The Transformation

"Last one into the ship dies!" A sergeant boomed. Corporal Mathew Kane grabbed his assault rifle and blaster. He got on board the ship. "Some ride, eh buddy." A marine said. Some guy mentioned that Kane could get them all killed. Lt. Voss stepped into the ship.

"A lone marine managed to get one big score on the Strogg by killing the Makron. We've been assigned to clear out a landing zone for the Hannibal, so it's a ground pounders war from here on." A bump cut of his sentence.

The pilot said something about counter missiles. That was all Kane heard when he blacked out. When he awoke, he saw that the ship had crashed. Everything in him hurt. He saw a medic pulling someone away. A missile fired near his spot and he blacked out again. He woke up again and saw someone trying to pull him up.

3 bullets went through his chest and he fell to the ground. Kane woke up by the noises of the battlefield. He got up and checked for his rifle. He found it, but it had been smashed in two. He found a blaster and grabbed it. He got up and headed right. He saw the sergeant who had been yelling at them earlier.

"So you ain't dead yet? Dangit, I always hated new recruits." Kane coughed to hide a grin. "Head over to that building and meet up with Badger squad. I'll stay here and monitor the situation and try to get us some backup." The sergeant said. On the way, Kane met a medic and was healed up.

He found a marine crouched by a door. "Come on, let's go find my squad." The marine pleaded. Kane told the marine to take point. Kane went through the next door. Something grabbed him from above. He shot the thing in the head. "I can see you're new to the whole Strogg thing."

Kane took cover by a crate. He saw a marine being attacked by a couple of Strogg. He fired 3 shots into a Strogg, killing him. He got a little closer and charged up a shot. He let the shot go and saw a Strogg slam into the wall of the pressure of the shot. The marine eliminated the rest of them.

"We'll hold here, you go ahead and find you're squad." Kane headed down the hallway. He didn't know what the Ell could be ahead of him.