Death by Nature:


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Luffy began digging; ripping bits of wood from the hut, Luffy had to wear gloves for the wood was freezing. Chopper was doing the same; he had morphed and was digging with his front legs and flicking the snow through his hind legs, making a ditch, searching for their friends.

Two hours had passed, Luffy had made a hole in the roof of the hut, chopper had dug a lot (he was almost as far as the window) They were both working a lot slower as their energy had reduced and were both thirsty and hungry (well, Luffy was hungry). Luffy was becoming colder and luckily, Chopper had a nice snugly, warm coat.

Luffy finally had made a hole big enough for Chopper to fit through, Chopper gladly jumped into the hut (after de-morphing), searching for their friends.

It was dark in the hut, very dark, Chopper couldn't see a thing, he clambered around the hut feeling the walls, guiding him to Zoro and Nami. Suddenly Chopper hit his head on something, he jumped and fell back landing on his ass, he accidentally put his hand into some sort of liquid, he prayed it wasn't blood. Once he had stood up he felt for the thing that he had walked in to, he soon realized that it was a lantern, without stalling he re-lit it. Everything turned light, he felt as if he had been blind for decades and scientists had finally found a cure to heal him. He could see. Chopper turned around to see a tiny scratch on the wall.

"What the…?" He questioned walking towards it. He knelt down at the carvings and saw two notes, they read.




…and the other read…




Chopper stared at them, gasping. It wasn't long before he realised that Nami and Zoro were together.

Chopper remembered the liquid which he had put his hand in, he realised the lantern to his hand and saw some sort of white liquid, it was sticky, Chopper experimented with it, he smelt it and tasted it.

"YUK!" He shouted spitting it back out, he whipped it off and carried on with the search. "Tastes salty" he remarked.

Finally he found them, Nami was against a wall, and Zoro was on the floor, putting the lantern down, Chopper quickly set to work.

"I've found them!" He shouts to Luffy.

"Great, I will be down in a minute!" Luffy shouts back, beginning to rip the wood again, making a bigger hole for him.

Chopper set to work on Zoro and began giving him oxygen; he was freezing Chopper thought, beginning to get Zoro into the recovery position.

Once Zoro was breathing, but still unconscious, he set to work on Nami, He began to give her oxygen as he had done for Zoro, He felt her stomach… waiting for the Lungs to participate with him. His hand began to shake as he felt her stomach, she was breathing, but he still shook, he was shocked.

"She's …" he was interrupted by Luffy jumping down with a bang. "What's happening dock?" Luffy asked.

"They are both in a very bad state" Chopper replied, "Get them back to the boat, most of my medicine is there." He ordered. Luffy didn't wait, he grabbed them both, jumped out of the hole and darted for the boat. Chopper followed (deciding not to tell Luffy, or the crew about the note on the wall of the hut), still bewildered about what he had found out about Nami… He muttered to himself.

"Not only is Nami pregnant!" He said… "…But she has a disease… A disease which could turn her, and her baby into some kind of freak…a mutant!" Chopper finished running after Luffy to the ship. To rescue his friends, and their baby.



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