By Henrika

Henrika- This is really short, but I was clipping my nails a few days ago and my muses have odd inspirations. Ed must have a heck of a time doing something that simple. Enjoy and review!

He laughed.

He had to because it was such an inane thing and so stupid that he had no choice but to laugh.

He couldn't trim his fingernails.

Not that he hadn't been trying for the past half-hour to accomplish the simple task. Because he had.

The whole thing had started when Ed had realized that his fingernails were getting a tad longer than he liked and that they were becoming a nuisance when he was reading. So he had gone to bathroom and pulled the nail scissors out of the small travel kit he had bought near the start of his travels and locked the door.

The first realization was that when he held the little scissors in his left hand, he didn't have any nails on the right to cut. And he had the distinct feeling that Winry would kill him if he did anything that marred her precious auto-mail.

The second realization was that that precious auto-mail, despite being so close to real limbs, lacked the precise motor function necessary to handle the tiny clippers.

Which was why his nails were now cut up in several places, none of which happened to be inclined to fall away.

So he was laughing at the stupid irony of the whole thing.

Winry or Pinako had taken care of most of the little things he couldn't do during his year of recovery. And he just hadn't thought about the implications of doing such things on his own.

He supposed he was going to have to ask someone to help him. He cringed, knowing what this particular admission of weakness was going to do to his pride. He imagined Mustang's smirk when news of this got to him and cringed further. He glared at the tiny metal tool, as if his anger was going to make them jump off the counter and finish the job properly.

But his anger cooled and his thoughts jumped to Alphonse, as they always did when he was frustrated by something human. And how his brother didn't even have such small inconveniences to trifle with because he didn't have a body.

He glared at the nail scissors again before picking them up and awkwardly looping the handles through his metal fingers.

And when one nail clipping fell into the sink, edges jagged but leaving his nail shorter, he laughed again.

Irony wasn't going to be getting the last laugh on his account.

Henrika- I figure he's just too stubborn to actually ask for help, so he'd just keep doing it until he succeeded.