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The group landed in the next world, Kurogane feeling the bone-shattering impact of his three companions and the white manjuu bun all landing on top of him at once, and worst of all, Fai right smack dab on top of him, with no intention of removing himself. He smiled, lazily stating
" Kuro-kichi! Your so warm!"
Kurogane responded by grabbing him by his mass of blond hair and flinging him, as hard as he could, in the direction of which he was most certain was dangerous. Fai's light body flew up above the telephone poles, trees, and various houses, finally disapearing into the distance. This made the group very relievied, except Mokona, who ran after Fai screaming,
It was too late, Kurogane grabbed Mokona and pulled his ears so hard that Sakura was certain Kurogane was going to remove them. Syaoran sighed, knowing Kurogane's and Fai's little games., having seen it all before. He got up and adjusted his goggles and dishelved cloak/cape thing. This world seemed oddly...familiar, yet Syaoran couldn't understand why, he had lived in the country of Clow his whole life before their travels began. Behind them their was a barrier made of intertwined threads of metal, and Syaoran peered through it. He saw various children all dressed in the same, matching clothing. Sakura got up to join him, noticing too how oddly the children were dressed.
"They look like sailors."
She stated. Why would they dress children like sailors? Syaoran realized how fortunate he was for never having to be dressed in stupid looking clothing. He decided to climb the fence and try and speak with these strange children. He searched through the crowd, the children had fallen silent. they all seemed afraid of this strange man who had interrupted their recess. Syaoran scanned their faces...I boy with squinty eyes...Girl with short braids...nerdy girl with glasses...but who was that girl! He stood there, in awe, the girl before him looked exactly like Sakura! The same hair, the same face, Those same emerald green eyes! He looked back at his companions, Sakura still standing behind the fence, nd quite content with herself. It seemed she was enjoying the peaceful nature of this world. But where was Kurogane? He saw Kurogane scrambling over the fence, a crazed look on his face. Syaoran was worried, children didn't need an insane ninja ruining their happy little day. ( though I know some people out there would perfectly welcome Kurogane running at them with a glimmer in his eyes, hey, there are some.) Kurogane ran into the crowd and grabbed one of the children, holding her up so her eyes met his own, he looked at the raven-haired girl and said,
"Princess Tomoyo!"
The girl only looked afraid, well, if you were 10 and a ninja picked you up and called you "princess" how would you react? The girl screamed in terror and cried out,
" Help me, Sakura!"
Syaoran stood there, shocked, how did this girl know Princess Sakura's name? But it wasn't the princess that responded, it was the small girl who looked like his princess, a look of complete fear in her eyes, before she could speak though, a small boy jumped out of nowhere. The boy looked as old as the rest of them, but there was a fire to his eyes. The boy kicked Kurogane hard in the face, the boy was too small to hurt Kurogane, but it did get his attention and he put the girl down.
Kurogane yelled, angry with the small brown-haired boy who had the nerve to attack him. Syaoran suddenly decided they weren't welcome here, the boy stared right into Syaoran's eyes...

Meanwhile, Fai had made a couple of friends. He sat in a small room, having tea. For a guy that suffered a hundred foot fall from the sky, he seemed very much at peace.
" Do you need anything else?"
A voice called out from another room.
" Oh no,"
replied Fai,
" I'm fine Yukito-san, don't worry about me."

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