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Last Chapter:

"Go to hell!" she yelled at him, trying to get up as Jack held her shoulders to the ground. She felt Shaw sitting down on her stomach and she could hardly move underneath the weight of the two men, which didn't stop her from trying. She hurt from the pain of being thrown around so many times, added to the pain of Shaw sitting on her as he began pulling at her clothes.

Shaw smirked down at Olivia who was trying as hard as she could to get away, but to no avail. "Only if I'm taking you with me sweetheart," he grinned and kissed her on the lips. He broke through her closed lips and let his tongue roam around inside her mouth.

Olivia squirmed more, and couldn't get words out as he kissed her. She felt the immediate disgust when he managed to slip his tongue in her mouth, so she finally did the only thing she could do. She bit down hard on his tongue.

Chapter 10:

"Sonuva bitch!" Shaw yelled, sitting up on Olivia.

Jack just smirked and continued to hold Olivia's shoulders to the ground.

"Hold her down, I'll be back," Shaw muttered out of his mouth and walked out of the room to tend to his bleeding tongue.

"Gladly," Jack said with a grin on his face. He'd switched places with Shaw and sat down on Olivia's stomach, "So how should we play while we're waitin' for him to get back, eh Livvy?" he had one hand gripped around Olivia's neck and the other he used to began caressing his hand over her cheek.

Olivia began struggling again under Jack's grip on her neck, her windpipe was practically cut off and she was struggling to pull away and breathe at the moment. She managed to shake his hand loose and with that, she made another attempt at a head butt, which worked utterly well for a third time. She'd knocked Jack clear off of her, and broke the rope the was tying her wrists, she quickly pulled the ones off of her ankles as well before getting up and running out the door of the room.

"God damn bitch!" Jack cursed out loud and stood up. nursing his bleeding nose.

Olivia looked around outside of the room, she had no idea where Shaw went. Deciding the door would be the only place to go she made a run for that, but when she finally made it there and went to pull it open, it was jammed. "Shit.." she muttered, then looked around more. There was no other way out of the warehouse, except for a staircase…but she'd had no idea where that even led. She knew it was her best choice and began to head straight for that when Jack ran in front of her.

"Well well Livvy, looks like ya' gots some power there," Jack said with a grin. "But ya' boyfriend ain't here to help ya', not that he did so hot last time either eh?" he asked with a laugh falling from his lips.

"I don't need help with you, you asshole," she said. She wanted to get out of this funhouse as quickly as possible and decided to go with the easiest method she knew for doing that. She kneed Jack in his abdomen and quickly kicked her foot up into his crotch, "Go play with that," she said as he fell onto the ground holding his lower area. She smiled at him and literally stepped on him before making her way up the steps of the warehouse. 'Please…please let this lead out of here to the roof…and have a ladder that leads down…like most do,' she thought grimly to herself.

She opened the door at the top of the staircase, she found herself on the roof. All the memories of Carter shoving her over the edge of the precinct rooftop flew through her mind, but she shoved them aside as the breeze hit her face. It was a harsh wind up here as winter had picked up slightly in New York even though it was nearing the end of winter. She looked around the roof for the ladder but didn't see one. She cursed under her breath and made her way to the edge and looked down. She took a deep breath once more, then saw the ladder to the left of her. "Thank god.." she said and began running for it. She felt the all too familiar tug onto her foot, and came crashing to the ground of the roof, someone was pulling her towards them.

"I don't think so Olivia," Shaw said with a grin. "You are mine and no one can have you except for me," he pulled her straight to him and had her lying in front of him.

"I'm not yours or anyone else's" Olivia replied to him, she kicked him in the face with the heel of her free foot and knocked him down as well. She quickly picked herself up and began towards the ladder again, she had no weapon, no radio, no cellph-- Her eyes lit up immediately, she had her cell phone. She pulled it from her pocket, glad to see it hadn't been destroyed in her many falls, and hit the hotkey to an all too familiar person.


