That Crazy Cat Grinning

A Teen Titans One-Shot

by RavenStar

He finally gave up. I finally got him to stop pestering me.

I don't think he could understand completely.

That, or he'd understand too much, and want to barge in-between…

I think, deep down inside, he knows I remember. He knows I can still use my powers. But I made a choice – and he respected it. He certainly has grown up since I last saw him.

Why couldn't any of the other men I've met be like that?

Now, with the ordeal over, I can come back. Within two minutes, I'm already in the woods. Running. I run for what seems like ages. So many trees. So many plants. All green. The person I'm looking for is among them, hiding somewhere. I can smell them. This part's the game. Most of the time, I lose.

Just how I like it now. I've lost all my life. Even when I won, I lost. So from now on, if I'm going to lose, I'm going to lose in a controlled environment. I've found that's the only way I can truly win.

As I back up after hearing a twig snap right in front of me, cold touch suddenly runs along my shoulders. I shudder, enjoying the knowledge of the fact I've lost. I let the fingers trace down my arms, until the green-clad arms they're attached to fall down over my body and wrap around my waist. I feel a warm body press against me from behind. A sniffing nose breathes in my scent, savoring every last bit of it. I run my hand along the bottom of that sniffing neck. The reaction is exactly the one I expected to receive. I turn around in her grip and look up at her, wrapping my arms around her waist; return for hers around mine. All the news reports say she was busted by the Titans in some big incident that was in Paris a few weeks ago. But she obviously broke out. And I don't care. Time to take this to the next level, anyways.

My eyes glow softly yellow, and the rock we're standing on lifts off the ground as my will desires it to. We have to stay hidden. I'm not letting her lose me. Not after I let him lose me. And I'm not losing her. So I take her away. Far away, to a place only she and I know about. She loves it here. I love it here. The land's covered in old, tall trees with many sturdy branches, which she loves because she can run & train. And there's a nice small pond and creek with a lot of boulders and pebbles by its banks that I can sit and relax by. I settle the rock down lightly next to one of these banks, under the shade a thick patch of leaves in the tree canopy above. I look up at her. Dammit, what is it with me and people with masks? Even he wore a mask before he was a Titan. Then – yeah, I think I'd rather just forget that that ever happened…

But her – It's that damned cat mask, I tell you. It's nothing like the masks I've seen before. It's not just a mask that hides anything. It's a mask that somehow hides her secrets, yet announces everything about her at the same time. That fixed grin – it's her, down to the very bone. I lean against her, tracing my finger along her shoulders. I feel the shudder of her kimono, and grin, knowing what's coming next. She grabs me, and in a flash, she's on top of me, the gauntlet claws unsheathed. She traces the claws down my clothing – conveniently slicing them off me in the process. She leans down and takes off her mask as her long black hair cascades over her face and falls around mine. My eyes glow again, and soon anybody walking down the path will admire the nice rock. She'll only reveal her face to me. She'll only reveal her voice to me. Only I am to know the taste of her lips, the feel of her body - the pleasure of her love. Otherwise, she's silent.

Silent and hidden – yet also completely exposed.

Our love is a game; a hunt to be the better. A hunt I always seem to lose…

But every time I see my crazy cat grinning at me, I remember why I've finally come to love that part.