Neon Cognogenesis Omega
Ch 12


"That which is not dead may dreaming lie
And in strange aeons, e'en Death may die"

- HP Lovecraft


Hmm... Three days until Christmas... I wonder what I should get for Rei...

I can hear you. Shinji sweatdropped, having apparently gotten far more used to the silence in his head than he had previously imagined.

Bah. I'll have Enki pick it out.

Damiq dayyanutum-a maru. Igisum me mudu. (Good judgement, my son. I have just such a gift in mind)

Shinji's face became flush with the suggestion. Hey! I get enough teasing from Misato these days!

Me gish-sha ni di-dam! (My phallus is wonderful!) hummed an abnormally pleased Enki.

"Hey baka! Get your ass in gear and clean up already!" He glanced to the side to see his auburn-haired fellow pilot glaring at him dangerously. "And you'd better not look like that when Hikari comes in." Shinji looked down to find that his... 'private' parts were not only slightly erect, but had also doubled in size. Enki! Now is not the time, okay. Sure, you're a god, and a sex symbol -- but if you're gonna 'endow' me, could you please wait until I have enough alone time with Rei to do some 'smiting'?!

The ancient god replied with an uncharacteristicBow-chicka-wow-wow, then continued Kashi arramu (I love beer...).

Great... The one time in my life that I have someone smart in my head, and he turns out to be a drunken pervert. He tried to tune out the water-lord's botched attempt at singing a translated cover of "Louey Louey", focusing his attention instead on sweeping the floor. As he made his way into the kitchen, he saw Rei at the table, head in hand, with an uncharacteristic frown. "Those annunaki, eh?" he quipped.

She looked up, and gave a pained smile. "I cannot comprehend how a race of superpowerful lizards could continue to exist with this level of... appriciation... for alcohol, let alone pilot interplanetary spacecraft."

Luee lueee, o, o, ma me... WOAH! Shinji and Rei felt a sudden jolt, as their gods randomly interrupted their drunken revelry, to be replaced by a very loud exclamation.

Me-e qablu (They are calling me...)



Around the matte black table, like darkness made pale by form, stood 7 monoliths. The chanting, however, sounded as though hundreds were in chorus. There, invoking the incantation forbidden by time and by the Me -- invoking it even on the forbidden day upon which the deed of which it spoke had been executed -- the sacred sigil of the crow's foot glowed.

And somewhere, deep within the Abzu, that same sigil glowed, and something that could barely pass in mortal eyes as a "being" awoke from endless slumber, still pinned by the sacred sword upon which the sigil of binding was drawn.


Surveying the room as he entered, Shinji realized for the first time how large a group their little 'party' had formed. It all started, he remembered, when he mentioned to Asuka that Touji had asked him to tutor the boy in cuneiform. A few days later, a young, nerdy-looking guy from his computer science class had seen him code in prolog, and had requested to be taught. Asuka, without clearing it with him, invited her new friend from university, a miss Horaki. Rei had no one to invite, but Misato, upon realizing how many people would be crowded into her tiny appartment, decided that snacks were needed -- and, being cheap, she decided that the best way to get snacks was to invite all the bridge techs and request that they bring refreshments.

To Shinji, the room looked exceptionally lively and uncomfortable. Each small group was speaking amongst themselves: Asuka and Horaki-san (Hikari was her first name, he remembered) were gossiping it seemed, Touji and the nerdy guy (Aida Kensuke, if he recalled) were debating about something as though they were old friends, Maya was slightly drunk and hitting on an entirely oblivious Ritsuko, and Shigeru and Matoko were arguing heatedly (judging by their occasional air-guitar movements, likely music). Misato was sitting alone at the side of the room.

To Misato, the party looked exceptionally dull. No one was mingling. There were no major altercations, or even joyful revelry. Everyone was simply talking to their friends -- staying in their own comfort zone. She saw Shinji in the doorway, and her eyes brightened slightly, before he turned around, revealing Rei. The two looked at each other and then walked away.

"Oh. Shinji left." Hikari looked slightly surprised, but then prepared to go back to the original topic of conversation.

Her preparation was in vain. "What do you mean?"

"He was standing in the doorway for a bit, looking around the room, but then Rei came and tapped him on the shoulder and they left."

The firey-haired german became angrily flustered. How dare he... "THAT HENTAI!"

"I'm sure they're not..." Hikari cut herself off, realizing that her friend had already stood up and stormed away. She looked to the side. Bummer...


Shinji and Rei walked slowly down the hallway to their (now-shared) room, engaging in more or less meaningless telepathic smalltalk, when suddenly Shinji felt a hand on his shoulder. What the... He was spun around, slammed into the wall, and...

Her mouth was pushed forcefully against his, taking him completely by surprise. The slightly open state of his mouth resulting from said shock was taken advantage of by the girl, while Rei stood silently, facing the opposite direction, trying to figure out what was going on. As Asuka pushed her tounge inside his mouth, he eyed locks of lapis. Umm... A little help here?

Suddenly, the girl pushed herself violently away, looking at him as if horrified, and then holding her head in her hands. "KYAAAA" she moaned, not daring to look at him as she ran away.

Who are you?

Arramu ilu-a etlu ilu-a dingir Innana sumsu basu Me sumsu-a anaku-e Inin basu (The goddess of love, the goddess of war; I am Lady Innana, but you may call me Inin)

Back in the hallway, a recovering Shinji brushed himself off. What was her problem?

"I do not know, Shinji."


Hey, Enki... I've never seen you drunk before. Why is it that you chose today to get wasted?

Lemnu buidu baba kuupu shurupu basu (Terrible ghosts bound in cages make for an unpleasant coming of age).


Thanks to all reviewers, and thank Goddess that I finally updated. I love this fic, and I wanted to finally get what I had initally pictured as a Christmas chapter into writing somehow, but at the same time I wanted to explore some ideas introduced in the last chapter a bit more, and introduce some new ideas that came to me much more recently. Not to mention showing some of the more... hidden... aspects of Enki's personality in Sumerian mythology. Yeah, he was a drunk. And no, I'm not making that up. And yeah, he was a bit of a perv too. That "me gish-sha ni di-dam" bit -- that was a slight spin on "me gish-sha za mi" ("praise be to my penis"), which actually was his catchphrase (the sumerian equivalent of "PWNED!").