, but I wouldn't have anyway because I know it is the best thing for him and his health.

Sai nodded. Oh, oh! Do you think I could play your father again? He was a very worthy opponent.

Akira paused for a second before remembering that this person was the one who beat his father at internet Go. Sai obviously really loved playing against Touya and wanted to do so again. Akira was amused.

"Father?" When he had the elders' attention he went on. "I just met someone who said he'd like to play you again. He said his name is Sai. He beat you once at internet Go." He was sure his father didn't forget but he was reminding him just in case.

Touya's face changed all of a sudden and his eyes showed the serious glint Akira recognized from his Go. "You've met Sai." Akira nodded. "Then tell him I would be honored for a rematch someday; I don't mind if it's on the internet. I will beat him next time."

I don't think for a few hundred years, but that's ok, Father. Akira thought. "I'll tell him." He said aloud.

I wouldn't be too sure. Sai remarked. I wasn't a few hundred years old when I became a Master of Go. I've just had a few hundred years to refine my game.

Akira sighed mentally. This form of communication did take getting used to. He wasn't used to having someone in his mind all the time. He didn't know how Hikaru put up with it.

Very carefully. Was the amused remark.

Akira glared at the ghost. Can you please go tell Hikaru of what my parents said?

Sai mockingly bowed to him deeply like a servant and disappeared. Life was definitely getting more exciting.