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Title: Cannonball Run 3: The Next Generation

Author: GenerationX7

Summary: J.J. McClure and Victor Prinsi have decided to restart the Cannonball Run after it's twenty year absense. Now a new generation of racers will make their trek cross-country for a million dollars.

Author's Note: Well I've decided to do a Cannonball Run fic that will be the sequel to the movies. Only this one is NOT a world tour like Charles Xavier's CR3. So enjoy this story and I hope you like the next generation of Cannonballers.

Prologue: Return of the Cannonball

J.J. McClure sat on the balcony of his Miami home. He has been a racer in the NASCAR circuit after the 84' Cannonball that the Shiek started. Now he has been making plans to start it again. Only if his assistant would hurry it up and arrive.

"J.J.!" Victor shouts as he enters the mansion and places the key back underneath the welcome mat.

"I'm out here!" J.J. shouts. Well at least the co-race organizer has arrived. Victor has aged considerably and so has J.J. Both now have grey hair or barely any grey hair.

"About time." J.J. says as Victor walks out on the balcony. "Where have you been?"

"Sorry traffic was being a total pain again. Nice view by the way." Victor takes a seat by a glass table with a large umbrella. "So have you decided where are we going to have the starting line?"

"Yeah, we have a lodge resort in New York. It's in the mountains. The starting line will be there and end at the same hotel our first Cannonball Run ended."

"Is it still in operations?" Victor asks.

"The last I heard Victor." J.J. hands Victor a iced tea with lemon. "At least we won't have to worry about Him this time."

"I wouldn't be so sure J.J." Victor said with a grin. J.J. got worried right there. "Oh don't worry J.J. Him has been passed down to someone else."


Victor just grinned.

Chapter 1: Getting ready

In a garage in Miami, Florida; Dominic Prinsi, Victor's nephew, drives into his parking space. He gets out and walks into the garage. Joseph McClure, J.J.'s nephew, was already working on a 57' Chevy Bel Air. They both work for a restoration garage and this their current project.

"You're late." said Joe.

"Sorry, my cat urinated on my bed again. I had to drag the sheets and put them in the washing machine." Dominic said.

"Look I don't mind if you're late. But can you give me a call the next time your cat decides to drain the one eyed worm on your bed. Besides we need to get this car done before we have to leave for New York."

"Why New York?" Joe just stared at Dominic. "Oh ok, maybe Him will help us win."

The very mention of Him caused Joe to smack his head on the hood, thus causing the hood to close on him. Dominic quickly opened the hood so Joe can remove his head.

"I hate it when you mention Him." Joe said. "Let's just finish working on this car and THEN we can plan for the Cannonball."


Somewhere on a Texas highway, two women are seen inside a Hummer H2. The dirver has dark brown hair a inch past her shoulders. Her friend has the same hair but only her's is blonde. Both are wearing grey Army t-shirts and denim shorts.

"You know Amanda." the blonde said. "It's great that the Army gave us some time off, so we can race the Cannonball Run."

"I know Sandra." Amanda said to her friend. "I'm just glad none of us have been sent over to Iraq."

Sandra nodded.


In Louisana, a Arab American male gets out of his limo, outside his house. He is somewhere in his mid to late twenties. Despite his young age, he's actually CEO of a oil company in the area. His hair is cut short and he's wearing a business suit. One of his bodyguards opens the front door for him as the other carries his luggage. He enters to find a man wearing a turban standing in his living room, looking at the family photos.

"Uncle is that you?" the kid said. His uncle is known as The Sheik, a former Cannonballer in the eighties. Sheik smiles when he sees his nephew and hugs him.

"Oh Ahmed." Sheik said. "How nice is it to see you. I have some very important news for you. Come on."

Sheik took his nephew out on the balcony of Ahmed's mansion, they later drank tea over the reason of the visit.

"The Cannonball Run?" Ahmed asked. "Isn't that race you failed to win twice twenty years ago?"

