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Sonic and Shadow are the toppest assassins ever lived. They would not spare anyone. They wouldn't have hesitation. They complete their mission without any faults. Their next mission is to kidnap a mysterious girl: Amy. On their journey back, they fall in love. But how can captors be with a captive, if it's not allowed? Hate.Love.Lies.Revenge. ShadxAmyxSon


Trees swayed to the side, leaves softly hitting against each other.. The dark sky was showered with stars scattered. A man, with a case, was walking through the forest at night. The man covered himself up. The pathway in front of him turned darker each time he took a step.

"Is that him?" inquired a voice in a high tree, watching the man walk with blood red eyes. His arms were crossed coolly and intense red eyes was watching every movement..

The tree next to him stood another one like him, except different color. "Yeah, that's him. Looks like a weakling," Sharp emerald eyes pierced through the leaves, watching dangerously and intently. "Let's do our job,"

The man looked up as he saw two black figured jumped above him in the high trees, crisscrossing, as he started to run faster. 'Shoot, not them. Not now,' he thought frantically.

Before he could go further, two figures landed in front of him and rose up. He couldn't make them out, except for their icy looks from their eyes. One had his arms crossed and the other stood with arms above his head, lazily.

"Are you Takoto Sakiri?" asked a deep and rouge voice from the red eyes figure.

Not knowing what to do, the man nodded, shaking from fear. 'I'm sorry, Amy. I'm sorry I can't be with you anymore. But I promise…I promise I'll see you again…I promise to protect you…even though I'm not going to be with you anymore…' That was his final thought.

A dark smile and smirk formed their lips. "Just who we're looking for,"

With quick agility and movement, the man stood still as the two figured boys stood behind him, same position as before. The man's eyes were wide then blood dropped from his mouth before collapsing. An X mark was placed on his front and back chest and back, blood oozing out.

Green eyes looked back, "That was quieter than usual," he spoke tonelessly. He turned back and walked, hands stuffed in pockets, "Let's go before anyone else sees. If that happens, there will be more killing than planned."

Just as they were walking away, a twig snapped. They turned around, alarmed and their eyes looked taken back. Crimson eyes narrowed dangerously, "Whose there?"

Hearing no reply, they continued to walk forward, ignoring all noises made. Then they disappeared.

A girl, with shoulder length pink hair, stepped back away from the tree she was hiding. Her jade eyes widen in disbelief. When she stepped back on a twig, she tensed as the two men in front of her swirled around. Darkness covered her, but her eyes were shown in the seldom light.

"Who's there?"

Shivers ran down her spine, her heart rapidly beating against her chest. 'Oh god, please don't notice,' she thought. When she watched them turn away and disappear, she sighed with relief. 'Thank goodness.'

But she wasn't prepared of what happened next, a cold steel metal was placed against her neck. She felt a body behind her, holding the knife and trapping her with a hand around her tiny waist. The other figure was in front of her, close to her face. She went into a trance when she locked eyes with scarlet orbs.

"You've been watching?" he questioned. She nodded shakily, "Sonic, what do you think we should do with her?" He turned his back on her, but his eyes looked over his shoulder to look at her.

Sonic, behind her, responded, "It would be a waste to just kill her now, especially if she isn't our target." She shivered when she felt his breath on her skin.

Lights flashed their way and Sonic and his comrade backed away and vanished in the darkness. Amy let go of her breathing and leaned against the tree and slumped. Her kimono slipping down her shoulder. Tears slipped from her eyes and her hands flew to her mouth, seeing Takoto lying, lifeless on the ground.

"Takoto…" she whispered while more tears flow freely and uninvited. "No…no…no…don't leave me…please…Takoto,"

More lights reflected around her and she saw police guards examined the body and went to her way. When lights flashed on her, police quickly called out, "It's Amy Rose! Quick, get a blanket and call her mother! We've found her!"

Amy Rose was lifted up and warmth covered around her, tears still fell as she saw Takoto being carried on a stretched. She felt her body weak and fell. "Miss Amy!"

Sonic and Shadow were speeding away with swiftness until their destination. They didn't talk as they ran. It took them a full five days; non-stop nor rest. When they reached a dark building in the middle of nowhere, they broke the door and went to the center. When they arrived, they were greeted with a sly smiling man.

"I see you've done your mission very quickly. Impressive, but then again, I'm not surprised with your record that you two hold." He spoke.

"Cut the introduction. We've done our part of the bargain. Now give us what we want," Shadow growled impatiently, glaring fiercely at him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm not finished yet. There's one more last thing before I give you your reward," he continued, "You know the man you've just assassinated? He was a very rich and successful man. He was at the age of where he was able to marry, but an arranged one. Though it was only an arranged marriage, he fell in love – "

"Get on with it. We don't need that information," Sonic interjected sharply.

A brown folder was tossed on the table in front of them. Sonic picked it up and opened it. "Since you don't want to hear anymore, I'll make it short," Sonic took out the pictures placed inside. It was a girl wearing a beautiful but dark kimono. Her eyes were full of sadness but kindness and a mysterious aura around her. She was sitting on a floor in front of a pond.

A/N: You know those Japanese ones that have a pond and huge hallways around? Example: Ranma, Ayashi no Ceres.

He flipped to another picture; it was her playing a flute with her eyes closed in a sitting position.

"All you need to do, is escort her back her. Simple enough?"

They just gave him a look before disappearing. When they were far enough, they sat against a tree. "What's the girls' name?" Shadow asked.

"Amy Rose. She's two years younger than us, 18. She lives in a secure area around Tokyo. Apparently, her father is dead and her mom is ill. This will be a little tough."

Shadow gave him a glare, "What does that mean?"

"After an incident, she has a body guard, professional. No name given. We don't need anymore or why he wants her," Sonic tossed the envelope in the air as the wind carried it away.

"Let's start next week. We've got another mission to complete first."

Pink hair fell to Amy's face as she was laid down softly on her futon. Her mouth was slightly parted and her face was full of pain and sadness. Her personal maid, Cream, looked sadly at her, "I pity Miss Amy. I hope you get well soon, miss," with a slide of the Japanese door, there was nothing but silence. Flash images appeared.

Flash…How her and Takoto first met.

FlashShe laughed as he stumbled clumsily in front of her.

Flash…He smiled as she blushed and she played her flute.

FlashBoth smiled at each other.

She rose up from her futon, looking straight ahead, as if her memories were nightmares. Amy put a hand on her lips again, "Takoto…why did you leave…why didn't you stay like I asked you…?" She felt a jabbing pain across her chest and she fell back, eyes closed, drifting back to sleep.

Cream watched sadly in a corner. 'Takoto, you fool. If you hadn't left, Miss Amy wouldn't be in this condition. She's getting worse without you here now. What'll we do? Miss Amy's getting weaker,' She copied Amy's movement, a hand on her lips as tears slid down.

"Don't…leave…me…Takoto…" Amy whispered in her sleep.


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