Elliot and the others were getting cops together, in an attempt to raid the warehouse. He wanted Olivia out of there quickly, but he also knew that if they made a big enough bang Shaw might do something over the edge to her before they could help. He shook his head and went up the stairs of the precinct, walking out on to the rooftop. He remembered Olivia's words, 'It looks so peaceful from up here, you know?' That was what she had asked him up here the last time they were up there together, that didn't include her being attacked. He shook his head as he leaned on the railing, soon he put his head in his hands and sighed.

"She's fine Elliot.." came the voice of Casey as she came to stand next to Elliot. "None of this was your fault, you know that, right?" she asked him cautiously.

Elliot laughed grimly, "I should have been able to help her Casey." He didn't turn to look at her, he continued to stare out at the city, "I brought that damn bear into her house and set it where it was."

Casey frowned slightly, "You couldn't have known that it was a camera Elliot…none of us could have." She placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze before letting go, "I'll bet she's even given one or both of them a broken nose by now."

"Probably.." Elliot replied, a chuckle being released as a smile intruded his face at the thought.

Casey smiled, she knew Elliot would be able to smile at least a little bit thinking Olivia probably broke one of her kidnapper's noses.

"I know she's going to be fine…it's just the fact of not knowing that's driving me out of my mind," he said, finally looking Casey in the eyes, and he realized that she was feeling the same way about not knowing what could be happening to her friend.

"I know what you mean, I can't stand not knowing," she smiled wearily at him. She then looked down at the city, "You guys are always up here, I guess now I know why."

Elliot nodded, "Kind of gives us peace of mind I guess."

"I can see how it would, it almost hides all of the things that actually happen," she said as she closed her eyes and laid her head on the top of the railing. "Cragen said that when the teams are moving out, they'll come get us, so relax…a little," she realized it was impossible to relax completely with Olivia in the hands of a rapist, which was why she added a little when she realized too late.

Elliot glanced at her before looking back at the city, "Thanks Casey."

"For what?" she asked, opening one eye to look at him, then standing up straight with both of her eyes open and curious as to what he was thanking her for.

Elliot smiled slightly, "For talking to Olivia…I heard you both talking." He sighed and looked back to the city, "I've never actually seen her break down like that before.."

Casey gave Elliot an odd look, "Seen? Wait…" she quickly caught on. "You were watching.." she then realized that Elliot must have gone out of his mind realizing what he had done to his partner. "She loves you Elliot, and you love her. Sometimes it just takes another person to drag it out in the open," she gave him another small smile.

Elliot shook his head and smiled slightly, "I guess you're right about that.." He turned to see Cragen at the door of the stairs.

"Let's get going you two," Cragen replied, and all three made their way down the stairs. Quite a few officers left the precinct aside from Cragen, John, Fin, and of course Elliot. Casey had also come, she was as much interested in finding Olivia as all the others.


It wasn't long later, cars began quietly creeping up to the warehouse. Officers were lowering the volumes on their radios and getting set up to enter the warehouse.

Elliot got out of one of the sedans along with Cragen and Casey. He watched as Fin and John made their way out of the following one, then he turned to see two uniforms coming up to him.

"Detective, the doors jammed, we're gonna need to break it down," the shorter of the two said.

Elliot nodded at his captain, "Do it quickly, let's get in there and get Detective Benson out," he said to the surrounding officers. All just nodded and began making their ways to the metal door of the warehouse.

Casey could swear she saw a figure on the roof of the warehouse, but she shrugged the feeling off. She decided she was just being paranoid at the fact they were about to go in and save Olivia.

Elliot almost jumped at the familiar ringing of his cell phone. He looked down, ready to turn it off on whoever was calling when a name flashed across the screen to tell him who it was. His eyes narrowed and then grew as he fumbled with the phone and answered it, "Liv!" he yelled into it.

"El.." Olivia's voice ran loud through the phone, even though she had said what she did in a hushed whisper. Shrills of wind could be heard as well through the phone and Elliot's phone volume was loud enough to hear the footsteps of someone walking towards Olivia on the other end of the line.

