He guided his eyes back to her frame resting soundly in his arms. It had been at least five minutes since she had moved from his embrace. Actually, five minutes since she had even attempted to move from his arms. Woody was confused. He had just witnessed a total and utter mental breakdown from Jordan and now here she was, her tired body resting against his, not putting up the slightest fight.

He shifted his position slightly, though not enough to disturb her peace. When her body just moved with his, Woody ducked his head sideways to look at her face. Her eyes were closed in sleep, chest rising and falling against his. It was clear that she had fallen back asleep.

Woody sighed and let out a little laugh. Gently moving her arms so they were positioned securely around his neck, he slid one arm around her back and the other under her thighs, pulling her up into his arms and carrying her into her room. He placed her gently down on her bed, resting her head against the pillow and following with her body.

Once he was sure that she looked comfortable, he backed hesitantly out of her room and slid the glass door shut behind him, silently crossing into the living room and sitting heavily down on her couch. Never, ever, in almost five years of knowing her, had he ever seen her so vulnerable.

Sure she had had her weak moments. Who doesn't? But this was a new extreme. A meltdown. He didn't really know how else to describe it. It was so un-Jordan like. With a jump, he felt his cell phone vibrating from somewhere deep inside his pocket and with a sigh, pulled it out.

"Hoyt," he answered promptly and inwardly groaned when he heard the voice on the other end.

"Woody hey. Where are you?" Lu asked timidly from the other end of the phone.

He sighed and pushed his hair back before answering. But before he had a chance to, Lu answered her own question.

"You're with Jordan aren't you?" she asked, her voice holding a slight accusation.

Woody's silence answered her question. "I'm sorry," was all he could manage, even though he wasn't.

Lu was silent in return. "Don't be," she said before hanging up the phone and leaving Woody hanging.

Slightly angry, he hung up his phone and sat back on the couch, closing his eyes and wishing Jordan was awake so they could finally get things out in the open and hash things out. As if hearing his silent plea, he opened his eyes and there was standing, arms crossed shyly across her chest.

"Jordan," he said tersely, sitting on the edge of his seat.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly, walking around the couch and perching herself lightly on the arm.

"For what?" he asked, genuine concern flitting though his voice.

"For having to witness that." He noticed how she called it 'that', suggesting that she also had no idea what had happened only twenty minutes ago.

"Don't be. You're human," he replied with a small grin. "It's ok to show emotion some times." Her face remained bland as though she disagreed but wasn't in the mood to start an argument. "You know," he started hesitantly, "Maybe we should talk about this."

"There's nothing to talk about," she said, standing from her spot and walking into her kitchen.

"Jordan come on!" Woody said, standing and following her. He wasn't going to give up this easily. Not this time.

She blatantly ignored him and poured herself a glass of wine, filling up an extra and passing it across the counter to him. But he brushed it off dismissively and continued to look at her. She finally brought her eyes up to his, pleadingly, and silently begged him to let it go. But he wasn't going to give up. They had skirted around this issue for far too long. He refused to be brushed off again. When Jordan finally realized that he wasn't going to give up, she sighed and took a swig of her wine.

"It's just …" she started.


"I can't …"


Woody waited patiently for her to continue.

"Never mind."


He sighed, his patience wavering. Woody had actually believed that this was going somewhere.

"Jordan come on. This is me you're talking to. I know when something's up. Just talk to me," he begged.

She looked into his pleading eyes, actually contemplating telling him how she really felt. "Woody," her voice was tired.

"Jordan please!" But his was even more so. Tired of playing games. Tired of skirting around the edges of their relationship. Tired of waiting for her.

"I thought we were finally getting somewhere," she finally said after a silence, more to her wine glass than Woody.

Woody gently reached out his hand and lifted her chin so she was looking him in the eye, gave her an encouraging nod, and gestured for her to continue, pulling his hand slowly away.

"I mean …" she hesitated but another sip from her wine glass gave her the encouragement she needed to continue. "I thought we were finally getting somewhere. We had made it past the anger, past the awkwardness. And then there was the Lucy Carver Inn. You begged me to tell Pollack and I did. But then when I offered you to come in that one time …" She wasn't sure how to continue. "You told me you didn't want to be my rebound guy."

"Jordan …" Woody interjected.

"No I'm not done," she said, on a role and not wanting to break it. "I thought that maybe you just needed some time. I wanted to tell you then and there that you were never the rebound guy. You were always the guy I was rebounding from."

She tried to ignore the look of blatant shock on his face as she continued.

"And then I found out that you were seeing Lu. I was so confused, I still am. Here I am, standing here like a fool in love and waiting for a man who's apparently seeing someone else."

She clasped her hand to her mouth, unaware at the time that she had said what she had just said. Her eyes were wide with honest guilt, wondering whether or not he had hear what she had said.

"What did you say?"

She could tell from the tone in his voice that it was a rhetorical question.

"Nothing. I didn't say anything," she said quickly and instantly regretting it.

She watched in awe as Woody walked slowly around the kitchen island and towards her, his face expressionless and unreadable. He stopped only a foot from her, reaching out one of his hands and placing it on the back of her neck.

Shivers ran down her spine despite the fact that his palm was warm. And instead of running like she normally would have done, she closed her eyes to his touch and leaned slightly towards him. This was the only encouragement he needs as he allowed his other arm to loop around her waist.

Slowly, she tilted her head up to his and crashed her mouth into his, allowing years of passion and sexual tension to spread rapidly through her body. He pulled her tighter to him, kissing her softer but with more passion than either had ever felt. And for Woody, the fact that she never pulled away told him all that he needed to know.