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Crossing the Line

Sakura and Syaoran walked along the strange paved walkways, observing the cherry blossom trees Sakura seemed to enjoy so much, they were blindly walking along, engaged in their conversation so much that Syaoran didn't see Li until after he had ran right into him. Li was knocked to the ground, and Syaoran tried to help him back up. Syaoran decided that wasn't the best course of action, seeing Li's furious face as he looked up at the two. Li shot up in a flash, his face red with either embarrassment or anger.
Li yelled, his ten-year-old insults not stinging Syaoran very much. Syaoran looked at the figure behind Li, the small girl, the different version of Sakura. the younger Sakura tried to calm Li down, trying to pull Li away. she apologized hysterically,
" I'm so sorry! Li! Leave these people alone!"
Li pushed her away harshly, glaring at her,
" Just leave me alone you stupid girl!"
Syaoran could see the tears welling up in the younger Sakura's eyes, she covered her face and ran, and the older Sakura went running after her. Syaoran had enough of this kid, he grabbed Li by the ear and dragged him across the sidewalk and around the corner. He bent down to look into his eyes and said,
" Where do you get off, treating that girl like that, you got some nerve kid."
Li responded by biting Syaoran's hand. If Li was a little older, Syaoran would of knocked his teeth out. the boy then looked like he calmed down, and then spoke to Syaoran,
" I know what you are, all of you. Your not normal beings!"
Syaoran was surprised, did this child know they were from another world?
" Your Clow Cards! And I'm going to catch you before Sakura does!" In an instant the boy had a sword, the sword looked eastern, but not like Kurogane's. Syaoran jumped out of the way, expecting the boy to swing the weapon at him, but instead he held the sword upwards, his fingers positioned in strange symbols, and he yelled out,
" Forces please see my plight! Release the light!" (excuse me if that's wrong, my sister's the CCS fan, not me.)
Lightning flew out of the end of the sword, and Syaoran had to duck out of the way, his arm damaged by the sudden barrage of sparks. He rolled out of the way as another string of attacks lashed out at him. Syaoran got to his feet, ready to kick the boy and teach him a lesson,
'It's just a child!'
Syaoran thought, 'I can't just-'
But Syaoran's thoughts were cut short as he was struck again by a ray of energy. Syaoran decided in that moment
'Screw the rules!'
and delivered a strong kick to the boy's stomach. Li keeled over, obviously in pain. Li whipped out a strange looking board with a ying-yang symbol pictured in the middle. He said another chant, and then let his guard down,
" Your not a clow card."
Syaoran looked at the boy with a crazed expression on his face,
Syaoran collapsed against the fence, trying to catch his breath then it dawned on him, Sakura!
Sakura followed the younger, crying version of herself. The girl was small, but unusually fast. Sakura ran with all her might until they reached a small home, the girl running inside. The older Sakura forgot her manners and walked right in after her, following her up the stairs, as she walked down the hallways, she by chance peeked into one of the rooms, seeing Fai, sitting on top of a bed that had been altered to look more like a make-shift throne, and two teenage boys with plates of chocolate-chip cookies in their hands. they were chanting in unison,
" All hail the almighty Fai, ruler of the yaoi,"
This chant was repeated until Sakura came into the room, calling out Fai's name in surprise. Fai smiled at her, pointing at her and looking at the two boys, telling them,
" That's Sakura, my angel."
The boys looked at her in a confused but respectful way. It passed Toya's and Yukito's thoughts that this girl seemed to be an older version of Toya's sister, but I mean, The god of yaoi had appeared before them, anything could happen. Fai beckoned her to join him at his throne of power, even if that power was only over two very confused boys. Sakura refused and left the room, she had to speak with this young girl.
Meanwhile, Kurogane was following Tomoyo home from school, making sure to protect her from any drifting butterflies or dandelions. the girl had come to the conclusion that she was seeing things, and that this crazed ninja was a creation of her own imagination. Kurogane continued to shower her with praise, calling her "princess" and getting all floaty around her. Tomoyo figured that when she got home, the security would take care of him. As they neared her home, Kurogane was astounded,
"Your castle, Princess Tomoyo, it's still quite grand, but it has gone down in size. and why have you changed it from it's original traditional Japanese style?"
If Tomoyo was just a little more brave, right now she would of tried to punch his lights out, but she restrained herself. She entered her home, immediately calling for her mother,
" MOM!"
Her mom, a slender woman with short hair, descended the staircase. She looked suprised, seeing her daughter with the unusual man. she immediately asked
" Who are you?"
and Kurogane responded, "Princess Tomoyo's bodyguard and elite ninja!"
Her mother, for some reason, seemed calmer,
"I don't remember hiring a bodyguard, but it must of slipped my mind. It's so cute that she's got you playing games with her, calling her "princess" and you're her "ninja. How cute!"
And with that she was gone, with Tomoyo devastated, she looked back at Kurogane,
" What is it, Princess?"
...and Tomoyo fell over right there.

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