T itle: S'Evan

Author: Ster Julie

Codes: S, OMC (S'Evan)

Genre: Angst

Rating: K+

Summary: Spock meets up with his young half-brother, Perrin's son S'Evan. Takes place after STTNG Unification.

A/N: I am shamelessly "borrowing" ideas from several people. Cheree Cargill first coined the "Awakening". The "reldai" as shown here was also stolen from Cheree, who developed the idea from the Vulcan-Standard Dictionary. The plot point that Spock has to return to Vulcan from Romulus to use the services of the reldai is from the stories of Kathy Davis. The character S'Evan was based on U.S.national bronze medallist Evan Lysacek, who looks Vulcan even without the pointed ears!


Spock was not surprised to see the family estate shuttered. He had heard that Perrin had vacated the house recently and had moved back to Earth. What did surprise him was that the guest suite looked as if it was being used. He set his satchel down in the hallway and went to investigate.

Finding no one in the rooms, Spock moved wearily out to the garden area. There, sitting on the same bench that was Spock's favorite as a boy, was a young Vulcan male that he did not recognize.

At least, Spock assumed he was Vulcan. The position he was in--elbows on knees, head in hands--was not characteristically Vulcan, but the waning daylight gave the young man away as it kissed the tips of his pointed ears.

Spock was sure to make sufficient noise as he shuffled closer so as not to surprise the distraught young Vulcan.

"What troubles thee?" Spock asked gently.

The youth leaped off the bench at Spock's approach. The elder Vulcan took in the familiar features of the boy.

"S'Evan?" he breathed. He had last interacted with the son of Sarek and Perrin nearly twenty years ago when the boy was still an infant.

S'Evan's face crumpled in relief.

"Brother!" he sighed. "Oh, it is good that you are here!"

Spock tried to step back, but there was no avoiding the youth's crushing embrace.

"Where is thy mother, child?" Spock said as he disentangled himself from his young brother.

S'Evan lowered his eyes. Spock noticed that the tips of the young man's ears were verdant with . . . embarrassment?

"I sent her away," S'Evan whispered.

"Explain," Spock prodded softly.

S'Evan raised anguished eyes. "I burn, brother!" he hissed.

"The Awakening?" Spock breathed.

S'Evan nodded.

"Where is thy betrothed?" Spock questioned.

S'Evan shook his head. "Our father never arranged a bonding for me," he revealed. "I do not know if he was unsuccessful in finding a bride for me, or if he intended for me to choose for myself."

"And thee have had no other male Vulcan role models to guide thee since Sarek became ill," Spock stated.

S'Evan looked at his brother quizzically. "Is that not why thee are here, my brother?"

Spock shook his head. "No one sent for me," he explained quietly. "I had a need to come home."

"Need?" S'Evan echoed.

Spock dropped his gaze. "I burn as well."

S'Evan was distraught for his brother. "But thy wife . . . "

"Died the night thee were born," Spock continued.

"But what have thee done in the interim . . ." "S'Evan caught himself from blurting out the rest of his very personal question.

Spock answered it anyway. "I have used the services of the reldai," he replied gently. "Sarek first took me to the reldai at age seventeen when I reached Awakening."

"Seventeen?" S'Evan breathed. "So young!"

Spock nodded. "My betrothed and I were far too young to be married at that time, so Sarek had the reldai help my through that first Time." Spock had to repress a shudder as memories of that first stirring spiked his fever. He could not give his young brother the information or the reassurance he needed at this time without pushing himself further into plak tow. "The reldai will teach thee all you need to know. They are very kind and extremely gifted, if impersonal." Spock paused to gather himself again. "I have made arrangements for myself already. It would be a simple thing to ask them to prepare for thy arrival as well."

S'Evan looked away nervously.

/It seems that Father was not as strict with S'Evan's training as he was with me/ Spock mused as he watched the emotions flutter across his young brother's face.

"I will not know what to do," the boy mumbled.

Spock raised a skeptical eyebrow at his brother, as if to say Oh, really?

S'Evan blushed furiously. "Book learning is far removed from actually doing . . . it."

Spock gazed affectionately as his oh so young brother and nodded toward the house. "Let us gather what we need, S'Evan-kam, and prepare to leave at first light," he said gently.

As the two brothers walked back to the house, a rare cool breeze circled the garden and caressed their fevered cheeks. Spock remembered back to that time when Sarek brought him to the reldai. He remembered the unabashed pride in Sarek's eyes and voice as he spoke words of comfort. Spock turned to S'Evan and related them.

"If Sarek were here, my brother," he began, "I am certain that he would say to thee what he said to me at my Awakening." Spock cupped S'Evan's face in his hands. "'You have never been more Vulcan than on this day.'"

S'Evan's back straightened with pride even as his eyes misted with tears.

"I miss Father," he whispered with quivering chin.

Spock nodded, not voicing it, but admitting to himself that he, too, missed Sarek, the father he remembered before the illness began to eat at the man he was, the brilliant mind.

"Will thee stand in for Sarek for me?" S'Evan whispered. "At least until I am of majority?"

Spock paused. S'Evan was asking him to be his surrogate father as he finished "growing up." Spock looked into the pleading eyes of his lonely, nearly orphaned little brother and remembered how it felt to be cut off from Sarek at that age. Spock's indecision lasted but a moment. Because of the plak tow that hovered at the edge of his control, he did not open his arms to the boy. Spock used his voice and a tender gaze to welcome the boy into his tutelage.

"I am honored."

End Chapter 1