Well, this is my first Gad Guard fan fiction, and hopefully not my last. I was disappointed with the end of the series and how Katana reaction to Sayuri's disappearance at the very end of the series, so I decided to keep it going with my own thought on how in continued, because Katana just wouldn't let it end there! Anyway, to the story!

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Chapter 1

"Good afternoon, stranger! Sit down and have a drink." The bartender greeted a young man as he walked through the door. His hair was dark grey blue and he had a large scar under his right eye. He picked up the glass placed in front of him and looked at the transparent golden color.

The boy sipped the drink and looked at the bartender, "I'm looking for someone. A little girl."

The bartender shook his head, "Sorry, I haven't seen a any little girls in here for years. Is your sister missing?"

"Something like that." Another sip.

"So, she not really missing, or not really your sister?"

"Hm…" Another sip, "Well, she is missing, but as for being my sister… I'm not sure if I should call her my sister or a very close friend." Another sip, the glass is empty and then there's another.

"Oh, I see. She not a blood relative, but she's not a girlfriend."

"Hn…" Another sip. Everything was starting to look… pretty? Now that's strange, "I kind of wish… that I hadn't burned… uhg… the picture." His head began to spin, so he laid it down.

Only a second later, the door opened and an even younger boy walked in, "Hey there. I'm looking for someone, maybe you can help."

The bartender smiled, "Well, whataya know!" He pointed to the half conscious mess sprawled half way on the counter, a glass half full of god-knows-what in his hand, "He's lookin' for someone too!"

"Ah! Very cool, maybe we're looking for the same-" He stopped abruptly as his eyes landed on the back of the figure. He knew that back, he'd seen it enough, "Katana!" he ran to the side of the figure, but it just twitched in response to his name being called.

"God, you look like crap." At that, Katana lifted himself up and flung himself stupidly at the boy, but the boy stepped the side and caught Katana before he hit the floor, "Katana, stop being reckless!"

Katana groaned and tried to get out of the boys grip, but he was too weak, "I'm gonna… kill you… Hajiki." He said tiredly as his eyes closed, giving into sleep. Hajiki just sighed and looked at the bartender.

"Sorry if he caused any trouble."

"No worries, he just has to pay for the drinks."

"Put it on my tab? Or something?" Hajiki grinned sheepishly.

The bartender laughed, "Yeah right, kid. Listen, if you take that kid off my hands, I'll forget you two even being here."

Hajiki's eyebrow rasied, "But… why?"

"Hurry up before I change my mind, kid."

"Heh, very well." He put Katana's arm over his shoulder and lifted him up, then began to walk out the door, "Oh well, I guess I'll have to find a place for us to stay." He looked up into the sky. Dark clouds were gathering, and that wasn't a good sign for the two heavy metal operators, "You really are a heavy guy, Katana."

Unfortunately, the rain came down faster than Hajiki had expected. He dragged the sleeping 18-year-old into a small dry spot right next to a building, but the rain was being pushed by the wind now, so they wouldn't be save for long. The 15-year-old boy sighed and looked at Katana in is drunken sleep, "I hope you've got some money, cause other than food money, I'm broke, ya' lameass." He was grateful that Katana was asleep, or the older heavy metal operator might just go for his throat.

"Are you guys ok?" A golden-haired boy stood about 10 feet away, the rain pounding down on his fraile form. He looked almost like Takumi Kisaragi from Night Town, who was a heavy metal operator of Thunder. His hair was mid-back length and tied back, bangs sparsely hanging in his golden eyes.

Hajiki looked at the soaked boy, "Not really… why?"

The boy smiled and stepped closer, "My name is Shun Kanji, and I've seen a lot of people like you two lately. I'm guessing you have nowhere to go." The brunette nodded, shifting Katana so he was leaning more toward himself, "You can come to my place if you want. My roommate just moved out so I have another free bed in my apartment."

"You don't have to, really!" Hajiki tried to change the boys mind, but Shun shook his head and began walking down the street.

"Follow me."

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