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Previously, on "Onegai, Senpai"...

There was a frantic knock at the door just as Hinata was bringing dinner to the table. Sasuke opened it, revealing an extremely upset and psychotic Neji with an intent to kill.

Chapter six: Raising the bar

Neji and his team had been fervently speeding through Konoha's south side, praying for the safety of their precious Heiress. The group had decided to split up once more, each man with their blood limit activated, each with their hearts set on finding Hinata-sama and returning home to eat dinner. After all, Thursdays were Prime Rib night in the Hyuuga household, and eating dried out pieces of meat was practically a sin in itself.

It wasn't until Neji came to the deserted Uchiha property that he began to fear for the worst. If Sasuke was with his cousin... No. It was impossible. After all the death threats his family had sent him, there was no way he could be so stupid as to break their mutual agreement...

But then again, this was Sasuke. The same Sasuke that would've been killed twenty-something times over if it hadn't been for Naruto who, Neji believed, was an even BIGGER idiot than the Uchiha.

Racing faster, Neji was forty yards away from Sasuke's house. He saw two presences in the building. By the time he reached the front door, he was breathing heavily as blood and adrenaline pulsed through his veins. He fists rapped on the entry in accord with the intensity of his heartbeat.

Sasuke shouldn't have opened the door. At least without looking through the damn peephole first. (One doesn't have to be a talented shinobi to know these things.) Lo and behold, there stood Neji, red-faced, with steam coming from his ears and nose.

'Oh shit, you're SO DEAD!' muttered Inner Chibi Sasuke, assessing the murderous glare the Hyuuga genius gave them from the doorway. Neji's Byakugan was activated, and there was a slight twitch in his lip as the older teen bared his teeth and gave out a feral growl that surprised them all.

"WHAT THE HELL IS MY COUSIN DOING HERE?" Neji finally bellowed, chest heaving as he choke-slammed the unsuspecting Uchiha against a wall in the blink of an eye, knocking the air from his lungs.

Hinata dropped the tray she was carrying and was at Neji's side in an instant, trying her hardest to loosen his grip on Sasuke's throat. "Nii-san!" she cried desperately. "What are you doing? Let go! You're hurting him!"

When she saw that her efforts were futile and her cousin was squeezing even tighter, her hands flurried into action.

"F-forgive me, Nii-san... I have no other choice..." she said boldly, as Neji's seal began to glow from behind his forehead protector.


And just like that, Neji's posterior affixed itself to the floor, and he, in his surprise, released his hold on Sasuke's neck.

As he gasped in the much-needed oxygen, Hinata carefully checked him over for any internal injuries. Despite the fact that he had nearly died, Hinata's fingers were like heaven as they ghosted over his skin. Her touch sent him into a frenzy, but he willed himself to stay calm. He briefly looked to the side to where Neji lay. Neji was an absolute MESS.

The raven-haired teen replayed what had happened a few seconds ago and couldn't believe what he had just witnessed.

As Neji recovered from his attack, he realized that his own cousin had allowed Sasuke to see his one true weakness... the shame that he bore as a member of the Branch Family.

Flashback: Day Neji received the Juin Seal

There was a knock on his shouji door before it slid open, revealing the calm look of his father.

"Musuko (Son), it's time to go."

Hizashi took his son by the hand and led him through one of the many hallways of the Hyuuga Main house. The two stopped in front of the Council room, where Hiashi and many of the Clan elders were seated.

"Hiashi-aniki, Neji is ready," he said.

Neji whimpered, he was scared. Hizashi placed his hands upon his boy's shoulders. "You must always be brave, Son."

Hiashi gave his brother an apologetic look as he placed a glowing hand upon his nephew's forehead. Neji winced at the pain and rubbed annoyingly at it once the ritual was over.

Receiving the Seal was just about as annoying as receiving a mosquito bite!

"Otou-sama, what are you and Nii-chan doing?" a curious Hinata asked, as she watched everything from behind an ancient woven tapestry.

Hiashi chided the girl. "Hina-hime, I thought I told you to not come into this room!"

His daughter blushed, flailing her arms in confusion. "But Otou-sama, I wanted Nii-chan to play with me and I couldn't find him anywhere!"

The Council elders chuckled quietly. 'Oh, that Hina-hime! She's so cute!' they each thought.

Pretty soon, the itching became unbearable and Neji's eyes watered in frustration.

"Otou-sama, why is Nii-chan crying?" Hinata approached her cousin, observing the odd marking on his face. "Did Nii-chan get an owwie? How? I'll fix it and make it better." And with that, she kissed the seal, opened up the little silk purse her mother gave her, and placed a Hello Kitty bandage on top of it.

Fortunately, Hinata had only moments ago brushed her teeth, and whatever minty residue was left on her lips transferred over to the seal, giving it a refreshing tingle.

"All better, Nii-chan?" she asked hopefully.

Neji wiped his eyes and nodded, smiling. "Nn, all better, Hinata-sama."

"Otou-sama," she started, placing her hands on her hips. "I don't want anyone to get hurt like this anymore, okay?" She took Neji's hand and dragged him back into the kitchen to serve him an ice cream sundae.

The older men in the room all stared at each other, all baffled by what the four-year old had said. And simply because Hinata never asked for much, they complied with her wishes and never branded anyone with the Juin Seal ever again.

(Another year later, Hinata asked why the families had to live in two different houses and upon her insistence, the houses were connected through a multi-million dollar expansion.)

Hiashi and Hizashi crossed their fingers. Hopefully no one would order Neji around within the next three minutes, otherwise the Seal would become active...

