Notes: These are all unrelated little bits of fiction of various pairings and ratings that I had sitting on my harddrive and decided to upload for you. They're all stand-alone pieces, so please don't ask for sequels or anything like that. They're perfect in my mind just how they are. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Vows
Word Count: 100
Pairing: S/R, mentions of J/L

He hits the bathroom wall hard. It's the hit of reality he needs to convince him it's not a dream, that Sirius is actually pushed against him, that those are his kisses pressed down his neck.

"God.. I can't stop touching you," Sirius moans against him and Remus thinks wildly that he just might climax on Sirius' voice alone.

When he finally comes, Sirius is there telling him how much he's wanted him, how long he's been waiting.

Remus knows this is James and Lily's wedding, but at that moment it seems like they aren't the only ones saying vows.