"Liv, where are you! Are you outside?" he asked quickly, trying to get what he could from her.

"Roof…of the warehouse.." came Olivia's voice through the phone once more, by now Cragen, Casey, Fin and John were all around Elliot to listen.

Elliot could hear something else, it sounded like something fell. 'The phone..' he realized all too quickly. "Liv, come on Olivia! Pick the phone back up!" he yelled. A sudden scream shrilled through the phone and Elliot had to pull it away from his ear, he looked up, everyone else had as well. They'd heard the scream even without the phone, "DAMN IT!" He looked at the officers trying to get through the door, and then he saw the ladder leading up and quickly ran for it.

"Elliot!" Casey yelled to him, but he was gone too quickly, his phone dropped onto the ground now in front of her. She watched as Fin and John made their way behind him and they all began to climb the ladder to get to the roof.


Olivia had dropped her phone as she saw Shaw round the corner to the square box around the stair case she'd gone behind. He'd had a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, a scream escaped her lips as the knife flew towards her but hit the stair-encased wall right beside her face.

"Silly woman, there's no where for you to hide up here," he said with a smile playing upon his lips. "Now then, I'm feeling a little behind in my schedule Olivia," he said, making his way towards the woman who was staring at the knife by her face. Once he'd gotten too close though she began moving away from him, "I wanted you done hours ago," he said, emphasizing the word done.

Olivia shuddered as she saw him pull the knife out from the wall, but she noticed he began to run towards her, the knife aimed at her. Her eyes widened slightly as she moved to get away from Shaw, she was unarmed, and probably had a concussion and some bruises from being thrown around so much. She began running in the opposite direction, fighting back wasn't getting her anywhere, but neither would her running.

Shaw smirked as she began running away from him, he was faster then her due to her injuries and he easily reached her. He pulled handcuffs from his pockets and grabbed one of Olivia's arms, slapping one of the metal bracelets around her wrist as he turned her around to face him, "Let's play sweetheart."

"Screw you," she replied and elbowed him in the abdomen. She began pulling away from him but felt her legs swept out from underneath her and she fell down to the ground onto her back. She felt her arms pulled around Shaw, she had no idea what he was doing, but suddenly the other half of the cuffs was on her other wrists, and her arms were cuffed wrapped around Shaw's waist. Her immediate reaction was trying to pull away, but she was only pulled closer to him.

"I'd love to screw you, in fact, this makes it much easier for me," he put his gun into his pocket and backed Olivia into the wall surrounding the staircase.

Olivia made her attempts to kick at him, but in her position against the wall and her arms cuffed around him, she couldn't manage it properly. She felt the metal pointed tip of the knife against her throat, as it made a slow and light trail down to her clothed torso. He hadn't cut her, only made her nervous to make a wrong move with the knife. Her eyes squeezed shut as he began to cut her shirt down the middle until it was completely split, but then her eyes opened wide from his mouth on hers, mixed with the sound of a gunshot. She felt Shaw drop, his body going limp in her cuffed arms, so she lifted her arms over him and he fell to the ground.

"Olivia!" Elliot shouted, he put his gun back into his holster as he ran up to her and developed her in a hug.

Fin grabbed the keys to the cuffs on Olivia's wrists from Shaw's pockets and quickly took them off of her wrists as John handcuffed and arrested the wounded Shaw. He smiled lightly as Olivia's arms immediately wrapped around Elliot's neck to return his hug. And soon enough officers were coming onto the roof from the staircase. He handed his jacket to Olivia, seeing that the front of her shirt was cut open to reveal a white laced bra. "You okay Liv?" Fin asked her.

"I'm okay.." Olivia replied to Fin's question, pulling the jacket over the front of her to hide the exposed area. Obviously having had a little too much happening at the same time, she let exhaustion take her over for the second time in the past few days as her knees buckled beneath her.

Almost immediately at seeing Olivia fall, all three of the detectives reached out to catch her. Elliot succeeded in picking her up in his arms since he'd already had his arms around her to begin with. He turned to see Casey and Cragen running up to him.

