Seven Sins

I wrote a collection of seven sins drabbles a little while back. Some, however, are not in agreement with the terms of service so you'll have to excuse me if I omit Wrath, Lust & Greed for those reasons. I do love the wrath one, but alas, . I'd rather not get kicked out ;) I may try to rewrite them with lower ratings, but for now here are four sins ;) All 100 words, various pairings & ratings including a few you haven't seen me write before (unless you've been lurking around my livejournal).

PRIDE – Draco/Neville - PG

At the National Quittich Cup, Neville catches his eye just outside the restroom and smiles – a secret smile, one between lovers.

"Who's that?" the brunette beside Draco asks, obviously repulsed.

"Never seen him before in my life," Draco says coolly and Neville understands. Even though Houses have stopped mattering long ago, one has pride.

When Draco corners him, his hands on either side of Neville's head and a lustful look in his eye, Neville hesitates slightly then pushes him away. He takes a certain satisfaction in the hurt evident on Draco's face before walking away. One has pride after all.

ENVY – James/Lily, implied James/Regulus - PG

He watches them sometimes in the hallways, he's a masochist that way. He watches the easy way in which James threads his fingers through her hair and the way she plays with the little curls against his neck, something Regulus knows he hates but will somehow tolerate if it's her.

He watches and feels a dull pain not just in his chest but through his entire being. He finds himself wanting to be her. She's not even a pureblood but if it made a difference he would give up his bloodline if James would look at him like that again.

SLOTH – Remus/Sirius – PG-13

"Come back to bed," Sirius says, his words muffled by the pillow.

"No, I can't," Remus replies, but Sirius can hear the regret.

"Come on, just be lazy for once."

"Just once?" Remus asks teasingly.

Sirius makes a general noise of agreement and smiles into the pillow as he feels the weight of the bed shift.

"You're a bad influence on me," Remus says before he kisses Sirius' bare back.

"Probably," Sirius says agreeably, "But I don't see you complaining."

"Think you could possibly muster up the energy for another round?"

"'M not that lazy," Sirius says and rolls over.

GLUTTONY – James/Remus - R

When James comes into the dorm, the last thing he expects to see is Remus Lupin lying on his bed covered in whipped cream so it's understandable that he gives a little gasp and even excusable if he gets hard.

"Sirius is in detention," he stammers.

"Well, this is going to melt if it doesn't get licked up soon," Remus says, glancing at James, "And there are parts I just can't reach."

"Wouldn't want to make a mess," James says before taking his first lick. It's only afterwards he remembers that Remus is the one who put Sirius in detention.