Back in the kitchen, Hinata was standing tiptoe on a stool, looking at the Hyuuga ice cream inventory. "Nii-chan, we have vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, orange sherbet... Ungh!" she cried out, as her fingers wiggled and stretched out in an attempt to reveal the carton in the back. "I can't reach the last one!" she pouted.

"Here, Hinata-sama, I'm taller. I'll help you," her cousin offered.

"No! I can do it by myself! Nii-chan, please go to the couch and SIT!"

Neji's knees suddenly buckled from underneath him. After Hinata grabbed her father and uncle to have them explain what had just happened, there was a mutual agreement between Neji and the Clan that his seal would only activated whenever he refused to rest or eat.

End flashback.

"Hinata-sama," Neji wheezed, hurt evident in his voice at his cousin's betrayal. "How could you do that? And in front of an UCHIHA?"

"N-nii-san... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to- I- I just couldn't stop you..." she whispered, unable to face her cousin at the present moment.

Her cheeks were tinged pink in shame... she hated to admit it, but despite the fact that Neji had nearly annihilated a fellow member of their village, the look on Neji's face every time she or her father "SAT" Neji was priceless!

Seconds later, Hinata burst into a fit of giggles. Neji huffed.

"It's not funny, Hinata-sama," he grumbled, crossing his arms in annoyance.

"Oh, Nii-san... You're right... It's not very funny at all!" she cried, holding her aching sides.

Sasuke watched with rapt fascination as her giggling caused her pleasure pillows to bounce just inches above his face. And to think, moments ago he almost had her cha-chas in his grasp... 'If that bastard weren't here, we could just get started with our lesson!' he groused.

He soon began to observe the interaction between his soon-to-be sex kitten and her cousin as they went to the kitchen to clean up the overturned bowls and dishes. As Hinata walked past him with a few rags and soapy water to clean the dining room floor, Sasuke made his way towards the sink where Neji was washing a few dishes upon Hinata's insistence.


"What do you want, Uchiha?" he sneered, not particularly enjoying the insolent smirk that marred Sasuke's face.

Sasuke looked over at Hinata, who was on her knees scrubbing, giving him a good view of her pretty delectable rear. "I'm going to be spending some time with Hinata, and you're going to make sure no one gives us any... distractions."

Neji's face hardened, and he nearly bent the handle of the cast-iron skillet that was in his hand. "The hell you will, you traitorous asshole."

"Ah, ah, ah, Neji-kun," he taunted, tapping over the mark of the Juin Seal. "I know something the rest of Konoha doesn't..."

Neji tried to call his bluff. "You're trying to blackmail me? Fuck you," he spat.

'Actually, your cousin's going to be doing that pretty soon,' Sasuke thought with a smile, a smile that further upset the man standing before him. Neji frowned as he returned to harshly scouring the pots and pans, imagining they were Sasuke's image he was rubbing out.


The Hyuuga prodigy looked up and blanched.

The jutsu that had been performed earlier was finalized as the Avenger signed the last three animals... Boar... Bird... DOG.

Damn Sharingan-users and their copy techniques...

"O-su-wa-ri," Sasuke jeered, waving his finger like a baton for every syllable in the word.

Neji collapsed onto the linoleum floor in disbelief. That dirty Uchiha! Neji's pride as an ANBU captain, his pride as a Hyuuga, no, his pride as a man was at stake. If anyone in Konoha learned that his disciplinary word was something as degrading as a dog command, he wouldn't hear the end of it!

Once the jutsu wore off, Sasuke extended a hand to lift Neji up, but he refused to take it. He watched as the Hyuuga rinsed the final dish and dried his hands on a nearby towel and ignored the way Neji bodily shoved him aside to meet Hinata in the living room.

"Hinata-sama, are you ready? Everyone's been waiting for you back at home."

"But what about Sasuke-senpai's dinner?" she called out to her cousin, who was moving towards the door.

"That's okay, Hinata-chan. You should head back. It's getting late."

Neji was waiting impatiently outside.

"But the training..."

"We can reschedule it."


"Don't worry. I won't forget," he winked.

Hinata offered him a bright smile as she walked out of his place. When they got past the gate, Hinata shivered, realizing that she had left an article of clothing behind.

"I forgot my vest, Nii-san..."

Neji went back to retrieve it for her.

Sasuke was waiting for him, vest in tow. "So?"

"I train with Hinata-sama in the early afternoon from 2 until 5. I'll take her to the forest. It'll give you three hours. That's all I'll be able to get you before suspicions get raised," he grumbled, hating himself for giving in to his demands. He felt a sick feeling in his stomach. He didn't know what his intentions were. "But if ANYTHING happens to her..."

"Trust me. Nothing bad is going to happen to her. She'll be in good hands."

The Hyuuga said something incoherent and made his way towards his cousin. Sasuke looked at Neji's retreating back and saw Hinata wave him goodbye.

'My hands.'

With that lingering thought in his mind, Sasuke sauntered into his bedroom, dressed down to his boxers, grabbed the pile of porn movies he kept underneath his bed, popped one into his DVD player, and turned off all the lights in his house. He relaxed into the couch cushions, wrapped his hand around his love missile, and studied the actors on the screen intently, taking mental notes as the tomoe in his eyes began to spin lazily.

In less than sixteen hours, Uchiha Sasuke was going to wow Hyuuga Hinata with his sexual prowess.

In less than sixteen hours, Uchiha Sasuke would lose his virginity to the woman of his hentai dreams.

In less than sixteen hours, Uchiha Sasuke would become...

A man.

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