Just a tiny little idea that's been tickling my mind. Maybe it's a little cliche but ah.. whatever. So Stan is goth in this and he's basically quite the trouble maker. This is going to be a slash filled fun adventure. I already have 4 or 5 couple in mine. Love trapezoids! Eh I might continue. Stan is not the jock in this. He is not ripped. He is an average scrawny 17 year old. He's still hot though.

Raven and Red

"Late again Mr. Marsh."

The whole class glanced up as the 17 year old raven haired boy, all clad in black, made his way to the back of the room. "Mhm," he answered with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. Mrs. Broderick looked pretty pissed. She hated Stan with a passion.. In fact the black haired boy wasn't really liked by a lot. He had had a falling out with his close knit group of friends a few years ago, and drifted over to the dark side, just as he had in elementary school. He now hung around the goths and was called 'Raven' by everyone. He kicked people's asses when they called him Stan.

"Please enlighten us why you're late again today?" Broderick prodded.

Stan looked up at her with a 'fuck you' expression. "Well I guess because I felt like it." Broderick's eyes narrowed. "This whole class is bullshit anyway."

"Well I'm glad you think so. Enjoy detention tonight." Stan rolled his eyes and lay his head down on his desk, preparing to fall asleep in yet another class. He heard a scoff come from behind him and turned his eyes to meet those of his ex-best friend's.

"Fuck off Red," he whispered in a harsh tone. Kyle pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and looked over to his girlfriend, Wendy.

"Whatever Stan." Stan growled as he heard his name. He clearly wanted to kick Kyle's ass. He flipped him off and turned his gaze back to the front of the class. The teacher was droning on about some Shakesperian piece of shit so Stan decided to close his eyes and drift into the world of sleep.

"Yea? Well I don't give a flying fuck!" Stan whirled around to face his best friend.

"What the hell's your problem Stan?"

"Oh Jesus Kyle, if you haven't learned by now then you are such a fucking dumbass." 13 year old Kyle tugged at the sleeve of his shirt and bit his lip. He had never gotten into a fight as bad as this.. with anyone, let alone Stan.

"Stan, I-"

"You ditched me, for a girl. For a fucking good for nothing girl. Wendy for christ's sake! My fucking ex. You don't even give her a month to be single." Kyle looked down at his feet. He truly felt sorry. If he had known this shit was going to happen, he wouldn't have even acknowledged her.


"Save it Kyle. You've ditched me too many times. I'm starting to think that we don't have a friendship.. That we never did. We didn't have a fucking choice. Our parents were friends, so we were friends by default."

"That's not true Stan!"

Stan could hear Cartman and Kenny walk up behind him. He turned around to face them. "What's going on?" Cartman asked.

"Kyle. That's what's going on."

"Oh come on Stan, please don't tell me you're still going off about this," Kenny groaned.

"What? What the fuck is everyone's problem. I have a right to feel this way."

"Wendy-" Kyle began.

"This isn't all about Wendy," Stan cried. "It's the fact that you missed my birthday party to hang out with her!"

"Stan... she was lonely and she was the only one not invited to your party because of your stupid break up.. I couldn't let her be by herself and-"

"Kyle, I really cant do this," Stan yelled as he took off his red poof-ball hat and threw it in the snow. "Just.. just don't talk to me anymore." He turned quickly on his heel and headed for his home. The foursome were over.

Stan felt a sharp rap on his desk and groaned as he heard Broderick's voice. "So nice of you to join us again Mr. Marsh." He looked up at the clock. He had only been asleep for ten minutes. "Would you please enlighten us on what your project topic is?"

"Project topic?"

"The one I just assigned to you."


"Don't talk like that in this classroom," she growled. Stan just snickered.

"That's what you get when losers are allowed to be educated." Stan really hated Kyle, even more so now that he was insulting him.

"Shut up Red, you piece of shit."

"Stan what did I say?" Stan averted his eyes from the overweight teacher to his desk and groaned. He could hear Kyle's obnoxious laughter behind him. Apparently Mrs. Borderick did too because she turned her burning gaze to Kyle. "What's so funny Mr. Broflovski?" Kyle flinched. The way she said it made it sound like she was talking to his father.


"Good because you both have detention together after school tonight." Stan whacked his head on his desk. He wanted nothing to do with Kyle and it was obvious that Kyle wanted nothing to do with him. They hadn't been friends for four years and now they had to share a detention room together. The bell rang within seconds and Stan stood up quickly to beat the crowd out of the classroom. He desperately needed a smoke. He pushed his way through the double doors and made it outside behind the school.

"Raven? Didn't expect to see you out here." Stan walked up to his friend Dylan, the red haired goth and gave him a quick punch in his arm.

"I needed a smoke really bad. I knew you'd be out here. Can I bum one off of you?"

Dylan cocked an eyebrow at Stan before answering. "You can, but what will I get in return?" Stan pushed his face close to Dylan's, just inches away from him smile.

"Maybe a little of this," Stan brushed the side of Dylan's cheek and took the ciggarette out of his mouth. He replaced Dylan's ciggarette with his tongue and they engaged in a war of tonsil hockey. Stan soon pulled away to look his boyfriend in the eyes. "The rest you'll just have to wait until after school." Dylan licked his lips and leaned in to kiss Stan, but instead of accepting the kiss, Stan put Dylan's ciggarette in his mouth and took a long drag. "You'll get it later," he said as he blew smoke into Dylan's face.

Dylan smiled at his boyfriend. "You're damn right I will."

"Oh uh, I have detention tonight.. Do you mind waiting around an hour before I take you home?"

"When do you not have detention? And of course, i'm not going to ride the bus with a bunch of conformists." Stan rolled his eyes at this comment. "It's not like I have anything better to do. I'll just stay out here and smoke."

"Alright, well I have to head back inside. Hell is going to start soon."

"Aw Raven, detention's not that bad," Dylan said as he stroked his boyfriend's shaggy black hair.

"Yea, I guess you're right," Stan lied. He knew detention was going to be bad. He hated Kyle more than ever now. He gave Dylan one last peck on the lips before heading inside.

Upon entering the double doors, he saw the crowd gathering outside the cafeteria for detention. He chuckled slightly as he noticed the very out of place redhead looking more frightened than ever. "I bet that tight ass has never had a day of detention in his life," Stan said quietly to himself as he headed towards the crowd. He crossed his scrawny arms across his thin body when he came to a stop. "Who's running detention today?" Stan asked a fellow detentionee.

"That bitch, Broderick."

"Fuck." He quickly looked over to Kyle who was clearly pissed off at having to be there. "What's the matter Red?" Stan jeered. "You too pussy enough for detention?" The whole crowd started to laugh, highly amused that the valedictorian had joined them for a round of discipline.

"Fuck off Stanley." Kyle put an emphasis on his first name. The whole crowd gasped as Stan clentched his fists.

"Dude, not smart," Clyde said to Kyle.

"I'm not going to call him 'Raven,' if he insists on calling me 'Red.' He knows how much I fucking hate it when he calls me that."

"Cry about it pussy." Stan was feeling better by the minute. He loved making Kyle feel like shit.

"You're such a homo Marsh," Kyle spat. The crowd gasped, expecting Stan to beat the shit out of Kyle. Instead Stan had different plans.

"And you like it," he said seductively as he stroked the side of the redhead's cheek.

"Don't fucking touch me!" Stan laughed at Kyle's reaction and gave him a wink. He licked his lips and raised an eyebrow. He was going to have a good time fucking with Kyle's mind during detention.