As Kane rounded the corner, he shot a Strogg who was right in his way. He picked up an assault rifle from one of the dead bodies. When he got about halfway down the hall, something burst through the pipes to the left of him. Kane was thrown back and his assault rifle was knocked away.

"Shite!" Kane said as he took out his blaster. He charged a shot up. "Help!" he said. The Grunt (as he soldiers like to call them) was charging toward him. He fired the shot. It missed. He crawled away and grabbed his assault rifle. He turned around and fired the clip into the beast. It fell over, dead. The body vanished into thin air.

Kane reloaded and moved on. When he got through the next door, a Strogg charged him. A fellow soldier blasted it with a shotgun. Kane headed up the stairs and saw Badger squad had held there. He saw a marine lying down, blood splattered near his legs. "We need a medic." The squad leader said.

"I know where we can get a medic." Kane piped. "Fine, go get your medic and bring him back here." Kane jumped over the rail and headed out the door. They want a medic, they shoulda made sure theirs didn't get injured, Kane thought. As Kane headed through the door, he saw a Grunt carrying a marine away.

Kane shot at the monster, but it ignored the bullets. It dragged the marine away. He tried to run through the door, but slipped on some blood. When he got back up, the marine was long gone. He went through the next door and saw someone asking him for help. Some kinda Strogg burst through the doors and impaled him. Kane fired at the beast as it tossed his comrade to the floor.

It fell to the ground, body disappearing as it fell. When he went through a couple of doors, he saw the marine blasted a Grunt. It was the same marine that had been dragged away. "Watch out, no place for a picnic here." his comrade said.