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He couldn't sleep. He had been lying in his bed for hours now, and still dreams evaded him. Usually he was a heavy sleeper and falling asleep had never been a problem for him. Even back when he was a child and his family had been killed he could always sleep. His dreams had mostly consisted of nightmares, but still he had slept. Nowadays he could easily fall asleep even on the toughest of missions. Then it was mainly a problem of waking up too easily due to constant stress and the fear of being caught. Though that never happened. He was Uchiha Sasuke after all.

So here he was, in the middle of a two week holiday (appointed by the Godaime herself for many a job well done), in his own bed, lying on his back, as relaxed as he had ever been, and still he just couldn't fall asleep. Sasuke knew that if he could just drift off even for a second, he would sleep like a log for hours on end. But as it were, sleep evaded him.

By now, one might begin to wonder, if there was a deeper reason why Sasuke was in this current situation. And that wondering would be justified. As it happened Sasuke was not alone in his bed. There was someone in there with him, curled on his side, facing away from Sasuke. And that someone had blond hair that peeked from underneath the covers he was burrowed in, accompanied by the bluest eyes that you would see if his lids lifted from on top of his eyes. Of all the people in Konoha Sasuke was sharing his bed with Naruto. A very safe and sound asleep Naruto. If possible the fact that Naruto was sleeping and he wasn't, irritated Sasuke even more.

He wasn't irritated at the fact that the blond had stayed over, actually he was ecstatic because of it. They had been going out for a while now and finally tonight, after many failed attempts at it, they had taken their relationship to the next level. Or better make it last night, because his alarm clock was showing him that morning was coming on fast. His body was dead tired because of their activities, but at the same time his mind was humming.

Sasuke had been sure that he would have fallen asleep as fast as Naruto had, but no. Sasuke had wanted Naruto for quite some time now and he had always imagined that their first time together would be something very special. He had been right. Sex with Naruto was something you had to experience to believe, and there was no way Sasuke was going to let anyone have a "test drive". Ever. He had also been sure that he would have been asleep as fast as Naruto, as it was that he had basically done all the work.

With a sigh Sasuke gave up trying to fall asleep. He had done all he could, nothing had helped and so the great Uchiha Sasuke gave up. He directed his eyes towards the blonde and smiled. A kind of a happy, contended smile. Maybe now he could actually start smiling openly in public too. All Sasuke could see of Naruto was a flash of his golden hair. He was breathing softly, regularly. He was sleeping. Sasuke shifted. He leaned in towards the blond, got in underneath Naruto's blanket and wrapped himself around the other. He wanted to hear Naruto's heartbeat.

Sasuke stayed like that for the rest of the night, spooning Naruto, listening to their hearts beat in the same rhythm. As the sky started to lighten with the promise of morning, Sasuke fell asleep.

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The thought of this has bothered me so much lately, especially when I've been trying to fall asleep that I just had to get it out. Maybe now I'll be able to fall asleep more easily…

T-kun, thanks for being an inspiration for the sleeping Naruto. 