"Is she alright?" Cragen asked before Casey could.

Elliot nodded, "Yeah.. She just fainted, she must be exhausted." He looked down at Olivia's passed out face, it had light bruises, not to mention the back of her head which had the dried up blood from her apartment still left on it.

"We should get her to a hospital just in case.." Casey said, looking down at her unconscious friend in Elliot's arms. She'd never seen Olivia so physically exhausted, or at all injured for that matter.

"I agree with Casey…let's get her out of here Elliot," Cragen then said, leading everyone off of the roof of the warehouse.


Elliot paced in front of the other detectives in the waiting room, they had been waiting an hour for doctors results. They were sure she wasn't injured badly, but none of them knew what to expect to come from the rape kit. None of them knew if Shaw or Jack had raped Olivia or if she had managed to get herself away from them before it happened.

Kathy stepped into the waiting room, she stared at her ex-husband who walked frantically back and forth in the same room. She wondered what exactly had happened to Olivia to have all the detectives in such a fuss, and she wondered if bringing her children to see their dad was a good idea if Olivia was in a bad state. She walked up to him and took his hand in hers, "El…calm down, your kids want to talk to their dad.." she whispered to him. "Is she okay?" she then asked him in a hushed manner.

Elliot looked at Kathy, he smiled slightly at her and the kids who stood in the room now. "We're just waiting on the doctors...about the rape kit.." he whispered back, nervousness showing in his voice.

"Oh…El.." Kathy's face almost dropped. She never thought Olivia may have been raped, "She'll be okay.. Just go talk to your kids for now, it'll take your mind off of things," she gave him an understanding look as to why he would be so upset.

"Thanks.." he replied and walked to his kids.

Kathy looked at the sullen faces of all the detectives, and one other woman who all seemed to be lost in their own heads at the moment.


Elliot looked over from his position with his kids at the nurse that walked in, he quickly went up to her.

"Miss Benson is fine, Detective Stabler," the nurse said. "The kit was negative, nothing happened to her," she had seen the children nearby, and did not want to mention a rape kit in front of such innocent little people.

Elliot smiled slightly once more at the woman's thoughtfulness as she looked over at his kids, "Can we see her?" he finally asked.

The woman nodded, "One at a time though if you don't mind, and when she woke up she was asking for you Detective Stabler."

Elliot looked over at Fin, John, Casey and his captain, who all nodded for him to go in.

"We should get to work anyways Elliot," John said standing up.

Cragen nodded, following his detective's lead, "Agreed, let's go." He began to lead Fin and John out of the hospital but he turned to look at Elliot again, "If she asks for any of us, call us and we'll come right back."

"Sure Don," Elliot replied to his captain. He then looked over at Kathy and his kids, "You guys should go too, I'll call you if I need anything, I promise," he said and gave each of his kids a hug and a kiss, and Kathy and hug.

"Tell her we hope she's feeling better soon El, and tell her I said thank you, she'll understand," Kathy replied with a smile before leading the kids out of the hospital.

Casey smiled as Elliot then turned to her, "I'm staying and waiting my turn." She grinned slightly, "She was there for me in the hospital, I plan to do the same."

Elliot smiled and nodded to Casey, "You go in first, what I have to say may take a while."

"Sure thing," she laughed lightly, knowing exactly what Elliot wanted to say to Olivia. She knew he was finally going to tell her how he felt. She followed the nurse to Olivia's room, and walked in and smiled at her friend as she turned to face her. She saw Olivia's face drop a little in disappointment, "Hey!" Casey yelled defensively, "I know I'm not some buff guy with six-pack abs, but I'm still cute." She grinned as Olivia started laughing.

"I'm sorry Casey, I thought Elliot would come in first," she replied, sitting up on the hospital bed she was in. She smiled as Casey came and sat down on the side of the bed.

Casey just smirked, "Yeah well I cut in line so he would have more time when I left."

"Oh really now?" Olivia asked laughing some.

"Really really," Casey replied, laughing as well. "Feeling okay though?" she asked.

