Dreams Become Reality

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from YYH. I do love Hiei and Kurama!

Pairing: Kurama/Hiei, Yusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina

Warning: Lemon

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: heh heh . . . Hi!

Hiei: You're doing it again.

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: Doing what?

Hiei: Acting like an idiot.

Kurama: Now that's not nice, love.

Hiei: HN.

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: You're so cute, Hiei! I just want to hug and kiss you all over!

Hiei: Hey! My fox is only allowed to do that.

Kurama: (smiles) I love you too, Hiei.

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: Don't worry! I'm not going to take you from Kurama. Even though Kurama is cute. But you two do belong together. Hey! Like that Mariah Carey song (sings) "We Belong Together".

Hiei: Shut up and get on with the story.

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: (grumbles) impatient demon.

Summary: Kurama longs to be with Hiei. He dreams that one day he'll be with the fire demon. Will his dream become reality?

Late At Night . . .

In the Human World . . .

Sleeping soundly in his bed is Kurama. Kurama is also known as demon name Youko Kurama and human name Shuuichi, who he happens to be right now. As he slept, he tossed and turned. He began to get hot as his dream a naughty dream. He tossed the comforter off of himself, but was still hot. Because of him dreaming of a certain fire demon, he was in desiring heat of need.

Unknown to him that certain fire demon was outside his window. Hiei is here once again to watch Kurama sleep. He fell in love with Kurama and been in love with him for awhile. Kurama haven't seen him for least five years because Hiei was busy in the Makai. There are times he'll come to the human world just to watch Kurama. Because of all his hard work and everyday training, Hiei gotten a lot taller and his hair grew longer.

He watched as Kurama tossed and turned in his sleep. He wanted to go in there and see what's wrong with him, but he chose to wait first. When he saw Kurama toss the comforter off himself and figured he most been hot from sleeping under it. Hiei's eyes widen a bit when Kurama then took his shirt off and threw it to the floor a few moments later.

His eyes then turned to saucers when Kurama took off his pants and threw them as well, making him now nude. Suddenly, Hiei's eyes became filled with lust as he watched Kurama roll around on the bed, touching his bare chest. Hiei looked at the window to find it a little opened. He smirked and shields his ki before silently opening the window to go inside.

When he got inside, he quietly made his way to sit in the chair at Kurama's desk. He sat with a smirk on his face as he watched Kurama pinch and softly touch his nipples as he quietly moans. His smirk widen when Kurama moaned his name.

'So he's dreaming of me,' Hiei thought as he stood. Making his way, he stripped of his clothing. Kurama moaned his name again as he continued to touch his nipples with his left hand and ran the other down his chest to his inner right thigh. Hiei bent down to whisper seductively in Kurama's ear.

"Fox . . . is it not me you want?"

"Yes," Kurama moaned still in deep sleep.

Hiei smirked again. "What is it you want from me?"

"You inside me," Kurama answered gasping when Hiei lightly touched his erect.

"Oh really?" Hiei teased.

"Yes...please," Kurama begged as if in pain.

"Hn," Hiei said before he gently kissed Kurama. Never breaking the kiss, Hiei climbed onto the bed and between Kurama's legs. When they broke for air, Hiei recaptured Kurama's lips in a passionate kiss, running his hands Kurama's chest and stomach. Kurama arched his back to Hiei's touch, moaning at the touch of Hiei's warm hands. Hiei released Kurama's lips to move to his neck, planting light kisses here and there.

"Ah Hiei," Kurama softly moaned, gripping Hiei's hair. Hiei moved his kisses lower and lower before Kurama's length came to reveal. Once again he smirked and looked up at Kurama's face.

'Must still be sleeping . . . good,' Hiei thought before took a hold of Kurama's length and took the tip into his hot mouth.

"Ah-ha," Kurama moaned a little loud. He squirmed and arched hips to Hiei's mouth.


Hiei watched Kurama throw his head back, panting. He ran his free hand up Kurama's body until his fingers reached Kurama's lips. Feeling them, Kurama took two of Hiei's fingers into his mouth, sucking on them in hunger. Hiei closed his eyes and moaned at the feeling of Kurama's tongue licking his fingers. Once they were wet enough, Hiei removed his fingers from Kurama's mouth making him groan and pout. The groan then became a moan when one of the wet fingers circled his entrance before it shed in. Kurama moaned again of pain and pleasure. Hiei took more of the cock into his mouth to have Kurama feel more of pleasure instead of pain.

When Kurama got use to the first finger he added another. Knowing Kurama was comfortable, he added a third. When Hiei knew Kurama was ready, he removed his fingers and released the erect making Kurama groan again in his sleep. Hiei moved up and captured the pouting lips in an exotic kiss. He places the tip of his erect at Kurama's entrance before pushed inside. Kurama broke the kiss to let out a silent cry. Seeing a tear in the corner of Kurama's eye, Hiei licked as he tried to relax Kurama. When Hiei was completely inside Kurama, he held himself still to let them adjust.

After relaxing, Kurama moved against Hiei who took it as a signal. He pulled almost completely out and thrust back in. Kurama moaned over and over as Hiei continued thrusting in and out of him. He threw his head back again and moaned Hiei name. Hiei moaned along with him with low moans. He moved his thrusts to a different angle to have his thrusts strike Kurama's prostate. Kurama once again let out a loud moan and arched his back. After a couple to more thrusts striking his prostate, he climaxed moaning Hiei's name. When the walls inside Kurama closed around him, Hiei sunken his fangs into Kurama's neck marking him as his mate before climaxing.

When Hiei came back to himself, he released Kurama's neck and gently pulled out of him. He looked at the still sleeping Kurama and then turned his glaze towards the mark.

'Now he's mine,' Hiei thought with a smirk. He climbed out the bed and dressed. After dressing, Hiei gave the sleeping Kurama a slow, soft, gentle kiss on his rosy lips.

"I can't wait till you awake my sleeping beauty," Hiei whispered in Kurama's ear before he jumped out the window to the tree outside of it. He slept there until morning came to see his now mate.

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: So, what'cha thinks?

Kurama: It was good and sexy. It almost caused me a turn on.

Hiei'sOneAndOnly: Thank You Kurama!

Hiei: Shut up.

Hiei'sOneAndOnlyWife: Alright what is your problem?

Kurama: Don't worry about him. He's just moody.

Hiei: (smirks) Maybe a certain fox can do something about that. (Takes Kurama's hand and place it on his crotch)

Kurama: (grins) we'll be back. (Runs off with Hiei)

Hiei'sOneAndOnly: There they go again. You'd think they hump like rabbits. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this chapter because the next will be here. Sayonara! Heh heh . . .