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Return of the Ravenclaw

He sat thinking, he was doing that a lot recently, but then he had a lot on his mind. His mind that's what he was thinking about anyway, something was changing, every since school finished he was thinking more clearly, with more logic it seemed and that's what he couldn't understand.

'Why now?' he thought 'what has changed in the past week that everything I look at I understand'. Well of course this was not exactly true but something was definitely wrong.

Just last night he had managed to read, and understand, all of his school texts from the 6th year. His reading skills and comprehension were unbelievable to say the least, and yet he felt there was more to come. He started to do things he couldn't do before and in some cases never knew even possible.

So he sat thinking about all this and decided he would have to think about it later while he was alone, currently he sat in the car with the Dursleys, and they were headed to the airport to pick up Marge, uncle Vernon's most annoying sister. Harry really wasn't looking forward to this one bit but he didn't have a choice so he didn't dwell on it. With nothing else to do he started thinking once more.


He was writhing, he knew this, although it wasn't pain he was writhing in as such, knowledge seemed to be rushing in from everywhere and anywhere. Harry's brain was struggling to cope, a major download of information was currently entering his head, he didn't know from where or why all he knew was it, hurt? No but it definitely did something.

Finally it stopped, then with a sudden gasp of air Harry understood. He understood why he felt odd recently and he understood why this was happening.

"That dirty, two timing son of a bitch"

He was pissed, seething in fact was a more accurate word and he honestly felt that if Dumbledore was still alive he would have killed him there and then. He got up straight away and called Hedwig over to him, grabbing some parchment and quill he wrote a letter to Flourish and Blott's in Diagon Alley with a brief description of what he was looking for and a hope that they could give him exactly what he needed from that.


'The twelve ancient families, of which the founders of Hogwarts were all members except Gryffindor, who was actually a muggle born and one of the strongest ever to live, also founders of the wizengamont (see page 292) were all given a gift by Merlin as thanks for there help in the war against Morgana Le-Fay. As well as a physical gift, unknown by anyone outside the twelve families, he also gave them each the power to choose one gift just before death to pass onto there first born child, this gift along with the basic understanding of how to use it and of their own lineage and the customs within wizarding society would be passed on in small parts over the course of 3-4 years from the age they first bond with a wand. If the this process is stopped, only applicable if the guardian of the child is an heir of one, or more, of the twelve families, then when the block is realised the subject will be subjected to pain and confusion for up to a week unless informed of the changed in which case it would be just like having a week long headache. This climax's in the 'final hour' as it is known where the knowledge is finally downloaded into the subject's brain after a week's preparation by the process"

Harry stared dumbstruck at the pages in front of him, could Voldermort of done this, it did say that Slytherin was one of the founding members, or someone else. He didn't see why Voldermort would have done this to him, he was going to kill him after all so why bother, and of course he wasn't his guardian so he couldn't of.

"Dumbledore" Harry growled, he had just flicked to the founding members section and found the list of the original twelve families. Dumbledore was number eleven on the list. Curiously though, Potter wasn't on the list, which puzzled him greatly, until he thought about it and his new knowledge kicked in and told him that the family he had got it from was number four. Ravenclaw.