Haven't wrote any poems in awhile, so I hope this gets the juice flowing again in my head.


A strange gas drifted


It was gone before

You can say 'aloha'.


Something went so wrong.

What could it be?

Maybe it's because

Everyone got OOC.


Chouji went on a diet!

Shika wanted to work!

Tenten got a personality!

Hinata became a jerk!


Kakashi kissed Kiba!

Neji kissed Gai!

Ino kissed Kiba!

Sakura kissed pie!


Lee ran 'round naked!

Shino became a nun!

Sasuke played with Barbies,

And actually had some fun!


Kabuto was in town

And began to masturbate.

While Orochi announced

That he was going straight.


Nothing was making sense!

It was all out of whack!

Unless you notice the OOC gas tank

Behind Naruto's back.