A Utopian Chronicle

Category: Naruto
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

Summary: Lifropolis, the land of Eternal Spring, cried her fear for the coming of Doomsday. To save her land, Naruto, a Prince-wanna-be, and some of his friends, are the ones chosen to save everyone's life before the tragic day comes.

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Rain of blood...

Dark painted sky...

And all the King's men of Lifropolis lie dead with eyes wide open.

Doomsday, the eternal darkness, the day that never let the sun shines. The catastrophe sent a tragic history of mankind. The power wiped out the Eternal Spring of Lifropolis. It made the world's prosperity crumble; destroyed in the vanity of nothingness.

What will happen tomorrow... the day after? Will there be an end of this?

"Father..." A boy mumbled whilst felt his eyes warm with tears. No one could stop the pain that bursts in your heart. Even if tried, the failure is evident.

He looked up on the imaginary hope ahead despite the gloomy sky above him. "What will I do, father? What can I do!"


Alerted by the sudden call of his name, the blonde boy equipped with gauntlets shows that he is in fact a Zagante - people who studies different kinds of Gemstones which is used in battle field and enchanting spells of both curse and healing. They could even use it for fighting combined with their athletic skills.

"C'mon! It is possible!" He reasoned.

"You can't mix the Red Fire to Red Water! That doesn't make any sense! You're making the elements fight altogether!" The boy with brown hair retorted. On his cheeks are red triangle tattoos which represents that he's from a decent family in Lifropolis.

The boy Naruto, although tired of argument with his friend, tried to be as nice as he had always been and said, "Of course you can combine Red Fire to Red Water to create Level 3 magical attack. It maybe an explosion or short distance bomb, if you know what I mean."

The other boy could only twitch his eyebrows from how Naruto reasoned out his theories regarding the stones. In Lifropolis, there are numerous stones categorized in colors and elements of nature. When combined, a new powerful magic enhancer or offensive spell can be created. Zagantes are very much dedicated to knowing the combination of all stones in the world. However, dedication could turn to darkest desires in search for ultimate power.

"Whatever you say..." And he sighed, letting go of what Naruto stated. He sat beside the person and watched how his hands release Chakra to vaporize the elements of both stones. While Naruto was in the process of concentrating, he noticed the Junction Gem Bracer. "Have you learned to combine three Gemstones from your bracer?"

Naruto grunted when he was done forming a small red Gemstone with several fiery like shapes inside. Nevertheless he answered his friend's inquiry, "To tell the truth, Kiba, I'm only in the process of experimenting. Our Professor hasn't discussed anything about three combined Gemstones." He looked to his side, to face Kiba, "but I've heard Shikamaru, the laziest person in our class, have learned to combine five gemstones."

Kiba, the one who had been pestering Naruto the entire time, almost fell from his chair. He was shocked that their classmate, whom they rarely see listening to lectures, had past their lessons. How could one imagine that he's that good? Was it a form of deception?

"So he was a nerd then." Kiba commented then chuckled.

Naruto joined the small chuckle then for a moment he remembered something. He immediately cleaned his spot, keeping all the gemstones in their places. Kiba had an interrogating look at his friend.

"Hey, where you going?"

He looked over his shoulder while he resumed walking away from the Laboratory, "I'm going to see Professor Iruka."

Everything shines in Lifropolis. Buildings' cascading reflection of the sun flares up the sky in its glorious sparkle. Fountains built to give room to distraction of busy minds, taking time to savor its flowing and crystalline water; entertaining kids and adults as though giving light for their day. Trees were never gone; protecting everything under the hot summer shine. It freshen air to keep living things alive and healthy.

As the afternoon sky towered the day, the young blonde Zagante dashed towards the place where he always see his professor. His lively face brightened more when he took notice of nicely polished greaves. He already knew who it was.

"Professor Iruka!" He yelled cheerfully.

Called person inclined backwards and saw his yet-to-improve apprentice dashing towards him. Just when he was having all the time to eat ramen and relax afterwards…

"What's the sudden rush?" He asked and patted the sixteen-year-old Zagante.

Naruto scowled at his Professor for treating him like a ten-year-old child. He slapped the Professor's hand away from his head only to receive a hit on the same spot with a Gemstone.

"Ow… you're unfair." The young Zagante muttered.

"So what brings you here?" Iruka asked once again, resumed to finishing his lunch for the day.

Naruto sat beside the professor and ordered Miso Ramen over the counter.

"Do you think it's time for you to teach us the combo of three Gemstones? We're running late for our lessons." He reasoned and watched his Professor as he slurps the noodles out of the bowl.

After gnawing some noodles and swallowed them all, he took the small glass of tea and brought the liquid down to his throat.

"Aaah." He sounded out of habit, as he felt refreshed, "I'm going to do that so don't haste. You will finish your Apprentice level if you have the capabilities to combine all there Gemstones from your Bracer."

"And how long is that?"

The man from the counter gave the bowl of Ramen to Naruto. Naruto said his thanks and broke the chopsticks to make it a pair. He blows the steaming air over his bowl and started digging the noodles.

