Very, very short. Written for kicks. Woke up one morning with a plot to post it somewhere.

Agian, Tsubasa is not mine. If it was, it would be a whole lot more yaoi.

Ashura Awakens. The Lord of McDonald's and Fai's Ghost of the Past. (Wooh! Long Title!)

The glass on the coffin cracked, and from it came a pretty little bishie, just as a butterfly emerges from a cocoon.

and why had this happened, well, Chi had just gotten a Xbox 360 and she just had to go play it, freeing Ashura

from his tomb. Ashura shook the water from him like a wet dog. And disappeared...

Meanwhile, Fai and Kurogane were at McDonalds trying to figure out how to order a hamburger and what that

even was in the first place. The guy behind the counter looked very annoyed as the ninja and mage argued about

whether this place was a temple or castle for a king. Whatever this "McDonalds" was it held great power over

this world. Finally the guy behind the counter just broke down screaming and ran away, and someone else came

to the counter to take his place. but this guy was suspicious, Kurogane had seen that eerie smile somewhere

before. But before Kuro-pii could put his thoughts together Fai screamed like a scared little girl and yelled,


Ashura then noticed that was Fai. He couldn't see him before because he just had some corrective eye surgery

and was having a hard time seeing. Ashura jumped over the desk and hugged Fai so hard Fai thought his body

would be crushed. Fai forced the words out of his mouth as Ashura squeezed the life out of him,

" you...too...Ashura."

Kurogane scowled at Ashura, Fai didn't call him by ridiculous nicknames. Kurogane ripped Ashura off of Fai

and gave him that menacing Kuro-glare.


Ashura was confused, but then his eyes teared up,

"Fai! You got someone else!"

Ashura then broke into tears, why was Fai afraid of this...thing! Fai saw how confused his Kuro-myu was and


" Ashura-ou here, is my ex-boyfriend. Yeah, I kinda broke up with him so I could go get a ninja because ninjas

turn me on, and he didn't take it well, so I had to lock him up for a little while."

Kurogane was dumbfounded. THIS was why Fai had been running! What kind of idiotic reason was that! But

he put it behind him, and they all had some hamburgers, never knowing how Ashura and Kurogane were

plotting against each other...

End of part 1! part 2 still to come! YAYYYY!