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Chapter 7: Nervousness

Naruto was walking in the halls towards Hinata's hotel room. He felt her warm skin against his bare back, suddenly realising that she was only wearing a bikini. A blush crept up Naruto's face. He was relieved when he was standing in front of door number 122. Naruto opened the door while Hinata still lay unconscious on his back, her right cheek touching his left shoulder.

While carefully closing the door, Naruto tried not to wake Hinata. He walked carefully to the other part of the room, the so called 'bedroom part'. He saw in the right corner of the room a bed under a window. Naruto walked over to the bed and laid Hinata down carefully.

After lying Hinata down on the soft bed, Naruto walked to the small bathroom near the exit of the bedroom part. He looked for something to cool Hinata her head. Naruto walked to the back of the bathroom where he saw a little closet. There had to be some small towels.

When opening the little closet, Naruto found what he was looking for. But what he found were not only small towels. He had never been in the bathroom of a girl. Also he had never expected what he could find there. Naruto had never seen that much girl stuff together.

In there he found soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, more shampoo, make-up, perfume and so much more. Naruto shook his head when he had found out how much unnecessary stuff girls use. Naruto reached for the small towels when his eye caught something he wished he had never seen; menstrual pads and tampons.

Now Naruto knew something about Hinata and the other girls he'd rather not know about. 'They use tampons, how would you use something like that?' Naruto thought disgusted. He did his best to ignore the fact that 'it' lay next to the small towels. He just grabbed a towel and closed the small door immediately.

Finally Naruto had a small towel. He walked to the sink and opened the water crane and held the towel under the falling water. Naruto closed the crane and walked back to where Hinata lay. Naruto sat down on the bed next to Hinata. He laid the wet towel on Hinata's head carefully. Hinata responded to the sudden touch of the cold liquid by opening her eyes a little.

Hinata slowely opened her pearl eyes. She was surprised to look into the ocean blue eyes of no one else than Naruto. Once again a red glance spread over her cheeks.

"How are you feeling now, Hinata?" Naruto asked with his cheerful grin on his face once again.

'Why'd he ask? Did I pass out again?' Hinata thought wondering. Suddenly Hinata was aware of the soft bed she was lying on and the small towel with the cold liquid on her forehead. 'I did pass out again, didn't I? Yes I did pass out again. Wait, Naruto brought me here? I'm alone with Naruto? I kind of like it, or wait I don't. Or do I? I don't know… I like it, but I'm so nervous! But if I'm nervous, how can I like it? How can I like it to be alone with Naruto while I'm nervous? But still, I like it. Or I don't, I'm too nervous! But still, I'm here, the one I like is caring for me. It doesn't help any against the nervous feeling though. I'm thinking to long am I? Did Naruto notice that I'm thinking so long? … What was I thinking again?' Hinata kept thinking and she got very nervous. She was alone with Naruto in a room, on a bed for Christ sake!

"Hinata? Is everything ok?" Naruto asked curiously.

"…" Hinata just stared blankly at Naruto. She blinked, once, twice. The red glow on her cheeks spread over her whole face. The feeling of getting red made Hinata more nervous. She wanted to say something, but couldn't bring out a word.

"I … f-fe-eel…" With a high stuttering voice Hinata tried to answer, obviously it was no success. Naruto staring at her didn't help any also.

The silence between the two of them got longer and longer. Naruto continued waiting for an answer. An answer he wouldn't get so easy since Hinata kept blushing like mad.

Then someone flung the door open, breaking the moment of the difficult silence between Naruto and Hinata.

"Hinata? Are you here?" A familiar voice echoed trough the room.

Still Hinata couldn't bring out a word.

"Yes, she's here!" Naruto shouted back since Hinata couldn't bring out a word.

Then Tenten came into the bedroom part with a smile on her face which she never loses. She had her hair in buns once again, lose hair apparently was unbearably for her.

"There you are! I was worried so I came looking for you!" Tenten spoke, not noticing how red Hinata was. "Are you feeling better now?"


"Hinata?" Tenten asked questionably.

"I don't think she's alright, she looks very red. And she can't bring out a word!" Naruto said. "Can you take a look at her, I don't know much about these things." Naruto had a desperate expression on his face.

