Author's Note: Here's a Botan and Furuya One-shot and I hope you like it. It's inspired by the song 'Should I?' by Devotion a Filipino band and I hope you'll like it.

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Summary: This is about a guy in love with his best friend and is afraid to tell her his feelings for she might lose her friendship. What will he choose? Will he tell her or just pretend that she was just a friend for him.

Chapter One: Should I?

Secret I never told

But slowly my love unfolds

And passionately all I see all I feel

Is this love it could be real

Shuuichi walk out from the Narita Airport, his duffel bag in one hand while his other hand carried his luggage. He looks around at the airport to see his best friend waving and smiling at him. She hadn't change a bit, she's still the same funny, caring, understanding and lovable woman he had fallen in love with and until now after two years trying to forget her, he's still in love with her.

But you've been my friend for way, way too long

And by crossing that line something might go wrong

Should I take that chance with love or losing you?

It's a choice I must think through

Yes, you guys are right, you didn't hear it wrong. Shuuichi Minamino had fallen in love with his best friend Botan Furuya. He'd been keeping his feelings from her for a long time now afraid that if he says something about it, he would loose her friendship. But boy was it hard keeping his feelings to her when all the while all he wanted to do is grab her and kiss her until she's out of her mind and tell her he loves her so.

Should I tell you, should I just keep it

To myself but your love I need it

What to do, what to do when you're confused

But I know what I want and I want to be loving you

Shuuichi was now sitting at one of Botan's chair in the Kitchen as he watches her cook dinner for the both of them. When he had approach her in the airport neither one had said anything just a brief Hi. Botan felt him looking at her for the hundred times today and as much as she wanted to know if something wrong she decided to ask him that later after dinner and instead kept herself busy preparing dinner.

Shuuichi signed as the thought that if he told her he love her then maybe just maybe she would say the same to him and this scene right in front of him right now would not be just tonight but would be every night.

Shuuichi could see himself getting home from the office as fast as he could while his officemates tease him about being eager to go home to his wife Botan and not wanting to spend time to go out with them. But he would just ignore it and smiled at them before leaving the building and driving home to her.

Shuuichi could see her waiting for her outside the porch when she had heard his car approach the drive way then they would kiss before they entered their house and went straight to the kitchen as he sat on the same chair he was sitting right now and watch her as she finish preparing their dinner.

No longer can I pretend

That I'm happy with just being friends

I want something else cause I felt something more

It's too strong to conceal and too real to ignore

If I tell you my feelings then things won't be the same

Behind every word I am calling out your name

I'm in pain and I

I'm losing my mind

Cause you should be mine…

Oh should I

Shuuichi was snap back to reality when Botan had shook her on the shoulder. He looks up and saw her worried face. He smiled at her and assured her that he was okay then he helps her with setting the table. And as they began to eat their dinner a flashback came to Shuuichi the one when he was deeply jealous about a guy Botan was going out with and the time he had hurt her.


Shuuichi was hurt when Botan had told her about the guy who had ask her out but then he didn't say anything just listen at her and wish her good luck but after putting a cool facade he went straight to the basketball court near his house and started to use his hurt, frustration and anger in the game. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei saw him playing and join in and Kuwabara' team won without even exerting any effort for his part because his partner Shuuichi was doing everything by himself the rebound and the shooting. Heck it shock his friend, they didn't thought Shuuichi was this good at basketball.

The days past by into weeks and weeks into months and still Botan was still going out with that guy and all Shuuichi could do was stay away from Botan as possible as he can, he even started going out with other woman mostly they are the one who had ask him but still it was consider as a date and they became his string of girlfriends but then it only last three days or a week if the woman was lucky. His girlfriends never last long because they simply are not Botan and they will never be.

The last girlfriend he has had lasted for five days before she broke up with him and said the same thing his last three girlfriends had said, 'I'm not her and I can never be like her. I know you really don't love us (Referring to her and his string of girlfriends) what I know is you're using us to forget her.' then she had slap him the same way the other did and left. Going through it again and again made him realize how many woman he had hurt by using them so he had stop dating and live life like nothing had happened.

