Title: Opposites Attract
Author: Lilac Rose
Word Count: 181
Genre: Pensive

Kagome stared down at her math textbook. Of all the lessons she had to
study while chasing after the maniacal Naraku, trying to concentrate on
Algebra was the worst. Knowing that a2 + b2 c2 was important to the life of Kagome the schoolgirl, but Kagome the shard detector had much bigger problems.

The problem is, she thought wistfully, is that we're the
. So she stared down at the newest lesson:

Two unequal numbers with the same absolute value are called opposites.

Her mind began to drift away from the words printed before her eyes, instead the paired values morphed into small figures that had very familiar shapes.

Inuyasha and herself, Sesshoumaru and Rin, Kouga and Ayame, Miroku and Sango She smiled slightly, all paired opposites, all uniquely individual values, all balancing out to the same value. In math, the sum of opposites equaled zero, a lonely number. In them, eternity.

Thank goodness life isn't like a math book, she thought with a
humored smile before returning from her slight daydream, a whole new
appreciation for her lesson now.