I start to freak out. I grab my head, run in circles, make wild motions with my hands, curl up into a fetal position, wring my hands, cry, scream… well, you get the picture.

Wanna know what happened? Do you? Do you! Lets just say I am soooo dead!

Alright, I'll stay calm. I will stay calm.

It all happened when I went to the bathroom. I was washing my hands, when, it happened. I was scrubbing with that new foamy bubble gum smelling soap, dude, that is by far, the best soap ever. Cy wanted to get that crummy cherry kind. Psh! Yeah right! I mean, there is no way cherry even comes close to the awesomeness that is bubble gum. What was he thinking?

Wait… where am I going with this? Oh yeah. So I'm scrubbing my hands when—


It happens.

Time stops, glass shatters, the space time continuum breaks, and Billy cheated on Brittney in that one soap that dirty, lying—


Ohhhhh maaaaaannnnn! Raven!

Anyway, back to my story, I sorta, kinda, accidentally… knockedRavenstoothbrushinthetoilet.

It was sooo not my fault.

I mean its rule number one to keep the toothbrush as far as possible from there right? There are toothbrush holders for a reason. Besides, who leaves their toothbrush on the counter anyway? It is definitely her fault.

…Regardless of the fact Raven always tells me to put the seat down and in doing so I could have avoided this whole situation all together…


"Beastboy, get out of the bathroom now. I am tired. I want to brush my teeth and go to bed."

Ravens voice filters through the door. Her tone suggests I have approximately 10.6 seconds before utter destruction.

I should tell her what happened….

"Beastboy. Now! What was Robin thinking. One bathroom… And that seat better be down!"

...Psh, yeah right. I don't want to die thank you.

I know what has to be done.

I stare at the innocent toothbrush beneath the clear water in the basin.

So. Nasty.

I have no choice.

I stick my hand in.


I bring the brush out and under the scalding hot water of the sink.

"Just a sec Raven!" I call through the door, "Ew, ew, ew…"

I shake off her toothbrush. It looks clean enough.

UGH, who am I kidding! So gross… I am so dead if Raven finds out!

Heh… If….

If is good…