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This story – sequel of Cadaver in the park - takes place in some periods of our team's life, and explain the relationship between Mac and his protect Ivy….NB. : THE PRESENT PART TAKES PLACE SOME MONTHS AFTER HER ARRIVE IN N.Y.



Ivy carter were working at the N.Y CSI Unit from some months. She left Los Angeles and started a new life in NY. Again. She did it some year ago, when she was younger. When she was only 25. But she wasn't afraid of it: changes was a part of her life. An important part of it…probably the biggest one. She was in her attic, lying down on her bed, a wrought ironic one with a lot of pillows and everything in pink tones; she was looking at the ceiling, pictured as a full-sunny day sky, and thinking about it. About her past.

Chicago, 1990.March, 17.Saturday.

Mac Taylor was guest at one of his best friends' house. The name of the man who was the lord of the house was Joseph Andrew Carter the second, and he was speaking in his rich lounge with the Taylors and his wife, Angel.

"So- was saying Mac – I decided the left my old work and now here I am, a CSI agent… do you believe? I left the marines… no one believes me!"

"He says he wants to stay with me – his wife was telling their friends – I think he wants only control me better!"

"Claire told me you've got some problems with Ivy… - Mac stopped the drinking of his cold Japanese green tea – is it true? I can't believe it, she is such a good girl…she has ever been the first in her class."

"And she is still one of the best of her school. This is not the problem. She is good at school, in society, but… she changes from a moment to the other. Especially when she is under pressure and has a lot to do, and now with the study…"said Mrs. Carter.

"Stop it, Damn! You can't protect her everytime! She has decided to became a doctor, her, my daughter! She is a Carter, she must think to the family's affair, not to strange things!"

"She has decided only to take a degree in biology at the Chicago University. You can't be so rude with her. She makes all she can do for you, me and the family. She is at all the parties, all the matches, all the ceremonies and services. She is still too good with us."

"Be real, she isn't the angel you desire. We've got problems. Some of her money… and of ours… disappeared. And she looks strange, like she hides something to us. And I saw some people… I don't like. I fear she has problems, Mac. I can't hide it. I don't know what to do with her. "

"Jo, I know her since she was a child, if you want I can try to speak with her to see what she is doing."

"Thanks, Mac, you're a friend. Thanks a ..."

"If you need something from me you can speak directly to me, dad."

Ivy, 17, was near the door with her school uniform: a pleated skirt, green, a jacket in the same color and a white shirt. She looked angry: she heard everything the families were saying about her, and she didn't like it. One fact was speak about her with her, on other one was do it with other people, and do it badly.

"Ivy, your dad was telling me …" was telling her Mac Taylor when she escaped in her room crying.

Chicago, 1990.March, 31.Saturday.

Midnight was almost passed from an hour when Mac Taylor's phone rang. Outside the small but welcoming house of the Chicago center , the rain was going down thick and heavy. Mac and Claire were in bed, when they heard the sound. He got up and went in direction of the phone, in the room next to the bedroom.

"Mac Taylor. Whom I'm speaking with? " nothing. He heard only someone cried and the rain's sound. " Who's there? " he repeated. Now he was…something like scared. "who's there?"

"Mac…who's at the phone?" his wife was got up and she was dressed with a long blue robe.

"I don't know…no one speaks. I hear only a crying. – he said taking away the cornet for few seconds – listen, I don't know who you are, but if it's a joke…well, I don't like it!" now Mac Taylor was totally angry.

" Mac…please…." He heard a voice between the crying. A female voice who called him for help.

"What's ….Ivy? What's up? Where are you?" he asked worried about the teenager.

"I..I made…something…very stupid…I need help…I didn't know who call…I'm scared."

Mac heard the girl. She was still crying. "Are you alone? Someone wants to do something to you? Where are you?"

"I…I want to stop. But… I need it. I don't know what to do. I don't want to do it an other time…but I need it."

My God they were right… she has a drug problem. And now she is having an abstinence crisis… he thought before re-start to speak with her. "I understood what's your problem. I can't help you if you don't tell me where you are."

"I'm…I'm somewhere… somewhere in Melrose Park…please Mac I need help…I don't know what to do…"

"I'll arrive as soon as possible, girl, don't move!"

Mac hanged the phone and went back in his bedroom; he took the first things he found in his wardrobe and took the key of his car.

"Mac… what's happening? What's the problem?" his wife was scared, she didn't know what to say or to do.

"Ivy has got a big problem. Her dad was right."

"Don' go please. It's not affair."

"she believes in me. I must go. I promised her my help. I must go. I'll be back as soon as possible. Don't call the Carters. I'll do it by me. I love you" he said kissing his wife gently on the lips.

Getaway Foundation;55 Jackson boulevard, Chicago. Some hours later.

"Mac…where's my daughter?" Angel Carter entered the hall of the Getaway Foundation. It was a clinic for people with problems of drug abuse. For people like her daughter, Ivy. Angel was scared, horrified, disbelieving. Her daughter was a drug abuser. Her daughter. Ivy, smart, clever, sweet. One of the first of her school. She couldn't believe it. She looked around and saw only people without light in their eyes. Her daughter wasn't like them! She couldn't believe. Her daughter. ..in such a place.

"Angel… - he said stopping her, who was crying, and speaking sweetly - she'll be fine. She has made the first step, the most important one. She'll be all right. I'll help her, but I need your help, too. Yours…and Jo's."

"he told me she is no more his daughter. She is no more a Carter. He wants to abandon her… here… alone…"

"she decided to say no, to stop herself before it was too late. It's the most important thing. She need our help, Jo or not Jo."

Back to present.

Ivy's mobile rang. She woke up and answered the call. She wasn't totally awake, and the tone of her voice revealed it.

"mmm…Carter….yes?" she said sitting down on a chair, in front of an oval mirror in her room. She was listening at the phone and brushing her hair.

"are you still dreaming? Or only thinking to me?"

"Good morning Flack, nice to listen to you again. What's up?"

"can't I call to you? Only to listen to you…"

"You know at this time in the morning I'm still dreaming, especially after a long shift, like the last one I had."

"I hate when you're right. Listen…I'm in 32,Washinghton Avenue, apartment 7b. We've got a massacre. All the others are full of work and Mac said you can do it by yourself"

"Ok, I'll be by you in less than 15 minutes."

"perfect, I'm expecting you. Ivy…"


"I want only tell you – he said with low voice - the last evening… I like spend my time with you."

"me too – she answered smiling – but remember: at work we can speak only about work…"

"I understand. I'm expecting you. Bye."

"see you soon." She answered closed her mobile and went in the bathroom for wash herself and got dressed.



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