Should I tell you, should I just keep it

To myself but your love I need it

What to do, what to do when you're confused

But I know what I want and I want to be loving you

A month later Shuuichi was walking back to his house after accepting a job training in America that his boss had been telling him about for a while now. Two years there he thought, he could forget about Botan and move on by then.

Shuuichi was stop from his tracks when the rain started to follow, he look up at the rain before running as fast as he can to his house which is only a block away then again he was stop on his tracks this time when he saw Botan in his door step all wet and crying.

Tell me how much longer can I take this torture

I'm counting days until the pain is over

But I can't let this go

Until I let you know

His heart twisted and a knife plunge at his heart when she saw her crying. She look up from where she was sitting and crying, when she saw him, she stood up and run to him wrapping her arms around him as she cried and cried while telling him about that stupid jerk who had been two timing her ever since he had ask her out.

Shuuichi lifted her up and carried her inside his house. He took care of her making sure that she was dried and that she ate something. After an hour or so, they were both sitting on his couch Botan had her arms wrap around Shuuichi waste while he hug her back trying to comfort her without saying a word and it was enough for Botan because that is all what she needed, him.

Few days pass and the inevitable had come, Shuuichi need to tell Botan that he was leaving for America. Botan cried but said she wish him good luck and that to stay in touch with each other. Time passes by and as much as Shuuichi tried to forget about Botan and not stay in touch with her, he couldn't, he just couldn't bring himself to do it no matter how darn hard he tried and he knows he would only both hurt both of them if he wouldn't stay in touch with her and he don't want to hurt her the way the other man in her life did because that's what he had promise himself he would never ever do. Making her cry.


Should I tell you, should I just keep it

To myself but your love I need it

What to do, what to do when you're confused

But I know what I want and I want to be loving you

"Shuuichi is everything okay?" Botan asked looking up at Shuuichi as they both wash the dishes. "You haven't said a word to me except Hi ever since you had arrived here." Botan added when Shuuichi still didn't answered.

Shuuichi look at her for a long time and then there right in that moment he decided to tell her how he felt and face whatever the outcome would be, beside he would never know what will have happened between them if he won't tell her.

"Shuui…" Botan sentence was cut when she felt warm lips over hers.

Shuuichi meant for the kiss to be just a brush but once his lips had touches hers all control had left as he'd been dying to kiss and taste her mouth for a long time. He felt like a soldier coming back from a battle in the dessert, he's so thirsty that he'd became greedily as he suck and nipped Botan's mouth and when she had opened her mouth to his, he deepened the kiss as he pulled Botan even closer to her, feeling her hand touch his chest and move upward to wrap her arms around his neck while all the time he has his arms wrap around her tiny waist pulling her closer to him as much as possible.

Shuuichi reluctantly broke the kiss to catch some air. Shuuichi look at Botan who had a confuse and shock expression and before telling her what he felt he kiss her again.

"Botan, I love you! I've been for a very long time now."

Botan shock and confuse expression had left her as tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Botan, I didn't mean to ruin our friendship but I don't think…"

Botan silence him with a kiss before looking up at him again and said, "No, you didn't ruin our friendship, you just make it into something new."

"It's okay with you?" Shuuichi asked sounds relieved but still wanted to make sure. "I mean, you were crying and all." Shuuichi added to make his point.

"I'm crying because I'm happy to know that you love me because I love you too." Botan said as Shuuichi lowered his head to her stopping inches away from her lips.

"Really? You love me?"

"Yes, I had loved you ever since you had held me in your arms in the couch when that jerk had hurt me." Botan answered as their lips met again and it held a promise that they would both love each other and not only cherish their friendship but also their love that had come from a long friendship.

'I always wanted to do this' Shuuichi thought still kissing Botan the way he wanted to.

The End

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