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Summary: Leaf's youngest jounins, team Gai team Kakashi team Asuma and team Kurenai, are send on a vacation arranged by the 5th Hokage. Well, the 5th Hokage made up the idea, it's up to the sensei's to arrange the vacation. A vacation with beach, beach clubs, annoying muscled guys in swimsuits and love… Especially NejiTen, but also a lot of ShikaIno, SasuSaku and NaruHina. Rated for language later in the chapters (be warned mwaha).

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- I forgot to mention, they're at the age of 18 (team Gai is at the age of 19).

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Planning the vacation

The 5th is sitting behind her desk, while looking at the 4 senseis of the youngest jounins. Gai, Kakashi, Kurenai and Asuma are standing on her opposite. They all want to hear what the next mission is going to be.

"Since your teams have been working hard, I planned a vacation for those young ones." Was the first thing the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, said.


"That's great for them, but what is our part in this? It's not like they need us to escort them." Kurenai said, ignoring what Gai sensei just said.

"I'm so busy with all this paperwork, that I don't have the time to arrange this vacation. And because they are your students, I think that it is a good idea that you guys arrange the vacation." Tsunade said simply.

"Is there any particular reason for this vacation? And not just because they've worked hard?" Kakashi said suspicious.

"Why are you thinking so low of me Kakashi? I just want those teenagers to have a good time! The details of this mission are written in this scroll, now chop chop, I have more things to do. Get moving!"


- An hour later, when the senseis are planning the vacation for their pupils. –

"What have we got to plan? I have no idea what they want to do on a vacation!" Asuma said, having no idea where to start planning. The table in Gai's apartment was filled with travel guides and stuff.

"It must be somewhere where they can fill up their youth power!" Gai said enthusiastically.

"I swear Gai, if you don't stop your youth power bullshit, I'll make you shut up, and it won't be fun I'll tell you that!" Kurenai said, finally getting angry after hearing youth power every 5 minutes the past hour.

"…" Everyone looks at Kurenai with eyes bigger than a basketball, while Kurenai pretends nothing has happened.

"Cough Well, I think that it should be at a place where more teenagers are, and where they could stay in a hotel." Kakashi continued, acting like nothing had happened.

"Ah! Why not send them to the Beach Country?" Asuma said, glad he has an idea.

"And I thought that you had no idea where to send them?" Kurenai said sarcastically, arching an eyebrow at Asuma.

"Ah I think it's a good idea. Sun, beach … bikinis. Yup, just what they need to fill up their 'youth power'." Kakashi said, trying to tease Kurenai. He thinks it's funny when Kurenai is angry, because she wouldn't dare hitting him because of his strength. He wouldn't hit girls or women though.

Kurenai shot dead glaring eyes at Kakashi. 'Pervert.' She thought. He always has to make her pissed; she wouldn't give in to his teasing this time. "What a great idea! The beach is the place to relax and have some fun for teens." Kurenai said, while the other ones looked at her suspiciously.

"Okaay… Well that's settled then! Now we only need to find a hotel for them. For how long is it?" Asuma said, still keeping eagles eyes on Kurenai. He isn't sure why she is so calm all of a sudden; he has to be very careful now.

"For two weeks, it could be shorter or longer. It depends on them." Kakashi said.

"Oh well, at least it's free because leaf shinobis have rescued the Beach Country a couple of times." Asuma said. He was scared that the costs for a hotel would be too expensive.


- The next day -

At team Gai…

"We're going on a vacation tomorrow? THAT'S GREAT NEWS GAI SENSEI!" Lee shouted.

"Yeah this is really good news for ones!" Tenten said cheerful.

"Hn." Neji responded.

"Where are we going to tomorrow sensei?" Tenten asked to her teeth pinging sensei.

"You guys will be going to the Beach Country, and will stay in the luxury Beach Country hotel!" Gai said, as if it is the greatest thing that can happen in one's life.

"YOSH!" Lee shouted, apparently a vacation arranged by his sensei really is the greatest thing that could happen to him.

Neji smirked, actually this vacation doesn't sound so bad. He could see his team mate Tenten in a bikini. Not that he often thought of Tenten in that way, but he liked the thought of it. Just thinking it couldn't be bad, right?

Tenten didn't notice Neji's smirk, and just thought of the fun she would have. She likes the beach, all the sports she can do and maybe she could se Neji in a swimsuit for once! She has to admit that she is interested in Neji. But she knows that he doesn't think the same. Not because of the fact that he never shows any emotion to her, not because of the fact that he has 'not interested' written on his forehead. No it is not because of that, but because of the fact that he only comes to her when he wants to spar or needs to know something.

Why is she thinking about Neji and his none-interest now? She's going on a vacation, why should she worry? Let's Party!


At team Kakashi…

"We are going to the Beach Country tomorrow? That's wonderful news Kakashi sensei!" Sakura said with delight. She couldn't wait to relax on the beach, and show herself in bikini to handsome guys! Sasuke wouldn't be interested in her, she knows. After a couple of years of cold answers she decided to give up on getting close to Sasuke. She can live with being friends.

"Hn." Sasuke doesn't like the idea of more fan-girls on his vacation. But the idea of Sakura in a swimsuit makes him wanting to go. He never shows interest in her, but he can't deny that he doesn't hold interest for the pink-haired kunoichi.

Naruto only holds a foxy grin on his face. He already stopped hooking up with Sakura for 3 years. He knows Sakura loves Sasuke, and she will never love him in the way he hopes. And besides, he kind of lost his interest. She isn't as hot-headed as she used to be. 'Too bad, I always liked her spirited attitude.' The only reason that he has that foxy grin on his face is because of all the girls in bikini. He has become a little bit a sort of a pervert, he has to admit. Blame Jiraiya for that part. But he is a man, how else could he think when he's on the beach? He's made for hunting, hell yeah!

