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Fai and Kurogane, as usual, were having one of their "deep and meaningful moments of discussion".Which kind of went about like this:

" Hey, Kuro-chi."


" You have a 10-year-old on your head."

" I know that."

" Does it bother you?"

" No."

" So tough, can I touch it?"

" NO!"

" Okay, fine, you probably want to touch it all by yourself."

" That's right."

" Pedophile."

" What was that!"

" Oh, nothing."

Kurogane in fact did have a ten year old on his head, Tomoyo was riding on his shoulders as they walked the streets of Tomoeda looking for Sakura and Syaoran. Kurogane was glad he was in the psycho bodyguard spot once again. Tomoyo, however, was praying that someone come and save her from the crazed ninja.

...no one's going to save her, even the small population of KxT shippers couldn't save her.

Kurogane looked up towards the sky, the sun was getting lower by the minute and he definitely did not want to realize his fear of being in the dark with Fai, no way. Fai was humming something inconceivable and was practically skipping.

" Sooo, Kuro-gan, how do we plan on meeting up with Little determined Syaoran and the princess Sakura?"

Fai asked cheerfully, Kurogane chose to ignore him. There's only so much of Fai you can take before you run screaming to your nearest bagel shop and beg for a pair of size 9 shoes. Tomoyo smiled,

" I know those two!"

She said, happy that Kurogane didn't seem to kill this person on sight like he almost did to all her friends.

" What?"

Kurogane said, getting sick of supporting Tomoyo on his shoulders and switching to carry her bridal-style. Tomoyo looked at him kinda of funny and said quietly,

' I can walk myself you know."

Kurogane just gave her a look that said "Wha'chu talkin' bout!" and carried on. Fai smiled at her,

" Could you tell us where they are by chance."

" No."

Tomoyo replied, crossing her arms. Fai cocked an eyebrow,

" Why?"

Tomoyo smiled, it was time to use that lughead's obedience and the skinny blond guy's idiocy to her advantage,

" I won't, not until you do everything I say and make me happy."

" I'm not taking orders from a child!'

Kurogane screamed, threatening to drop her even though he wouldn't if the ground fell out from underneath him. Tomoyo smiled deviously,

" Okay, then you'll never see your friends again."

Kurogane kind of considered that as an improvement, Fai, however, objected,

" No! No more making yummy marshmallow rice krispies on Saturday, outside with my Mokona bunny-rabbit whatever that thing is!"

Kurogane finally remembered Mokona,

" Hey, speaking of that, where is that manjuu bun?"

Kurogane had noticed the thing wasn't hanging off his shoulder and crawling through his clothes as usual. Fai got a worried expression on his face, like a mother that had just lost their child,

" Oh, I wonder where it is!"

Tomoyo got annoyed, saying harshly,

" Hey! Pay attention to me, here, I'm the one who knows where your little friends are and-"

" Oh, Mokona, Mokona, mommy's here! Where are you Mokona!"

Fai said desperately, tears forming in his eyes. Kurogane just gave him an awkward look but then noticed that no Mokona equaled no Japan. Then all hell broke lose. Now we had two grown men sobbing and whining in the middle of the street as a little girl looked on in slight disgust and terror. She tried to sneak away, but Kurogane immediately grabbed her ankle,

" No, Tomoyo, I won't lose you!'

Kurogane yelled, Tomoyo shivered and tried to kick him away with her free foot. Fai continued to sob in the street,


Meanwhile, where Mokona is...

A devious raven-haired boy brooded over a steaming pot, his glasses shown with an eerie light,

" Yes, rabbit stew..."

He snicked as a tiny white creature poked it's head out of the broth,

" No! No! Mokona will be good! Mokona promises Mokona will stop talking in the third person! Oh, please, oh god, don't kill Mokona!"

The boy just smiled,

" Too late, my little Mokona, the fans love to see you in pain."

Mokona screamed as the boy turned the dial and the flames rose higher. The door swung open suddenly, and Mizuki entered,

" Eriol! I told you that dinner isn't until later!"


Eriol mumbled, turning the dial down and the flames died. Eriol went to his famed "evil guy planning chair" and folded his hands in an orderly fashion,

" So, Mizuki, what is it you have to tell me?"

" Well,"

Mizuki said, sighing and sitting in a chair opposite to him,

" Our little "visitors" have arrived, you know "those" ones."

" Ah yes, those ones."

Eriol said, his smile growing.

" Yuuko informed me of their arrival, I take it they want this..."

Eriol produced a feather from the inside of his jacket and held it up to the light,

" Yes, I've been waiting for my role in this."

Mizuki bowed her head respectively,

" Though I must admit, they are less...mature than I expected."

" What do you mean?"

Eriol questioned,

" Well, to put it this way, they...they're raging idiots. The boy has lost his mind looking for those retarded feathers, the girl's a witless wonder, Fai is floating in the void between genders and Kurogane's brain is being eaten by testosterone."

Eriol shook his head,

" Leave it to the fans to wrote a fanfic that's so OOC."

" Tell me about it."

Mizuki said, rolling her eyes.

" So what do we do about this?"

Mizuki asked,

" I will go."

Eriol said, adjusting his glasses,

" I've longed to meet these travelers."

Sakura and Syaoran were walking along, like they've been doing for about two chapters now, and spotted Fai and Kurogane at long last, along with Tomoyo.

" Fai-san, Kurogane-san!"

Sakura called out, waving. She wondered why Fai seemed to be crying and Kurogane was screaming out towards the sky. She figured it was an adult thing. Syaoran walked over, Sakura in hand,

" Kurogane, what happened here?"

A vein popped out of Kurogane's head,

" The mage lost the white pork bun."

Kurogane pointed at Fai, who was devastated,

" Kuro-chi, you would blame the one you love the most!"

Fai's eyes teared up and he clung to Kurogane fake weeping, Kurogane just pushed him away and responded,

" Who said I even liked you, let alone loved you!"

" So why do you always pair up with me, and tell me all your little secrets, and take me on little dates, and hold my hand when we're alone, and play with my hair, and kiss me, and hold me all night long, and then there are those very private moments we share on nights where Sakura and Syaoran are especially sound asleep and-"

" Those. Mean. Nothing."

Kurogane said through gritted teeth, ready to strangle the mage to death.

Somehow, Tomoyo had escaped during all this. Evreyone clap for Tomoyo.

Syaoran and Sakura just gave them awkward looks and decided it was better to just accept it then to ponder it and taint their minds more with the possibilities. Suddenly Kero floated over to them, landing on top of Sakura's head,

" Sorry to break up your conversation here,"

Kero said,

" But it appears we might know some things about this feather your looking for."


Syaoran, immediately shouted, grabbing Kero and shaking him. Yes, Syaoran likes the missions very much, Just forgive him and hope that he and Sakura don't end up like Kurogane and Fai.

" Well there was this really big aura coming from a certain building in the area, I suggest you guys go check it out."

Syaoran nodded,

" Where is this building?"

He questioned. Kero pointed to a certain pink building,

" Over there, it's not far. I'm sure something unnatural is going on."

So Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Sakura who people really don't like as much as the other three all walked to the building, and this walk was rather uneventful compared to the usual insanity of their daily escapades, but no, this time they walked in awkward silence, each afraid to speak. Fai was the first to speak up, saying cheerily,

" Hey, why don't we sing a song, eh? Like, like-"

" Shut up, Fai."

Syaoran mumbled, trying not to look back at the two other male companions. Fai got quiet again, and stayed that way until the building was reached. It was quite larger than it'd looked , all stained pink and scribbled with graffiti. Syaoran sighed, and opened the doors.

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