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Death by nature…

Once apon a time in a land far, far away… (Oh yeah, sorry, I said that I was going to skip the crap…)

Zoro and Nami had split off from the crew to find shelter; all they have is their back packs (and of course… Zoro's swords) the snow was falling, thick and heavy. It would be nightfall soon. They were in deep woodland and were both kind of scared, well… Nami was anyway.

Zoro was walking ahead of Nami humming a tune. Nami was walking slightly behind Nami was sneering at him whilst looking around impatiently for some shelter. She began to get agitated and scared so ran up to Zoro for his protection.

"Hey, what's up?" Nami pants, acting cool.

"Nothing!" Zoro says bluntly, "Are you cold?" He asks

"No, I'm fine" She answers, "Where is that hotel?"

"Hotel?" Zoro questions with a raised eyebrow, "We aren't going to a hotel, we will be lucky if we can find a hut" He said looking around.

"A Hut?" Nami sighs.

"Well, I have plenty of body heat" He smiles.

"Good! Because you are going to need it, we are going to freeze" She says looking a bit scared.

Zoro and Nami walk on a bit more, soon it is dark, very dark. Nami sticks by Zoro's side, not wanting to leave him.

"WOW!" Zoro shouts. Nami screams and falls to the ground. "A hut, or at least a shelter." Zoro picks Nami up, like the groom picks his bride up when entering their house, and runs to the tiny shelter. Zoro puts Nami down next to the door and knocks impatiently, "come on, come on" He mutters tapping his foot.

"Look's like no-one is in" Nami says getting up. Zoro looks through a crack in the wood and realises that the hut is empty.

"Shit…" Zoro shouts. Nami gets up and looks through the crack too. "What now?" She questions staring at Zoro. Zoro looks at the door and tries the handle…"Screw it" He says breathing heavily. He raises a foot and lands it smack on the middle of the door, making it swing open with a squeak.

"Lets go!" Zoro exclaims, picking up Nami again. Nami raises a hand to stop him, "I can do it myself" and she walks in. Zoro follows closing the door behind him. Nami puts her backpack on the floor getting a sleeping bag out and laying it neatly on the floor. Zoro chucks his sleeping bag out and throws it on the floor whilst going back outside.

He returns about 5 minutes later with a lantern full of flame. "I bring fire!" He pants and places it on a hook so it is between him and Nami. He shuts the door and places his bag in front of it for he broke the lock.

Zoro lay in his sleeping bag with his clothes on, it was freezing, Nami looks at him smiling.

"Are you ok?" Zoro asks worryingly. Nami stares at him, "I'm freezing". Zoro stands up, takes his coat off and gives it to Nami.

"Thank you Zoro" She smiles and stares at the flame, whilst Zoro stares at Nami's beautiful face. Treasuring each moment.

But what Nami and Zoro didn't know was that the snowfall was no ordinary snow, it was a storm. A storm which would trap them in their little hut, to be left and…

Death by Nature… (Where do you think that I got my title?)


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