Insane what love can do

That keeps me coming back to you

You're irreplaceable but I'll replace you

Now I'm standing on my own


"Come on, I'll take you home," Phil said, after about ten minutes of hugging on the front steps of the police station.

Keely looked at him. "Where are you staying?"

"Well, I thought I'd get a room in a hotel or something. I'll be fine," Phil said.

Keely shook her head. "Stay with me. Please. What if they drop the charges on him? And then he comes back. He'll kill me Phil. Please stay with me."

"Maybe it's not such a good idea to stay in your house then. Look, I've got the Wizrd. Let's got to your Mom's. She was ecstatic to see me. And she wants to see you. When was the last time you visited?" Phil asked her.

Keely sniffed. "I ring her all the time. But Dean is on the extension. I saw her about a year ago. Dean banned me from seeing her in case I told her."

"So, let's go and see her. You'll need to tell her the wedding's off as well, won't you?" Phil said.

Keely smiled at him. "Okay. But can we drop back at my house to get some stuff?"

"Sure," Phil said, smiling.

They got to Keely's house, and she ran inside quickly. Heading up to her bedroom, which had been abandoned by all police investigators, she pulled a couple of outfits that she had never had the courage to wear with Dean around out of her closet. Bundling them in a suitcase, with her toothbrush and her hairbrush, she sat on the bed and looked around.

This was the house that had inhabited her when she was forever miserable. There were no happy memories in this house.

She reached under her bed, and pulled out the box with all the photos of Phil.

Flicking through them, just as she had done so many times before, she smiled. Then she got up, and looked out of the window, where Phil was standing, leaning against his car. Seeing her looking at him, he waved. She smiled, properly, and waved back.

Putting the box of photos backon her bed, she looked around the room one last time.

Her eyes hovered on the box of memories, but she turned away and ran back down the stairs.

She didn't need the memories anymore, she thought, as she ran back out to where Phil was standing. She had the real thing.

Dean sat in the court, facing a very different Keely. She had her blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders, and was wearing a t-shirt with a flowered tank-top over it. She wasn't afraid to be herself anymore.

He watched as she laughed at something her boyfriend said. He hated that guy. He had taken Keely away from him. He was the reason that he was sitting in this court.

The jury re-entered the room, and he watched Keely as she turned her attention away from her boyfriend, and to the verdict.

"Do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty of domestic violence?" the judge asked, in his very formal voice.

Dean sneered. They couldn't possible find him…

"Guilty," said someone in the jury.

Keely hugged her boyfriend. Dean watched them, infuriated. They might have won this time, but next time, they wouldn't be so lucky.

Phil Diffy and Keely Teslow hadn't seen the last of him.

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The song was Unbelievable by Kaci Brown.