"It won't take that long, unless you have the potential to learn fast." For some reason, he knew that the last statement hit somebody.

The blonde Zagante almost choked from slurping the Ramen's soup. He whacked his chest to give space to his inner organs.

"You don't have to say those, Prof. Anyway, what about Shikamaru? He already learned to combine five Gemstones in his Bracer. Shouldn't he be considered as full pledge Zagante?"

Iruka shook his head, no, and explained, "He's smart alright the thing is he's incapable of using his physical strength. In short, he needs more brawns to pass."

"So he's not that perfect at all," Naruto muttered and then slurped his bowl of ramen again.

"Says the person who thinks his perfect."

Both looked at each other and tilted their heads to look at the person who just came and butting in their conversation. Taking notice of the black short hair and the stench of show off attitude from the person, Naruto knew who came.

"Sai." He plainly yet grudgingly uttered.

However, the Professor did the opposite. He smiled at the newcomer and greeted him.

"Are you done with your experiments?" Iruka asked with much interests seeping in his voice.

Sai smiled at him and at the empty seat which was beside Naruto's. Naruto, then, glared at the person and continued slurping down his ramen with much annoying noise.

Sai forcefully coughed before saying, "Ahem. I'm almost through with the fifth element. But I have to be cautious with the sixth. If my Chakra can't form the suitable amount to form anew element then my research will fail."

The only apprentice customer whom sat in the middle suddenly butted in, "What kind of Gemstone are you creating anyway? Some piece of junk?"

Seeing as his statement as an insult, Sai avoided to lose his patience and talked slowly.

"Well, an apprentice wouldn't understand it yet. Researching is not a child's play like what you're doing for the past years in the Academy."

He angrily slammed the empty bowl of ramen in his table and retorted, "I'm not playing with my research you fraud!"

"Now, now, you two. You guys don't have to degrade each other. You are both researches when you entered the Academy and you both know that the level of researches is always different."

Naruto turned around and sat on the chair with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Sai, being the matured Zagante, smirked at the apprentice's antics.

"Well, I don't have all the time in the world. So I'm off for my research. Good bye, Professor Iruka. Bye, frog face."


The target of his sudden bursts disappeared before he could beat the crap out of him.


To be continued…

Author's Notes: Hello dear readers! I'll be very honest with you; this is not my first time creating a fantasy plot. But it is my first time to apply it here in Naruto Category. I'm more of "what possibilities might occur" that is based from the manga and anime, but I would also like to try in Fantasy category. So I hope you don't mind.

I don't know if it's from all the Soundtracks I've been listening to, but whatever possessed me to do this story, it made me look forward to some challenge; like inventing terms, inventing places and as much as possible, the plot should be far from the canon. The latter may not be that challenging, of course, I also wrote some Alternate Universe style of story. But really, this is a challenging plot, since I really don't know how things will go from here (similar to SS-DL after I closed the first tragic version).

Don't worry about the terms, I'll always put it here as Vocabulary or something, just so to explain what they do/meant/etc.

CHAKRA - a spiritual materializing energy used to combine Gemstones.

GAEA - the World that depends from the power of the Gems and Nature.

GEM ENHANCER - equipment used along with Junction Gem Bracer. This equipment is used to release the energy that is formed from the Junction Gem Bracer. Without this equipment, the user cannot use any created power of the Gemstone.

GEMSTONES - fine minerals found in selected areas in Gaea. Comes in different types, there are gemstones used for daily living, battle field, medicine, etc. It was believed that the pieces originated from the very depth of Gaea are formed as Gemstones.

JUNCTION GEM BRACER - also called as "Bracer"; equipment to materialize the new form of element, magic, or any kinds of energy from combined Gemstones. It is made of non-elemental substance to allow vaporized Gemstones go from one Gem to another. A Bracer with three holes is used by apprentices while a maximum of seven holes are used by High Class Zagantes.

LIFROPOLIS - Lif (Leaf - Konoha); the main city of Gaea and called as the land of Eternal Spring. Rich in Gemstones and harnessed knowledge of each people, the land becomes a modern era of which Gemstones are not only used for everyday living but can also be used to protect her homeland. The ruler of this kingdom is either a king or queen depending from the Council's judgments, as well as the Lifrosians.

LIFROPOLIS ACADEMY – school for Zagante-wanna-be. Zagantes and other ranks that are all knowledgeable in Gemstones and the like are the ones teaching the apprentices, they are called Professors.

LIFROSIANS - a term to Lifropolis civilians. They do not engage themselves from any magical aspects of the world other than using gemstones for everyday living.

ZAGANTE - they who chose to involve in researches and experiments to explore the power of all Gemstones. They are taught not only to use the Gemstones alone but to fight using their own ability and strength as a person. Zagantes are quick and smart that they could easily determine which Gemstones should be used during battle.

Another thing, check out my Deviant Art account, URL can be found in my profile, then look for AUC titles before the character name so you'll be able to see how these characters look like in my story (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are the ones done so far). Thank you!