Olivia nodded, "I feel much better then before, aside from the stitches they put in the back of my head." She grinned at Casey, "I almost knocked out the doctor, he was putting in the stitches while I was out cold, I think I taught him never to do that again."

Casey burst out laughing, "I guess you did!" She smirked and laid her head on Olivia's shoulder as she shared the bed with her, "So…are you going to tell Elliot?" she asked suddenly.

"Tell him what?" Olivia asked in confusion.

Casey looked at Olivia's curious eyes, "How you feel about him."

Olivia stared at Casey, her mouth slightly agape, "You didn't say anything to him did you?" she asked quickly.

"No…well.." she fumbled with her words slightly. "He kind of knew before I said anything Liv," she smiled innocently at her friend. "He was listening to us in the bathroom…the door was open."

"Oh.." Olivia bit her lip slightly. "I guess I need to tell him…don't I?"

Casey nodded to her friend, "Yep, you do." She smiled now, "He's not going to hate that you love him Liv, I promise, just tell him." She gave Olivia a hug before leaving her hospital room and heading back to Elliot.

Elliot looked up at Casey when he saw her come back in, "Is she feeling okay?"

"Yeah, she's feeling fine El, go say hi, go tell her you love her and kiss her," Casey replied with a grin growing upon her face.

His cheeks turned a pinkish tint at what Casey said, "I think you're losing your mind counselor," he said, smirking now.

Casey chuckled slightly, "Well I guess I can put up an insanity defense when I kill the two of you for not coming out to each other and telling the other how you feel." She smiled sweetly and walked up to Elliot, purposely backing him up into the wall with her finger pointed at his nose, "And I swear if you hurt her, you will be one unhappy man Detective."

"Err…of course," Elliot replied, staring at Casey's threatening finger. "But if you don't mind.. I can't say anything to her until you get out of my way," he laughed lightly as she moved out of his way and he smiled at her, "Don't worry Casey…I'm never going to hurt her again, not like I've been doing." He then made his way into the hall that lead to Olivia's room, and looked at her through the door. He smiled at her as she had her eyes closed, but he could tell from the unsteady breathing of hers that she was still awake, so he walked in and took a seat next to her on the hospital bed.

"Hey you.." she said to Elliot as she opened her eyes to look at him sitting beside her, "Glad you finally came in."

Elliot smiled at her, "I wouldn't have left you by yourself for more then 5 minutes in this place," he said, taking her hand in his. He suppressed a grin as she laced her fingers with his, "Feeling okay now?" he asked her.

Olivia returned his smile as she looked up at him, "Perfect now that you're here." She sat up and laughed lightly at his surprised look by what she said, "Hey, before all this happened you remember what I was doing?" she asked with a grin.

"Eh.." he looked at her grin, then realized what she meant. "Can't really forget that, you almost had my shirt off," he smirked slightly as she blushed.

Olivia saw his face suddenly look slightly upset, "El…what's wrong?"

"All of that was my fault Liv, I should have been able to stop Jack," he leaned back and shook his head. "I'm so sor--"

"El," she laid her head down on his chest, and smiled when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "That wasn't your fault, neither of us knew Shaw and Jack were going to come after me, and you guys got me back before anything actually happened," she smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Elliot looked down at her, only to meet her brown eyes staring back up at his blue ones. He couldn't help but smile at the innocence that was radiating off her from her position, "I'm just glad you're okay Liv."

Olivia reached one of her arms up around the back of his head, and pulled it down so his lips met hers in a kiss, for once she felt slightly giddy as she teased at his lips with her tongue until he allowed it's entrance.

"Liv.." Elliot finally got out, breaking their kiss apart. He let out a short breath now that he had the chance, and stared down at her for a moment, and knew what he needed to say, "I love you."

Olivia's lips parted slightly, not sure if she could even reply, even though she knew she needed to. Instead she changed her position and sat down in his lap, then left another kiss, a small, yet tender one on his lips. She then laid her head down on his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck and closing her eyes, "I love you too El.."


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