Title: In the Summertime
Author: Lilac Rose
Genre: Reflections
Word Count: 198

It was a warm summer's day. He doesn't remember this part of course, but I'll never forget it. The smell of the fresh green grass, the feel of the wind in my hair and across my skin. I had never seen anything so
magnificently strange, or as oddly beautiful.

I couldn't help it, I crept closer, trying to figure out how he got there, how he came to be. My hand reached out, my fingers brushed that silvery white locks that flowed like water from his head, over his pale cheeks, and down his neck. I thought he was a vision, or a dream.

It wasn't till later that I knew what a treasure I had found, a man to stand beside for the rest of my life. I knew that it wouldn't be forever, nothing was. I vowed to follow him to the ends of the earth and back. Later, I would find another who had the same dream. Who knew the awe I felt, and who relished in it.

My name is Rin, her name Kagome. We both love two brothers, different yet the same. And destiny brought us all together, on a warm summer's day.