Takoto: Rich, heir to the largest company in Japan. 20 years old. Engaged to Amy. Dark blue hair, falling to the side of his face while kinda spiky. Same height as Sonic and Shadow (about 5'6 while Amy is 5'2). Captivating yet gentle purple eyes. Fairly well built chest/body. Visits Amy occasionally. He loves Amy. But died from assassination. Kind, nature-loving, peaceful/gentle, never really stern.

Amy: 18. yrs. Old.Pink hair, kind of spiky, emerald eyes (you know how she looks like!) Anyways, always wears a dark yet beautiful kimono. Cold, emotionless, empty after her fiancé, Takoto died. Cheerful, smiling, opening feelings with ONLY Takoto. Changed back to cold after death. Important person, lots of bad governments' sons/assassins/bad groups' wants her after Takoto died (her only protection since he was powerful) Has pain in her chest every time she thinks of Takoto.

Shadow: (You know how he looks like!) Carries a katana (sword) around, but not really a REAL weapon he uses. Assigned to capture Amy Rose to his client. Works with Sonic. Cold, sly (during mission while killing) changes soon in future chapter (7 or 8). 20 yrs. old

Sonic: (Same old, same old) except here, he is like Shadow, except a LITTLE bit nicer. Coy, revengeful, non-stop hunger for killing (not really, but something like that) Carries kunai/shuriken (watch Naruto). Same as Shadow. 20. yrs. Old Assigned to capture Amy Rose and return her back to their client.

Is that good enough for those confused people? I don't wanna reveal anymore.

Darkness engulfed Amy as she drifted into space-like scenery. Her eyes were empty and blank. She could care less with everything that has happened. It was the biggest impact that hit her: Her fiancé, Takoto Sakiri, was dead. She blocked away all thoughts.

I'm running away.

Her memories slowly appeared away. Her eyes nearly gave light.

It's the only thing I can do for now.

Jade eyes formed emotions and droplets of crystal-like water formed.

I have nothing left to live for anymore.

More tears formed her eyes, uninvited. It suddenly became cold; freezing her soul but the hot energy inside of her heated her. There was no light, but her weak energy gave off a light glow; lighting a small space. The tears that rolled down her face disappeared as it dropped to the ground. She shut her eyes.

No one will ever come near my heart anymore

Cream stood outside her sliding door, shadowing her eyes. She peeked through the door, seeing Amy not awake yet, she closed it again. 'She just appeared in her room without passing anything. Her clothes were dirty, yet none were torn,' she recalled. 'We must be more careful. With Takoto gone…the amount is now higher…'

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Amy woke up with a start, her eyes snapped open. Impassive emerald eyes locked gaze with the ceiling atop of her. She looked at her side, watching the book that lay next to her. She reached her hand out to it. As soon as she touched it, memories flooded her thoughts.

Flash…"My little hana (blossom) you have yet to bloom," Takoto said, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand.

Flash… "What's the rush? The stars will always stay above us," Takoto chuckled as Amy was eagerly pulling him outside.

Flash…He gave her a kiss on her cheek, letting her shut one eye as he did, "I shall return back, my little hana,"

'...But you never did...'

She pulled her hand away, as if it had forced her hand off. She rubbed her hand, looking at the covered notebook. She closed one eye tiredly as a small light showered her eyes. "Shut off that light," she ordered. Cream slid the door close and sat down. "What is it, Cream? May I know the time of the day?"

"It is midnight, Miss Amy. I came to check up on you,"

"What happened last night? I have no memory of it,"

"Well, we don't know surely what happened. You have told us you would be gone for a while. Then you appeared right here, soaked and unclean," Cream explained.

Amy stared at her for a while, noticing how uncomfortable she was with the conversation. Not wanting to continue, she said, "Alright. If it is midnight and I cannot fall asleep again," she stood up, "I will look at the stars outside," Amy bowed courteously, making Cream cringe.

Cream knew that even though Amy was in a higher position and level than her and the housestaff, she still treated them with respect. She cringed; she wasn't used to Amy bowing to her yet. "Please don't bow. I am in no –"

"Cream," Amy smiled, "You're my friend. Not my assistant or anything else, okay?" She nodded. The lifeless-like pink beauty stepped outside.

The light breeze played with her hair. Her layered hair flew to one side; her kimono moving with the same rhythm. The moon glimmered above her; stars brightly shining. She shuddered at the coldness snaking around her body and arms; her angriness blocked all the cold traveling to her. As the last petal fell on her skin, she felt safe. Fall was coming.

She walked towards the miniature fountain; the bamboo wood fell down to the fountain, carrying the transparent water to flow with the fountain. Amy continued to walk through the small garden and rested against a nearly leaf-less tree.

Her eyes sparkled, catching the reflection of the water. "Such…a beautiful sight…" she muttered, "every night should be like this."

"Too bad, the world isn't merciful to us,"

Amy squeaked, startled and surprised at the voice.

A different voice chuckled. "I didn't expect that from someone like you,"

Amy growled, her eyes flashed, 'What is that suppose to mean?' She stood up, with her hand on the tree for a support. "Whoever you two are, you can't hide," Her eyes sharpened and noticed two figures separately, surrounding her from afar.

"You're sharp, I'll give you that," A lighter voice said. It was said lightly, but it was mixed with enigmatically in a dark way.

She trembled, but she didn't show it, 'I may be weak from the cause of illness, but I am not weak mentally,' "How'd you enter my property?" she narrowed her eyes, they chuckled again.

