Heya folks, long time no see :o) Anyway, I found some prompts whilst browsing the internets and when I saw it, ideas just kept popping up. Inspiration! Yay! This won't be focused on any particular character and each chapter will be a short story based on the word in bold at the top. Get it? Got it? Good.

Random Thought: Paradoxes always seem to make things sound deep and meaningful. Except Jumbo Shrimp. That one just makes me laugh.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans... or do I?


It has begun.



I see him walk into the kitchen, chest puffed out, whistling and swinging his arms exuberantly. At the same time, he is making his way there, walking with a sort of casual, laid back manner, an easy grin on his lips.

The two make eye contact and their short lived good moods are instantly strained.

The easy grin vanishes replaced with a look of determination.

The arms swing much wilder and the whistling is more high pitched than before.

They race each other in an annoyingly repetitive speed walk to the kitchen door, casting determined glares at each other in intervals.

As always they reach at the same time. Both stuck at the small opening to the kitchen.

I sigh as the enevitable approaches.

"I was here first Cyborg!"

"I win!"

They shout at the same time. Stick a pinky in their ears and soon they begin again.

"Look man, I'm cookin' today, and that means I get to choose what to cook, and that means we're havin' meat!"

"No way dude! I am sick of smelling that greasy, disgusting bacon. I'm cooking and we're having tofu waffles!"

"Meat BB!"




It begins…

Yet again…

I sip my tea.