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Chapter 5: Sticking it to the O.G.

Los Angeles, California

The remaining Cannonball Run teams arrived at a abandoned lot in L.A. All talking at once while trying to plan for a surprise attack.

"Everyone..." Jarod said. Nobody stopped talking.

"Everyone shut up!" Jarod shouted and everyone quieted down. "Now this is what we do..."


The Mustang pulled into a warehouse. Where hundreds of Blood gangsters gathered. Even the female Bloods and their children, termed Blood Drops. Awaiting their latest shipment of drugs. They all cheer when T-Bone and Danny climb out and open the trunk. Danny turns on the CD player to Montley Crue's Dr. Feelgood, to add to the atmosphere.

"What a turn out!" Danny said to T-Bone, as gangbangers unloaded the drugs.

"This is the largest shipment from NYC baby!" T-Bone said. "Drug dealing has been in the pits since the LAPD opened the new anti-drug and gang squad. They're starting to work with the FBI. As gangs are now funding terrorism and becoming terrorists themselves. Of course I don't believe that. We're just earning a honest living!"

"I hear that!"

Then Mr. X and the escaped prisoners arrived. Of course the van they used was ditched and the walked to the warehouse. Danny shook the hand of his comrade in the drug trade.

"Richard Nelson, nice to see you son of a bitch!" Danny said gleefully. "Let's get down to business."

They began the sale of the drugs. But minutes before reaching a deal, the sounds of car engines was heard outside.

"What the hell...?" asked T-Bone. Then the sound of a ambulence was heard. Seconds later the ambulence, Fusion, Eclipse, and Limo drove through the warehouse doors.

"Motherf...!" the LA Bloods leader shouted before being chased by the Eclipse. The remaining vehicles stopped and their occupants entered. Fighting broke out throughout the entire warehouse. Several Bloods opened fire on the SWAT team, whoe fired back.

"DA! DA! DA!" Captain Chaos exclaimed, before heading into battle with some Bloods.


Ahmed and his bodyguards fought off several gang members. When only one is left standing, the gang member smirks.

"I worship God. You worship Allah, you Mulsim extremeist a-hole." he said. Ahmed responded by knocking the guy out with a haymaker to the face. The Ahmed swore in Arabic.

"Allah IS God you jack hole!"


"Come on and get a piece of Sensei!" Sensei said to Amanda as he got into a fighting stance, and did a short karate kata. "I learned that from a Chinaman!"

Amanda sighed and procceeded to kick his butt with her martial arts training. "I learned this from a drill sergeant!"

Sandra was doing the same thing to the remaining escaped prisoners.


T-Bone ran throughout the warehouse, while being chased by Melissa, Carl, Billy and Ricky.

"Can't catch me fools!" he said with a laugh. Until Jarod came up from the sides and knocked him to the floor.

"Stay on the ground T-Bone! You're under arrest!" Jarod said.

"I'm going after Cruger." Melissa said as she pulled out her gun.

"Good luck."


Tim chased after Richard and Danny. He was given his own firearm, a shotgun, to hunt down the two. He sees them and fires at them. He missed completely. After checking his ammo, he continues to give chase.

"You know what you did to me Danny!?" he shouted. "You and your partner cost me my reputation! You cost me my freedom! Because of you! Everyone thinks I am a criminal! They won't give me a second chance! But if I capture you! I'll be exonerated! I will get that second chance at life!"

"Oh and you don't think I deserve a life!" Danny replied. "I deserve more of a life than you do! I have to give people the means to be happy with life!"

"All you do is give people the means to ruin their life! Drugs is a horrible way to live ones life! You deserve be anally raped in a jail cell!"

Tim took aim and fired again. This time knocking over some boxes.

"Then put down that shotgun and face me like a real man!" Danny shouted. "I'm right here!"

Tim saw his chance and fired. Only to have Richard push Danny out of the way and take the full round to his shoulder. Danny looked at his wounded friend and got angry. Then he charged Tim. Only to be shotgun whipped by Tim.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Danny said before giving Tim the beatdown of his life. Tim tried to get some good hits in. However Danny was a expert in martial arts. Thus Tim had a difficult time trying to get anything in. It wasn't until two shots were fired into Danny's shoulder. That Tim saw as his only chance. He stood up and delivered a hard uppercut to Danny's chin. Knocking him out cold. Tim looked over and saw Melissa standing with her gun drawn. Tim nodded his thanks and joined the other Cannonballers at the entrance.


"So what do we do now?" Carl asked.

"I think we should finish the race." Megan replied.

"I agree." Fenderbaum said. "Let's get going!"

"Who's going to drive the Mustang?" Tim asked. "We're going to have it towed?"