"No need for that, little rose. We're here for only one reason and one person," a deeper voice said.

"Who may that be?" Amy requested. 'Shoot. Where's Knuckles when I need him?' she thought frantically.

She could tell he smirked in the shadows, "You."

"I apologize, but I will decline that offer," she countered.

"Oh? I should apologize as well, but you cannot refuse this offer," One of the shadowed figure stepped out of the dimness. It revealed a blue hedgehog; he looked darker because of the seldom light. His emerald eyes hardened.

Amy backed away, her eyes still glaring violently. Her hands felt the rough wood of the tree. She gritted her teeth, 'If Knuckles doesn't help me this instant, I swear…' she cursed silently.

"What's the matter, little rose?' Sonic leaned closer to her face, a triumph smirk

"Get your face away from mine," she growled.

He trapped her, his arms at the side of her head; Amy's hands lay against the tree beside her. He hovered over her, imprisoning her. "Getting scared?" he leaned closer, their foreheads and nose touched. "Well?" Sonic jumped back a couple of meters away from her as soon as the place he was in erupted below him. He glared at the person resting on top of the wall.

"I'm sorry," the rough voice spoke, "But I'm afraid you can't capture her or do any harm to her,"

Amy slumped down, relieved, "Knuckles, where have you been?"

"My apologies, Miss Amy," Knuckles said, a red echidna, his white gloves contained spikes in each gloved hand. "If you are one of those criminals, I suggest you shouldn't come near here, anymore,"

Shadow threw his dark balls at him, breaking down the wall; Knuckles jumped away in time. "I can see why you were assigned to her," The black red striped hedgehog jumped down from the tree, and in front of Amy.

She covered her mouth with both her petite hands; holding back a scream, 'Okay, whoever these people are, they're really freaking me out!'

"Oh? So there are two of you. At least now I know who I'm up against,"

Sonic summoned his tornadoes; letting it crash and carry all of the possessions of nature around its wrath. Amy's hair was flying everywhere and she kept her kimono still with her hands. 'Wow, they're really powerful,' she thought, amazed.

She covered herself, preparing for the tornado coming towards her. When she didn't feel anything, she slowly opened her eyes. In front of her, was Shadow. He was standing in front of her and protecting her. She let out a soft cry as he created his tornado.

Both of her captors' tornadoes slammed into each other and changed their directions to Knuckles. It was coming fast, Knuckles hurriedly slammed both his fists on the ground. Rocks and the ground of the earth erupted from the ground, like a wall. The tornadoes crashed into it, dusts flew everywhere.

Shadow still covered Amy, Sonic just crossed his arms; his long quills flew behind him. Knuckles put an arm in front of him, resisting the force pushing him back.

When it all ended, Knuckles secretly got Amy away from them in his arms, away from them. "I admit, you're powerful, but I will do anything to protect her from you low lives," Knuckles vowed, his eyes narrowed.

Sonic and Shadow stood their ground, coolly. "Whatever, dude. We'll still get her. I suggest you watch her well tomorrow night. You wouldn't know what'll happen, do you?"

With a quick smirk from Sonic and a glare from Shadow, they disappeared in a blue flash.

Knuckles looked down at the maiden, she was fast asleep. He jumped down and carried her back into her room, greeted by Cream. "Oh my goodness! What happened out there? I was afraid of Miss Amy's safety," she glanced down and frowned worriedly at the sight.

He passed her and laid her down on her futon. "Looks like their already after her, Cream. Looks like I have to stay with her. Her captors will be after her tomorrow night," he informed and stood up and sat in a corner.

Cream sat down and watched Amy, "This is a dangerous neighbor. It was safe from burglars, but those people just now seemed like professional assassins." She turned to him, "Did you catch their name, by any chance?"

He paused, "No. Though I recognized them. I researched their data base…their very high level assassins. Never failed a single mission," Knuckles rested his arm on his knee.

The fire danced around in the candle, slowly burning up the snow-like candle. As it danced around, the room was filled with deformed shadows. "Mr. Knuckles, do you think…you could hold the two for a while," Cream said quietly. He raised a brow, "What're you talking about?"

"I mean that…so we can get her out of here,"

"…They are really strong, Cream. I've witnessed their power and it wasn't even a fraction of their strength. They'll know. It'll be like a game for them. They might even kill you,"

"I don't care. I'll risk anything for her safety," Cream said roughly, surprising Knuckles. 'After all…Miss Amy took me in when no one wanted me in the rainy night,'

"Look. I'll hold them back, we'll get more security around this area and you and I will stay with her, okay?" Reluctantly, she nodded.

Sonic swiped his knife in front of him, leaving marks on the tree. Shadow leaned against the tree, his usual posture; arms crossed and eyes closed. None of them spoke; with different collection of thoughts.

"…This'll be interesting," Sonic said, breaking the silence.

Shadow opened on eye, "I agree with you. Though I'm sure they'll set up more security around that area," he said, thinking ahead, "But I'm sure we can manage."

"More killing before we reach her, eh?" Sonic said, eyes turning to hungry for killing.


They paused, eyes opening threatingly, Sonic threw his sharpened knife towards the bushes. A scream followed. He walked towards the grass and pulled his knife out, wiping off the blood. He glared at the spy, "Looks like our client doesn't trust us yet,"

"Like anyone would,"


"I advise you get rest before tomorrow night,"



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Chapter 4: Taken Away

In misery and alone, Amy left her home, still raining. She witnessed something she shouldn't have and is to pay the price: Sonic and Shadow. How will Amy hold them off without any defense?

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