Summary: Her son had coached her and her friend had offered moral support. Now she was wondering why she'd agreed to this blind date.

Disclaimer: Paramount ain't gonna, so I might as well.

Chapter 1

4:00, Friday afternoon, her hair wrapped in a towel, Beverly consulted her full-length mirror. She'd never been more terrified in her whole life; even after all she'd seen and done on the Enterprise.

She rushed over to the link and called her son. Wesley answered on the second ring.

"Mom? Are you okay?"

"No." He saw her complexion was pale and her eyes were wide. "I have a date."

"You what?"

"I'm going on a date…a blind date."

Wesley smiled. "So you finally took some of Deanna's advice. Did she give you a name?"

"No. What am I going to do? Maybe I should've said no to the whole dating scene."

"No! No…mom, this is great. Let me put Charlie on the line."

A perky, feminine face suddenly appeared. "Hi Beverly. What's this I hear you have a date?"

Beverly visibly relaxed at the female presence. Charlotte was Wesley's girlfriend of nearly three years and was almost like a daughter to the now distraught woman.

"Yes. I don't know what to do. I haven't dated in…God, I don't know how many years."

"Well then, we have our work cut out for us."

Beverly stepped back from the screen and turned slowly for Charlotte to take a good look.

"Okay, you painted your nails, moisturized, and did your hair. Let's see what you've got for outfits."

She held up three and the younger woman nixed all of them. "You're nervous, you need to wear something comfortable. How about that blue sweater Wes and I sent you for Christmas and a pair of slacks. Simple and comfortable. All you have to do is dress it up with a scarf."

She calmly led her through the pre-date preparations. Light makeup, simple dangly earrings, and a pair of low-heeled sandals.

Beverly suddenly turned sideways and critiqued her profile. "Control-top panty hose?"

Charlotte thought for a second. "No. Better to have a little gut than to be so uncomfortable you're no fun."

"I don't know if I can do this Charlie."

"It'll be fine. Hey, if you're really stressed later, just go in the ladies room and take a couple of deep breaths. And when the check comes, offer to pay half."

Beverly frowned. "…Okay."

"You probably won't have to though. If he's a real gentleman, he'll push to pay. Where's he taking you, by the way?"

"Deanna said we had reservations at Pietro's at 8:30."

"Nice. Kinda romantic, but not so upscale that the service isn't friendly. Hopefully you have a table on the patio. The view of the Bay is spectacular. Well, when it's not foggy anyway."

This made Beverly laugh and calmed her nerves ever so slightly.