Ok so I'm telling you this, right here, right now, that by NO means at all am I a Lu/Woody shipper. I'm Jordan/Woody all the way! But I love the angst that comes between Woody and Jordan when Woody explores the dating field. I've been dabbling in old episodes where Devan was still alive and the look Jordan gets whenever Woody mentions their standing Sunday night get togethers or anything to do with Woody and another woman. You can practically see the hurt and jealously that blooms on Jordan's face!

So I've decided to play with this concept a little and make Jordan fully realize that she does have feelings for Woody. Just to warn you now … it's gonna be pretty angsty. But angst is good for the soul! On with the story! Oh and by the way this takes place after the newest episode … can't remember what it's called.


He sat there beside her in the chair, watching as she raised each grape to her lips and slipped it into her mouth, allowing it to roll across her tongue before it popped and the juices came squirting out. He smiled to himself, admiring how she found amusement in such simple things; simple things that Jordan would take for granted in seconds.

'Stop thinking about Jordan you idiot!' Woody thought to himself, still watching Lu enjoying her grapes. 'You're here with a gorgeous woman who's extremely attracted to you and you're thinking about stubborn, blunt, unethical Jordan.'

He pushed her out of his head for the millionth time that night. Sure, Lu was great. But she just wasn't Jordan. Woody wondered if he would ever be happy with someone other than her.

"I'm gonna get some more coffee," he said abruptly, standing up and walking into his kitchen. "You want some?" he called back to her from her spot on his couch.

"Sure," she answered back, pulling her knees out from under her and joining him in the kitchen. "Got any Bailey's?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his muscular stomach from behind and tapping her fingernails against his abs. He turned around, her arms still wrapped tightly around him, and tilted his head down to look at her, resting his forehead against hers.

From behind his back, he silently pulled off the cap from the whip cream bottle and distracting her with a kiss, tipped it upside down and brought it over her head, pressing the nozzle and allowing the white foam to cascade down upon her blonde hair. She shrieked, pulling her arms away from Woody and running away from the spray of the sweet sugary substance wielded by the man who was still a child at heart. He chased after her, still spraying the whip cream everywhere. In a swift movement, she karate chopped him in the side and disarmed him, stealing away the bottle and spraying him back.

This time he ran away, covered from head to foot in white. When the bottle was empty, they stopped and looked around. Most of Woody's kitchen and a portion of his living room were caked in sticky whip cream, including all of Woody and Lu. He walked over to her where she was standing by the sink, holding a wet dishtowel to her blouse. He came up behind her and turned her around, wrinkling up his nose smiling at her.

"Here, let me help you," he said, placing his lips to her neck and sucking the cream away. She laughed, tilting her neck away.

"Ticklish," she giggled, allowing her lips to mash against Woody's forcefully. He kissed her back. Woody couldn't help but think that Jordan would never let him get this close. As if on cue, the doorbell rang from the front hall. Woody pulled away, giving her an apologetic look as he walked down the hall and swung open the front door.

His face burned with embarrassment and he quickly tried to wipe off the remaining whip cream but he was attempting the inevitable as he looked into the confused and hurt eyes of his visitor.

"Jordan," he said, running his fingers through his hair and staring at them when he pulled them away, covered in the cream. "What's up?" he asked, trying to look nonchalant.

"Woody where's your mop?" a voice from inside his apartment called. If possible, Woody's face turned even more red.

"Um …" he called back, avoiding eye contact with Jordan. "Far closet on the left," he called back. Finally, he turned back to Jordan. "Is there something I can do for you?"

He noticed that she looked incredibly embarrassed but her eyes were burning with hurt and betrayal. Suddenly, Lu appeared from behind Woody.

"Dr Cavanaugh," she gave her a curt nod and a warm smile.

"Detective Simmons," Jordan answered back, returning the professional curtsey.

"Uh I just came by to drop off this case folder," Jordan said, dropping her eyes to the floor and not looking back up. "Here Detective Hoyt," Jordan said, handing him the folder.

He took it in confusion. He couldn't remember the last time she had called him detective Hoyt.

"I better get going," Jordan said, smiling sadly and turning on her heel to leave.

"Jordan wait!" Woody called to her retreating back. He knew he shouldn't, but he felt bad that she had to witness the awkward moment between two people both clad in whip cream.

"I really gotta go Woody," she said, turning back around and starting to walk down the hall. Woody looked behind him, taking into account that Lu was busy wiping up the mess. He stepped out of his apartment and closed the door behind him, running down the hall to catch up with her.

"Jordan wait!" he called out to her, causing her to turn back around hesitantly.

"What Woody!" she asked, her voice slightly exasperated. It took him aback to hear her so off guard and hurt. It made his heart ache a little more than it already was. He stood there for another second just staring at her, trying to see through the façade she had built around her.

"Don't do this Jordan. You have no right to do this," he practically whispered. She took a small step backwards, confused as to what he was saying.

"Do what?" Jordan whispered back. "Woody what the hell are you talking about?" She was afraid; he could see it in her eyes. She had the expression she always wore when she was hurt or confused.

"Don't make me feel bad," he answered, wanting nothing more than to break the contact their eyes had formed but finding it impossible to look away. "You've made your feelings perfectly clear over the past few years. You have absolutely no right to show up and make me feel bad about moving on, about dating other people."

Jordan's confusion disappeared and was replaced with bubbling anger. "Woody I was dropping off a case file!" she yelled at him, dropping her voice at the end of her statement to keep blowing up. "And you're right, I have made my feelings perfectly clear. I opened my heart to you and you did exactly what I was afraid of all along. I was ready to start something, only this time it was you who closed the door," she said, her voice almost inaudible.

She stood there for another second, watching as emotions flickered across his eyes. When she realised that she couldn't tell what he was thinking, she turned and walked away past the elevator and pushed the stairwell door open, walking down and not bothering to look back. Woody stood there, his heart beating a mile a minute, wondering again whether she was telling the truth.



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