"I'll drive it." Carl said. "It's my car anyway."

"Jessica and I will drive the STR4." Megan said, grabbing the keys out of Carl's hand. Once everyone got into their cars. Then the raced continued to the finish line.


At the finish line, J.J and Victor waited patiently with the other race officials. J.J looks at his watch.

"They'll be here J.J." Victor assured him. When they saw the Cannonballers and the police clearing a path for them, the smiles on their faces spoke volumes. Once all cars were parked, the Cannonballers got out, as did Danny, who was inside the back of the ambulence. Being handcuffed to the girney he was strapped too. His girney flew out the back, at the sheer force of Chaos hitting the brakes.

"Oops..." Chaos said. As he and Joe watched the girney speed away. Danny woke up at that time. First thing he saw was the parking lot of Wal-Mart, then he saw that he was heading straight for a large charity bin.

"Oh sh..." Danny could only say, before crashing into the bin and somehow ended up inside of it.

"Bingo!" Tim said. As everyone watched the drug runner end up being donated to charity. "Do we even care that he's being donated to charity?"

"NO!" everyone said in unison.

"Good. See ya losers!" Tim took the distraction to run to the time clock. With everyone else catching up. It was crazy at the time clock. Everyone trying to let the card holders get to the clock, to clock in. However it was Megan's hand, with Danny's time card, that punched the clock.


Because Megan and Jessica had taken Danny's time card back in L.A. They were deemed the winners. Danny and T-Bone were thrown in jail. Actually Danny was fished out by S.F.P.D. and deposited into a prison hospital. Word has it that Danny is pleading not guilty and that his lawyer, a court appointed lawyer, is claiming that the Cannonballers had no right to take the law into their own hands. The judge will definitely laugh Danny and his lawyer out of the courthouse.

In fact Megan and Jessica are sitting by the hotel pool in their bikinis. Amanda and Sandra are in their swimsuits as well. Disgusted that the lost the race.

"In hind sight, we should've knocked them all out." Sandra said.

"Don't remind me." Amanda said.


Dominic, Ian and Joe sat at the hotel bar, drinking.

"So Captain Chaos didn't win the race, but at least we came in second place." Dominic said.

"Second place is better than coming in last." Ian said. Joe was so drunk that he couldn't be understood.


Tim sat in the hotel bar with Jarod. Melissa was no where to be found. Jarod was on the phone with the Governor of Ohio. After hanging up he turns to Tim.

"Well I just talked to the governor, and he's agreed to pardon you." Jarod said.

"What's the catch?" Tim asked.

"He's giving you a bounty hunter license. He said after catching a drug runner that police have been trying to catch. He wants you to continue to catch crooks."

"Figures." Tim said.


"Good race man." Ricky said to Ahmed.

"Good race to you." Ahmed said. "At least I wasn't persecuted by everyone here."

"Because you're muslim?"

"No because I'm filthy rich."



"Well good race." Billy said to Carl.

"Good race old man." Carl said. He nmotices Billy is offended.

"I'm giving you a ten second head start to start running, boy!" Billy allowed Carl time to get up and start running.


"Well we didn't win, but Jessica did." Jake said.

"You want Jessica split her share of the prize money?" Fenderbaum asked.

"Like hell I will." Jessica said, walking into the bar. Seconds later, Carl comes running by the bar entrance, screaming at the top of his lungs. As Billy continues to chase him.

"What the hell was that?" Fenderbaum asked.


J.J. and Victor were talking with Jade and Taiki.

"So are there plans for a Cannonball next year?" Jade asked in fluent English.

"We're thinking about it." J.J. said. "Everyone loved this years Cannonball. So why not? But we're not having it in the States next year. The police will be ready for us."

"We're thinking the U.K. next year." Victor added.


London, England

"King" William O'Malley pulled the trigger on another one of his hookers. He learned she was holding money from him, and the fact that his best runner in the States was finally caught, didn't help matters any.

"How many of these stupid sluts have to steal MY hard earned euros!?" he asked his lieutenants. "These sluts don't deserve a cent of MY money. They need to do their job and give me my money! Get this whore out of my sight!"

The other women quivered in fear as their dead friend was dragged out of the mansion. The gunshot had gone through her skull. Right in between the eyes no less. A certain young woman was on the brink of tears. Her names Marie and she fears that she is next to feel his wrath. For she has been keeping his money too.

Though the Cannonball Run is set for next year. There is another serious obstecle for them, in the United Kingdom. Soon the Cannonballers will gather, and face this challenge. Like they did against Danny Cruger. They'll be William O'Malley's undoing. It will only take a year to do so. The Cannonball Run will begin next year. Hopefully the Cannonballers will be ready by then.