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Piccolo's Nightmare

Chapter 2 - The Plan

After an hour and a half of Vegeta's laughing and pointing parade, he became quiet in deep thought of what they should do next in the situation they're in.

The dragon had left a little while ago oppositely to the way he came... quietly. And Goku was still chasing Piccolo around the bare land chanting the cucumber song and trying to eat him... they were in quite a pickle (A/N: lol! get it! pickle, cucumber?... Heh heh n.n;;)

"will you two pipe down! I'm trying to think over here! it would be nice if you two could do that for once in your lives!" Vegeta Shouted, obviously agitated as his tail tip twitched adding the emphasis on how agitated he was

"hey..." but before Piccolo could retort to Vegeta's insult Goku's stomach made it's self known

"uuh... sorry guys but I'm reaaally hungry" Goku said while scratching that well known spot on the back of his head

"well we have no time for that, we need to think of a way to turn ME back to the age i once WAS before peas for brains over here made that stupid wish!"

ignoring Piccolo's angry glare towards Vegeta, Goku continued

"but 'Getaaa, you know as well as I do that I can't think properly when I'm hungry, i mean come on, you must be hungry as well?"

and right on queue, Vegeta's stomach made a loud rumble noise, telling Goku that he was right in his assumption.

"Well I say that we get something to eat first and then think of what we should do about our situation" Piccolo said while looking at a blushing Vegeta

"Grrr.. hn fine, where do you suggest we get some food in the middle of nowhere?"

"Well I could try to catch some fish, there's bound to be some in these waters" Goku interjected

"NO, no more fish, I vowed that I will not eat another fish after eating it for two weeks straight!" Piccolo shouted

"who said anything about catching something for you?" Vegeta said smugly

Piccolo ignored Vegeta and continue, "What about going to Kami's Lookout, there's enough food there for all three of us"

"Yes, I'm sure there is but only one problem" points at Goku who's laying on the ground, almost in an unconscious state "I don't think he'd last the journey there"

What Vegeta didn't admit is, he also has not much energy to fly that far, let alone stand up right now, nether the less, he was determined to not show 'weakness'.

At the realization that they're going to have to find somewhere considerable closer to where they are, Piccolo and Vegeta weighed out their options.

"Well, I'd say that that old man's island is just as far as Kami's place so there's no point in considering it" said Vegeta

"You mean Master Roshi" Goku groaned out from where he laid


"Plus, I don't think he'd have enough food for two Saiyans" Piccolo added


They all went silent again, thinking of another place to go until Piccolo thought of two obvious places.

Internally slapping his forehead he voiced his idea,

"We could go to Bulma's-"

"NO!" both Saiyans shouted, giving Piccolo a fright. He then blink in confusion at them and continued

"O…Kay, should I ask why?"

"Lets just say, I'm lucky to be alive - no offence 'Geta" The suddenly conscious Goku said while scratching the back of his head

Ignoring Goku's use of his given nickname he grumbled "non taken, besides I wouldn't even feed that women's cooking to the Namekian, just incase he died"

"awww, Vegeta I didn't know you cared" Piccolo remark smirking

"idiot, you think to highly of yourself, I only said that because we need the dragon balls to correct this mess… I also want the pleasure of killing you myself" Vegeta calmly threatened

Piccolo snorted at the threat but didn't do any other response to it. Instead he continuing his unfinished idea

"anyway, before I was interrupted was going to say 'or Chichi's house' "

Both Piccolo and Goku stared at Vegeta for a moment while he considered this option they had.

It was the closest place to them other than the women's place.

It did have enough food to supply them all.

He also had to admit that the harpy can cook.

And with how quiet the mountain area is, it's the best place for him to think up a plan of what he's going to do next in this situation.

Vegeta gave a slight nod in agreement which initiated Piccolo and Goku to do the same.

With that settled, they all flew off in the direction of Goku's house.


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