A sigh escaped Tenten's mouth. "You know absolutely nothing about girls, Naruto." Was the only sentence Tenten managed to reply.

"Of course I don't! No descent guy knows a thing about girls and it will only be another failure if we even try to understand them! But what has the fact that I don't know anything about girls to do with Hinata getting red and nervous and unable to talk!" Naruto replied in a way as if this al was kind of catastrophically.

Tenten looked with eyes like dots at Naruto, a huge sweat drop formed on her head. "You've got issues, seriously." Tenten replied.

"You know, that's the exact same thing Sakura always says to me." Naruto said thoughtfully.

"You're kidding…" Tenten replied with an 'oh-duh' expression on her face. Naruto just kept grinning at Tenten. She was only 3 minutes in this room and already Naruto was getting her crazy. An image of herself in a psychiatric institute flashed through Tenten's mind.

Tenten's thoughts…

"So, Miss Tenten, please tell me what exactly drove you to insanity." The doctor, who looked exactly like Shikamaru, asked.

The brown haired girl, once known as Tenten, twitched her eye and wore a straightjacket. Two male nurses, who looked exactly like Lee and Neji, were standing at each of her sides in case she would lose control. Tenten looked around; she twitched, shaked and twitched again. "WHAhahahaHAHAHAHAHA" echoed through the closed consult room.

"According to these files one young man known as Naruto, has driven this woman insane by mere stupidity." A young secretary answered and pushed her glasses back from the tip of her nose. The secretary resembled the pink haired kunoichi Sakura.

Tenten looked around while hopping hyperactive up and down, both her buns half untied and in a total disaster. Her eyes now were focused on the male nurse resembling Neji. "Hey, you there, white eye." She whispered. The brown haired Neji look-a-like looked at the insane young woman. Tenten made a movement with her hand, signalling the male nurse to bent down, which he did.

"Shall I tell you a secret?" She sniggered. The Neji look-a-like just looked at her. "Pixies, I tell ya, they're real!" Tenten sniggered again. "They're here, can you here them? I can hear them. They're taking me away from here! They're helping their leader to escape! MWHAHAHA!" She was twitching with her eye again.

"Tenten?" Everybody asked, looking at her.




Tenten's thoughts were abruptly broken by Naruto who was calling her name. "What is it ramen boy?" She asked annoyed.

"Nothing, it's just that you were twitching with your eye." He stated dryly.

"Oh, right. Anyway why don't you just go back to the others at the beach and bothe- err… I mean delight them with your hyperactive presence?" Tenten smiled innocently.

Naruto looked suspiciously at her. "Sure." He said. 'Anything is better than staying with this eye-twitching freak.' Naruto thought. He walked out of the room, letting Tenten and Hinata in peace (yes, Hinata's still here)

Tenten turned at Hinata who was still red. "Normally you don't get this nervous when Naruto's around, even when you're alone with him."

The red glow on Hinata's face disappeared. She regained her ability to talk again. "W-well, normally wh-when I'm alone with N-naruto I'm n-not on a … on a … in a … in a … Kyaa!" Hinata was too shy to say it.

"You were on a bed in a bikini with a boy in your room." Tenten said for Hinata. "On missions you're even sleeping with two boys in the same tent! It isn't such a big deal, you know."

Hinata had a small smile on her face. That was one of the things she admired in Tenten, she wasn't shy in any way. But it could be irritable sometimes because she just didn't understand that some people actually were shy and timid. Still Tenten was a soft hearted person who normally understood Hinata when she got nervous.

"Shall we get an ice cream? I feel the sudden urge for ice cream… and chocolate. I want an ice cream with chocolate sprinkles!" Tenten was licking her lips and had a dreamy expression on her face.

Hinata's hand went to her mouth to hide her smile. 'Sometimes she's still a little kid although she is the oldest of us four.' Hinata thought smiling. "N-no I think I'm going to t-take a shower." Hinata replied, still a bit stuttering.

"Are you sure? They've also got vanilla flavour, your favourite." Tenten teased.

Although it was a tempting offer, Hinata refused. She wanted to take a cold shower after the fainting and the worst case of nervousness ever, so she went to the bathroom.

"Here, take this with you." Tenten said when she threw the little towel at Hinata.

Hinata caught the white towel easily. "This was o-on my head, w-wasn't it?" Hinata asked.

