Title: Sweetness

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 254

Universe: Bleach

Theme: worship

Disclaimer: …evil laugh

Warnings: yaoi. Post Soul-Society arc.

Pairing (s): Byakuya x Ukitake

Rating: M

TimeCompleted: 06:03 PM 2/28/06

A/N: … I hope my Ukitake didn't come off evil.

Dedication: all of my homeslices from Vow

Ukitake has a fondness for sweet things—like the hollow of Byakuya's collar bone.

Worshipping the body part as reverently as any pilgrim would, tonguing and suckling fervidly. But one must not forget the lips, of which Byakuya has a splendid, pale, pink, rosebud.

That's what it must be like to kiss a rose, is what Ukitake thinks when he slyly slips his own tongue inside the other man's mouth. Teasingly, trying to get a rise out of his partner, who tastes ever so vaguely of vanilla.

Vanilla, which has become Ukitake's favorite flavor now that he prays in such a way.

But one must not forget the pale graceful neck, smooth with alabaster skin much like Ukitake's own. He often leaves purple finger shaped bruises there, violet flowers blooming in all consuming white adversity.

In public, Byakuya wraps his scarf tighter around himself to hide the marks Ukitake is fond of leaving behind. Because they taste so deliciously bittersweet.

Occasionally Ukitake is too impatient, too rushed, too fast, and he leaves red flowers behind instead. Jyuushirou is not fond of these, but he's lucky that Byakuya doesn't seem to mind either way.

When those flowers bloom, Ukitake makes sure to repent.