"Yes I would enter it this year, but sadly. I'm to old for this s---." Shiek told him. "That's why I want you to enter. To prove you have the fastest car in the United States."

"What can I say? I accept uncle." Ahmed said.


On a road in New York City, New York, a group of people came to see the national king of street racing against a up and coming rookie. The underdog rookie is a male with red hair and blue eyes. He has on a pair of glasses and is wearing a green t-shirt and jeans. The rookie is named Carl O'Brian and he drives a blood red Ford Mustang.

The king of street racing is a man in his late twenties. He has no hair and brown eyes. His name is Danny "Fast and Furious" Cruger. He got the nick name from his driving and he's driving a black Mazda RX-7.

"Ready to go down rookie?" Cruger asked.

"No I'm not Cruger." Carl said, adjusting his glasses.

Carl's friend Lisa asked for their pink slips, which means this race is for their cars. Then she signals a man to start the race.


Jarod Cunningham walked through the prison in Youngstown, Ohio. In his hands is a folder containing two criminal records for two suspects. In the other hand is a piece of paper that says 'Presidental Pardon' with the seal of the President of the United States on it. He enters a interrigation room with a prisoner, in a orange jumpsuit. The prisoner had short brown hair and brown eyes. With a gold pair of wire rimmed glasses. Jarod sits down and opens up the file on the prisoner in front of him.

"Let's see here." Jarod began to read the file out loud. "Timothy Clarks from Barberton, Ohio. Charged last year for drug trafficing and convicted. Sentenced to thirty years hard labor. It says here you still maintain your innocence to this day. Yet the officer that arrested you still maintains your guilt. Already your appeals was denied. So tell me what happened there Tim? You were a average college student, staying on the straight and narrow. Then all of a sudden your world comes crashing down."

"Hey I didn't do a damn thing." Tim said. "I was just driving home from class and got pulled over. Thought I was going over the speed limit. Then a few minutes later I was being pulled from my car by a female officer that I knew from high school. The next thing I knew some narc was trying to get me to confess to being Mr. X."

"Ah yes, Mr. X." Jarod nodded. "He was a drug runner under Danny Cruger's drug business. Second best next to Danny himself. I don't think you're Mr. X at all. In fact we caught the guy in Mexico. Trying to get a s---load of crack through the border in the trunk of his car."

"If you caught the real Mr. X then tell me why I'm still stuck here and how I got pinned as Mr. X in the first place."

"Well Timmy..."

"Don't call me Timmy. Only a few of my friends can call me that. You can just call me Tim."

"Right Tim. Well Mr. X took off your license plates and put his on. So you'd be identified as Mr. X. We know that he didn't put drugs into the trunk of your car."

"By the way who are you?" Tim asked. "You never introduced yourself when you walked in."

"Well in my business we don't have time to introduce ourselves. I'm Agent Jarod Cummingham of the Drug Enforcement Agency. I'm here to get you out of here."

"You're from the DEA and you want to get me out of this hellhole? I find that hard to believe."

"Well look at it this way." Jarod said. "I have here a pardon that the President of the United States signed himself. You sign it and then we're going to catch Danny "Fast and Furious" Cruger himself. All you have to do is help me catch him and you're free to go."

"That's all huh? What's the catch Jarod?"

"The catch is that you, the officer that arrested you and I enter the Cannonball Run to catch you know who. We believe he's going to enter the race to deliver drugs. Though we can't prove it yet."

"The Cannonball Run? What the hell is that?"

"The Cannonball Run was a cross country street race, that starts in New York and ends in California. We need you to help us bring justice to those that he has killed to keep his drug empire going."

"Hand me that pardon. I'm in."

Jarod thanked Tim and said he will be released in the next couple of days. The warden catches up to Jarod.

