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Chapter 1

She held her wand in her hand, twirling it occasionally as she stared at the ceiling. She was led on her bed, trying, and failing, to fall asleep. Out of boredom she had picked up her wand from underneath her pillow. Really she didn't need to keep it there anymore; Now the war was over there wasn't much chance of anyone attacking her as she slept, but still, it had become a comfort to her over the years and she just felt better with it there.

Lumos she thought, and her wand tip sparked as the beam of light hit the ceiling. A second later she thought the counter spell and the room was dark once more. Lumos she again thought, sending the thin beam of light to the same spot as before, her hand not having moved. Nox, Merlin I must be bored, she thought. I wonder how fast I can do that. Lumos, Nox, Lumos, Nox, Lumos, Nox. Faster and faster she thought the spell and it's counter until the light became a constant flicker on the ceiling. Suddenly she stopped.

'Merlin Hermione, go to sleep!' she said aloud, she moved her hands to cover her face, the cold wood of her wand pressed against her cheekbone as she did so. She rolled over and checked her alarm clock, which was sat on her bedside table. It read three seventeen. Shit! She thought, she'd been in bed since quarter to twelve and had read her book for quite a while trying to shut her mind off. But even ignoring the time she was reading she had been led awake for over two hours.

The past few weeks had been the same (with the odd good night thrown in for good measure,) ever since that fateful night when one nightmare ended and another began for Hermione Granger. For when the whole of the wizarding world was celebrating Voldemort's everlasting downfall – and they were sure this time that he had actually died – Hermione was unknowingly about to be thrown into her own bad dream, one that would be shared by nine other people.

Harry Potter was a hero once again, well maybe not to those who supported the Dark Lord, but to the rest of the wizarding population he was "the one who saved them all."

After the light had disappeared from Voldemort's eyes Hermione had awoken from her concussion to find her best friend laying on the cold, hard earth opposite the one they all feared, apparently dead. She stumbled over to his body and knelt next to him. Frantically she searched for a pulse but with her heart hammering in her ears and throughout her body she couldn't determine who's she could feel in her fingertips. In desperation she pulled Harry's wand from his hand and muttered the only spell she could think of that might help.

'En…enervate,' she stuttered. The wand tip glowed and sent eerie shadows over Harry's face. When the glow faded she held her breath waiting for some kind of sign that Harry was awakening. When it didn't come she said the spell again, her voice faltering as she did so.

'Enervate!' again she waited for something, anything to happen. It then dawned on her that he could have been lying here for hours. She had no idea how long the battle had lasted for, or how long she herself had been unconscious. Chances were that Harry had been dead for hours.

Tears filled her eyes as the realisation that her best friend was dead hit her. She squinted around in the darkness looking for anyone that might have been able to help her. When her eyes met only darkness and fallen bodies she started sobbing. After a minute or so she calmed down ever so slightly and looked at Harry's face. His glasses were askew and the right lens cracked. Remembering the first time she met Harry Potter on the train to Hogwarts she muttered the spell that fixed his glasses and set them straight on his face.

'Well, you did it Harry. You defeated V…Voldemort. You did it all by yourself. You've freed the wizarding world from fear, torture and death. There won't be a child born in our world that won't know how brave you were, how selfless you were and how you died fighting for good against evil.' A few more tears fell from her eyes as she placed Harry's hands across his stomach. She held his hand in hers as she said her final goodbye to him.

'Thank you Harry, sweet dreams.' She leaned forward and kissed him, tears falling on his cheeks as she did so. She pulled back and closed her eyes.

'I hope Ron didn't see you doing that, he'll be as jealous as hell.' Her eyes snapped open and she stared at the face below her. Two bright green eyes were sparkling beneath the glasses on his face.

'Harry,' she whispered, not believing her eyes.

'Hermione, what's happened? Is it over?' She stared at him still not knowing whether to believe what her eyes were telling her she was seeing.

'Hermione?' Harry said again. She decided to answer him; maybe if she did things would be clearer as to whether or not she was dreaming.

'Erm, I don't know exactly. V…Voldemort's lying on the ground behind us. He's dead Harry, you did it.' Harry stood up quickly and walked over to where Voldemort's body lay. Hermione stood up and moved next to Harry, handing him his wand as she did so.

'Please tell me he's dead Harry.'

'He should be. I destroyed all the horcruxes, the last piece of his soul was in his body,' he turned towards her, 'look, you should get out of here. Apparate back to HQ and get as many people here as you can.

'Harry, if anyone could be here, wouldn't they be?' His eyes met hers, they both showed fear.

'Surely there must be someone,' Harry asked in a whisper. In answer to his wondering, a series of cracks were heard by both of them. Hermione turned around to the sound but Harry stood in front of her, instinctively protecting her.

'Who's there?' he called.

'Harry?' the familiar voice of Charlie Weasley answered. Harry lit his wand and saw a group of people moving towards them, Charlie leading the way. Charlie looked at Harry and Hermione and then spotted the sprawled figure of Voldemort lying behind them.

'Merlin, is that him?'

Harry looked behind him and then back at Charlie.

'Yeah, that's him,' Harry replied.

'Is he dead?'

'Looks that way.' The three people behind Charlie moved past him and Harry and Hermione to look at Voldemort's fallen form. As Remus Lupin passed Harry he put a comforting hand on his shoulder. He joined Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks at the side of the dead wizard.

Charlie moved towards Harry and Hermione.

'You two should get back to Headquarters, it might not be safe here.'

'Voldemort's dead Charlie,' the older wizard flinched at hearing the name, 'it should be pretty safe most places from now on.'

'Don't be complacent Harry,' a sharp voice from behind him made him turn around. Remus was making his way towards Harry.

'If he is dead there are going to be some very angry death eaters out there ready to claim revenge. Charlie's right, you should go back to HQ immediately, if for nothing else than to tell those who are there what's happened. Hermione moved her hand on to Harry's arm.

'Harry, let's go back. I want to see Ron.'

'Ron?' Charlie asked, 'He came back here to help fight after he brought Mad-Eye back to HQ.' A panic rose inside Hermione, one that she had felt far too often.

'No,' she argued, 'he can't be here, he would have come to find me after apparating back, and the last time I saw him was when he was taking Moody back to HQ.'

'Hermione, he definitely came back. He wanted to make sure you and Harry were still alive, there was no stopping him.' Without her realising, Harry had lit his wand and was searching the ground where he remembered last seeing Ron. He stopped when his light rested on a familiar looking figure laying on the ground.

'Hermione,' he whispered, hardly able to make his mouth move.

'NO! He isn't here. He would have found me!'

'Hermione!' he said louder, causing her to stop her argument. She looked at his eyes and then followed the light from his wand until her eyes saw another version of her worst nightmare laid out in front of her.