Kakashi looks with a huge sweat drop on his head to his pupils. 'I don't want to know what they have in their mind…' That was the only thing that went through his head. He saw a whole different side of them. 'They used to tease me by thinking perverted things (which I didn't).' Kakashi took a last glare at them. 'Yeah, they were cute back then…' He thought with frowned eyebrows.

"The bus will bring you to the Beach Country at 8 o'clock sharp, don't miss it!' Kakashi said, before he puffed away in a cloud of smoke.

He still remembers when they hit puberty. Naruto and Sasuke weren't that much of a trouble. More testosterone yes, but that wasn't much a different compared to before. Now take Sakura when she was really hitting puberty. Naruto and Sasuke still laugh about the time when Sakura started with her famous period. Alright Kakashi self thought it was funny sometimes too, but he already had gone through that time with Rin, his former team mate.

The first time Sakura started her period was very embarrassing for her. Kakashi could keep his laugh in, Sasuke looked to the other way and he didn't laugh, he only turned red. But Naruto couldn't keep his laughter. Sakura wanted to hit him, but Kakashi had already hit him on his head (he was unconscious for 15 minutes) because it was really sad for Sakura that it had happened in front of them.

Sort of flashback.

They discovered it when Sasuke asked if he had hit Sakura, because she was bleeding on her legs (Sasuke and Sakura trained together, while Kakashi trained Naruto). Maybe a kunai scratched her or something. Sakura only looked with a confused face at Sasuke. Then she looked down, and turned totally red. Because Sakura and Sasuke stopped, Naruto and Kakashi looked that way and saw the blood between her legs.

Sakura looked like she was going to cry from the embarrassing. Kakashi looked to his left, and saw Naruto already laughed a bit. So as you know Kakashi whacked Naruto on his head so they had no trouble with him. "So that shuts him up for a moment." Kakashi said dryly. Sasuke looked amused to the unconscious Naruto. "Why don't you go home, and well … stop training for a week or so." Kakashi said friendly.

They hadn't seen Sakura for a week, and she hardly said anything when she started training again. We all pretended like nothing had happened, even Naruto did!

Whenever Sakura had her period she mostly couldn't go on a mission. Sometimes she couldn't walk because of the cramps, but mostly it was because of the hygienic problems. Also then she was moody, no she actually was really grumpy. Especially when one of us made a little joke (well mostly Naruto made the jokes), she turned into a monster. Naruto often was the target, but then again, he always made the jokes (he never learned to shut up).

End flashback.


At team Kurenai…

"YAHOO! A vacation sounds great doesn't it Akamaru?" Kiba said with much enthusiasm.

"Yes, it s-sounds great!" Hinata said, still stuttering. Kurenai had already told them that it will be in the Beach Country. She didn't really mind, her other friends will be there too. That makes her more confident.

"I'm sorry, but I can't come. My parents are gone for a while. I've got to take care of the house and the bugs. I can't leave." Shino said.

"Ah that's to bad Shino!" Kiba said.

"Yeah, we're going t-to miss you Shino." Hinata said.

"It doesn't matter; I'm not really font of vacations anyway." Shino said. He really meant it. He hates vacations, and especially beaches.

"Well that's too bad Shino, but we can't do anything about it. If you can't, you just can't right? At least Hinata and Kiba should have a good time. You guys have worked really hard the last time. Shino, you are dismissed of missions for the next two weeks. You can really use that time I guess." Kurenai said.

"Alright, be at the village's gate at 8 o'clock sharp tomorrow morning, don't be late!" Kurenai stated firmly, and left.


At team Asuma…

"YAAY! A beach vacation sounds fantastic!" Ino shouted enthusiastic.

"It doesn't sound bad; at least I can watch clouds. It can't be too troublesome." Shikamaru said. 'A vacation actually sounds great. No missions, only relaxing.' Shikamaru thought heavenly.

"I hope they have good food in the Beach Country!" Chouji said happily.

"I guess so, there's a bar which is open 24/7. I think you will enjoy yourself there pretty much Chouji." Asuma said.

"Do they sell good food?" Chouji asked.

"In day time you can get there breakfast or lunch I think. At least they've got drinks! And lots of them to! Also there are nice restaurants in the small town. You'll be fine Chouji." Asuma told, especially to make Chouji enthusiastic.

"Yosh! I can't wait until tomorrow! Vacation yaay!" Ino shouted happily.


- The next day, 8 o'clock –

In the bus (a/n: a regular school bus, that makes it easier to imagine how the bus looks like) everyone couldn't wait to get in the Beach Country. It would be fun, sun and party!

But before they could get there, they have to go on a 3 hours bus trip. How can they keep that on, especially with Naruto and Kiba together in the bus? At least those two aren't sitting together.

Sakura quickly seated herself next to Sasuke, who only stares out of the window. They are sitting somewhere in the middle on the left side. In front of them are sitting Naruto and Lee. They are already playing a card game, which means: Naruto is silent for a while!

Hinata and Kiba are sitting behind the bus driver. At the other side of the bus, the right side, are sitting Neji en Tenten. Neji wasn't really talkative, but Tenten is used to it. Also she can talk with Hinata, It won't be a problem.

Behind Neji and Tenten are Ino and Shikamaru. Chouji sits behind them, eating some snacks. Ino was telling Shikamara something, but of course he isn't listening (he pretends he does, it works!).

Let's go on vacation!


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