"Agent Cunningham, I don't know what you plan to do but I won't let that scum of society be set free." the warden said angerly.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you warden, but you have a innocent man in your prison. Now this is a pardon from the President himself. If you have a problem, take it up with him." Jarod walked past the warden and his two guards. Then left the building to a olive green Ford Fusion. A woman with brown hair in a ponytail sat in the passenger's seat. She was Melissa Trapt, the woman that arrested Tim Clarks. Jarod gets into the car and starts it up.

"So did he sign it?" she asked. Jarod nodded.

"Looks like we have a team."

"Now we have to bring Danny to justice."


Billy Bonney, motorcycle builder, finishes up his latest project. A chopper called the Cannonball, built for the Cannonball Run he's taking part in. Billy is in his early thirties with his hari tied into a ponytail. He's only third famous chopper builder to the Teutals and Jesse James.

"Almost done." he said to himself. "Just got to add the gas tank and take her out for a test drive."

He looks at his creation and on the gas tank is a design of a cannonball being fired from a cannon with a black background.


Ricky Walters puts the finishing touches on his '78 Monte Carlo. It's black with flames on the front.

"Soon I'm going to show all of them how to race a Cannonball Run." he said to himself.


Danny's RX-7 and Carl's Mustang pulls into a warehouse that is being guarded by the mafia and the street gang Bloods. The African American leader of the New York Bloods, Tyrone "T-Bone" Walker, gets out of the RX-7. Danny gets out of the Mustang. Danny won the race and won Carl's pride and joy. They meet with the man that is to give them something.

"You Vinny?" Danny asked the man.

"That's me." Vinny said. "Look, you've got to get these drugs..."

Vinny pulls back the covers on a pile behind him. The pile is revealed to be packages of marijuana, heroine and cocaine. "...To Los Angeles."

"That should be a piece of cake. I'm entering the Cannonball Run and will drop the stuff of on my way to the finish line."

"For your sake, I hope so Danny." Vinny said. "The L.A. Bloods need this s--- for their operation. We the mob want to help them out."

"So all I have to do is drop this stuff off and be on my way to the Cannonball finish line?"

"Not so fast dawg." T-Bone said. "I'm coming with you. You're going to need someone that the Bloods reconize."

"Alright let's get going."


Taiki Saruwatari brushed back strands of his jet black hair with green highlights, with his hand. Sitting next to him in a jade green Mitsubishi Eclipse is his girlfriend and race partner for the Cannonball Run, Megumi "Jade" Takayama.

"(So Jade, are we close to New York City?)" said Taiki in Japanese.

"Yes and please speak English." replied Jade. "Not that I don't like our native language, but we'll have to speak it as long as we're in this country."


"To answer your question Taiki-kun. Yes we are. I can hardly wait to win the Cannonball Run and brag to everyone about it Japan."

"Me either."


Carl O'Brian said goodbye to his friends as he got into a purple color shift painted Dodge STR4, that belonged to Lisa. He needed a new car to race in the Cannonball, he hopes to get his revenge on Danny later. Sooner if Danny is entering the Cannonball Run too.

"I'll get that bastard. Think he can impersonate Vin Diesal and think he's all big and bad." Carl says to himself. Carl starts the STR4 and drives off.


Victor and J.J. walk through the mountain lodge they rented for the Cannonball Run starting line. It's actually a mountain resort in upstate New York. Each Cannonballer will get their own cabin to stay in for the night before the race starts.

"Nice place J.J." Victor says.

"Thank you Victor. Soon this place will packed with racers that want to enter the Cannonball Run. It will be glorious."

Author's Comment: Here you go. I wrote the prologue and chapter one together. I've told a few of the Cannonball authors, like Turbo Man and BKelly95, that I've already got a sequel in the works. I'll be working on it as I write this. I decide to write it now because I know this is going to be only four chapters at least. I'm going to give you the title of the sequel and nothing else. It's going to be called Cannonball Run 4: Going for the Gold. Only a select few know what it'll be about.