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Summary: Elliot and Olivia get a case that takes them to a warehouse to arrest their perp, but the man sets his sights on Olivia as soon as he sees her. EO.

A/N: Yes, it'll be Elliot and Olivia later on, I figured I could try to add in some fluff once I realized I could actually write a oneshot of fluff on EO, haha, I dread the future cuteness. Ah well. This story is for Kelly of the midnight dawn, for being so sweet in her reviews in my two previous stories. Right, on with the show.. eh.. story.

Olivia looked up from her paperwork, she looked at her partner who had been staring at the same sheet of paper for the passed 15 minutes. She smirked, but couldn't help but worry about the way he'd been acting since Kathy and his divorce. He'd barely sleep, and if he did manage to pull that off it wasn't at home, it was in the cribs.

"What's wrong?" Elliot asked when he looked up to see his partner's worried eyes staring at him.

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts. "Sorry," she then said. "I was just thinking," she smiled at him.

Elliot of course returned Olivia's smile, 'Can't resist that smile these days..' he thought to himself. Her smile was possibly the only thing other than being around his kids that had made him smile lately. For some reason, as much as he hated that she had that power over him, he also enjoyed it.

Olivia leaned back in her chair, since no one else was around at the moment she took her chance to speak, "Elliot.."

"Yeah?" he asked. He put his pen down on his desk and leaned back in his chair as well. He knew that he'd been worrying Olivia as of late, and he felt bad about it. He also knew she would ask him the same question that she had every day for the past two weeks, 'Are you okay,' he thought, no, he knew she would ask.

Olivia began to say something, to ask the question, but she quickly decided against it. She shook her head lightly, "No.. never mind." She looked back down at her papers and began her work once more.

Elliot gave a surprised look when she didn't ask him if he was okay or if he wanted to talk. He'd actually been prepared to talk for once. He stood up and moved his chair next to hers and sat back down next to her.

Olivia looked up at Elliot oddly and placed her pen down once more. She thought it was weird that he suddenly moved next to her. "Elliot.." she tilted her head slightly to the side in a confused manner. "What are you--"

"Liv.. look," he said, mentioning her nickname they all had begun using after a while when they were saying something important. "I'm fine, really," he smiled at her. "Don't worry so much about me, I'm just getting used to things, okay?"

Olivia looked at him for a few moments, she wasn't sure exactly what to say to him. She looked back down at her desk even though it was clear that she wasn't actually trying to work on the paperwork in front of her.

Elliot took Olivia's hand in his now and he smiled at the surprised look on her face, "I promise, I'm alright."

"Okay," Olivia let out in a sigh. She shook her head and smiled, holding back a laugh at how insistent he was about telling her he was okay. She found herself a little more surprised that he remained holding her hand though.

Elliot couldn't stop himself now, Olivia's smile entranced him and he began to move his face in close to hers.

Olivia quickly let her mind take over in the situation. Just moments before Elliot's lips met hers in a kiss, she pulled herself away from him and stood up. "I.. uh.." she searched for the right words to come from her mouth, but she was at a complete loss.

"Liv.." he said quickly, using the nickname once more. "I didn't.." he thought about it, "I mean I did, but.." he suddenly was at a loss for his words as well as Olivia. "I was just--"

"Don't worry about it," Olivia stated, moving the thought away with a wave of her hand. She smiled at him, but felt completely uncomfortable near him at the moment. Sure, she had wanted that kiss for years, but in all those years she also knew she couldn't have it. She also never thought she would get the chance to have it, and the thought of it happening now seemed to scare her. She looked down to hide her embarrassed face from Elliot's. "I'll uh.." she stuttered some. "I'll be right back," she said, biting her lip lightly at the intensity of the situation and made her way up the stairs in the building to the roof top where she knew she could always find some peace of mind in the city.

"Oliv--" he frowned lightly as she walked away from him so quickly he couldn't even get her name out. He stood to follow her before realizing he should give her some time by herself before he went after her. He sat back down in his chair after moving it back to its rightful place behind his desk. He frowned again when he began to think that maybe he was wrong about the way Olivia felt about him. He began thinking that perhaps Olivia was merely being civil when he was flirting with her and she returned his gestures. He let a sigh escape his mouth and looked up when he saw the door to Cragen's office open up and the captain step out.