"Yes it was and Naruto got it while it lay next to the menstrual pads and the tampons. He must've had a hard time getting a towel." Tenten grinned. Hinata smiled back. "It's his fault for going into a lady's bathroom." Tenten added, they both grinned at each other.

While Hinata disappeared into the bathroom, Tenten left the room. The ice cream was waiting for her. Strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, she couldn't wait. She turned around the corner. Now there were two choices, the elevator or the stairs. Tenten decided to be lazy and take the elevator. After a while Tenten was out of the elevator. She walked through the hall to the exit. Finally she could get some fresh air.

Now Tenten was halfway the beach. She saw a couple walking past her. The sight of the loving couple made Tenten sad. Suddenly she felt how much things she misses by being a kunoichi. Not that she regrets being a kunoichi, it was her own choice. But sometimes Tenten was longing for a life where she could live in peace. Sometimes she wanted to know how life would be if she didn't live in Konoha. Somewhere in a peaceful village where she could live like a normal teenager and enjoy what life has to bring.

Although she missed all those things, Tenten would never want to change her life. She has precious (weird) friends whom she never wanted to lose. Hopefully friends she will never lose. 'Oh crap, now I'm getting all sentimental." Tenten thought.

Deep in thoughts Tenten continued to walk. She was thinking how it would be to have a boyfriend. Sure, she had kissed a few boys. But it was nothing serious. Just for fun, she was just curious. 'Tsk, how wrong did that sound huh?'

While Tenten continued to walk, she didn't notice another person walking straight at her. She bumped into that certain person, to notice that it was nobody else than Neji.

"Neji! I'm sorry, I didn't saw you!" Tenten said with a pink glow on her cheeks.

"Hn. You were off guard, Tenten." Was all that Neji said.

"Yes that was because…. No wait, I was off guard? What about you? You could have dodged me!" Tenten answered.

"I could have, but I was just testing you." Neji smirked.

"Testing your me? Tsk, Neji I would've never thought that you'd test me." Tenten said, ignoring the annoying but charming smirk.

"I just did. You've failed miserably, Tenten." Neji smirked, being the smartass he always was.

"Oh how'd I like to wipe that smirk of your face." Tenten responded at his teasing. At least, she hoped he was teasing her. She couldn't help it but smile.

"You know that is something you'll never succeed in." Neji continued to smirk.

"Come on, don't you have a weak spot for me?" Tenten asked with puppy eyes.

"It's a tough world Tenten, deal with it." Neji responded.

"You know, I feel the sudden urge to strangle you although I have no idea why." Tenten said sarcastically.

Neji smirked. 'Victory.' He thought. "Anyway I was just on my way to look for you. There's a party tomorrow night in the beach house. Ino and Sakura brought up the idea to organise a party because tomorrow's our last day here." Neji told.

"It's our last day tomorrow?" Tenten asked with a sad expression on her face. "We've been her for 2 days or so!"

"We've still got duties in Konoha, Tenten, we can't be missed for too long." Neji replied.

"I know, but 2 days. It's too short!" Tenten said.

"Then just enjoy the day you have tomorrow and the party." Neji said.

"Are you coming too at the party?" Tenten asked sweetly.

"No." Neji answered directly.

"Please?" Tenten asked.

Neji's face kept motionless, which means 'definitely not'.

"Pwetty pwetty pwease?" Tenten asked in a sugar sweet tone.

Now Neji had an expression on his face which wasn't really clear to Tenten. Which could be translated as either 'hell no' or 'what the hell did you just say'. Considering Neji could be thinking both, Tenten assumed the answer was still no.

"Is there any way how I can convince you?" Tenten asked desperately.

"No." Neji said firmly.

"I'll buy you an ice-cream." Tenten smiled.

"Hell no." Neji answered.

'Oh yeah, I forgot. Neji hates all things that are sweet, cute and girlish.' Tenten thought.

"I won't force you to dance with me, that's my last offer." Tenten said desperately.

"Why didn't you say so? The party starts had 8 o'clock, be ready I don't like to wait." Neji said and continued to walk to the hotel.

Tenten looked at his back, her mouth hanging open. 'How easy was that? Oh well, I should be glad that's the only thing I had to do to convince him. I almost said that I would wear a skirt!'

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