Cragen looked at Elliot and walked over to him. "I need you and Olivia to pick up Arnold Shaw at this address," he gave Elliot the paper with the address on it.

Elliot nodded at his captain and stood up on his feet.

"Speaking of your partner," Cragen then said while looking around, "Where is Olivia?" he asked curiously.

"Roof," Elliot replied while pointing up at the ceiling. "She's taking a break from the paperwork for a few minutes," he lied, putting on a fake smile for his boss. "I'll go get her and we can go arrest this guy," he made his way over to the stairs.

Cragen walked after Elliot, "Elliot," he said when he caught up to him at the bottom of the stairs.

Elliot turned to look at Cragen, "Yeah Cap?" he asked.

"Watch this guy when you get to the warehouse, Shaw has a thing for the ladies so you need to keep an eye on your partner," Cragen said in a friendly tone. "I don't want anything happening to her, we're all family here."

Elliot nodded lightly at his captain, "Don't worry Don.." he smiled at him honestly for the first time in a long while, "You know as well as anyone else I would never let anything happen to Olivia."

Cragen grinned, knowing he would get that response from one of his best detectives. "I know you wouldn't Elliot, but it wouldn't feel right to not say it," he made his way back into his office.

Elliot laughed and shook his head, and he began making his way up the stairs to the roof. He opened the door that led to the roof quietly so that he didn't startle Olivia, in fact, it seemed she didn't even notice. He stood there for a moment staring at her, she looked beautiful with her hair being caressed by the wind, moving around lightly about her face. He smiled as he watched her, almost afraid to say something in fear that she would lose the radiance she had at that moment. He realized though, that nothing could make her lose that spark. No matter what in his eyes, she was always going to be this beautiful, but he still remained silent, continuing to watch her.

Olivia looked down at the city below her with her elbows propped up on the edge of the building to help her hands hold her head up. She smiled down at the city which seemed almost peaceful from this view. She was thinking more about Elliot though.. Why did she pull away when it was what she had been waiting for since she had first met him? But she felt someone's eyes on her now and she turned to see Elliot smiling her. She ran her fingers through her chin-length, golden brown hair, then sighed lightly.

"Hey," Elliot said when she noticed him standing at the door. He made his way over to Olivia and stood next to her, keeping a few inches between them. He looked down at the city below, then back at Olivia who seemed to be studying his intentions from their earlier encounter.

Olivia's lips curved into a small smile as he stood next to her. She turned once more to face the city. "It looks so peaceful from up here, you know?" she said quietly.

He kept his eyes focused on Olivia, and before he thought it through he blurted out, "It's beautiful."

Olivia stared at him through confused eyes. "I'm sorry?" she replied, as though she hadn't heard exactly what he just said.

"The city," Elliot replied all too quickly. "It's beautiful from up here."

She smirked at his hasty reply, "That's not what you said."

Elliot's face began to grow flushed and he removed his gaze from Olivia and moved it to the city down below.

Olivia simply smiled at Elliot, and she scooted a little closer to him in an attempt to close the gap between them. She placed her hand on his shoulder, "You're right El.." she then said to him, using his nickname now.

"About what?" Elliot asked, turning back to Olivia.

She kept her eyes focused on Elliot this time, "It is beautiful."

"What," Elliot then said, "You mean the city?" he asked in a playful manner.

Olivia laughed at what he said and grinned at him, "Yeah El," she said in the midst of laughing and finally removed her hand from Elliot's shoulder, "The city."

Elliot laughed lightly as well and grinned back at Olivia, "We should probably get back inside," he said, motioning his hand towards the door.

"A new case?" she then asked.

Elliot shook his head, "Just an arrest," he replied.

Olivia nodded, "Alright then," she began making her way to the door that led back inside, then turned to Elliot and smiled at him. "Let's go get him.."

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