Lincoln Six Echo stood in Tom Lincoln's house, staring at the strange models and displays. He was reaching out to touch one of the glass cases when Tom Lincoln's voice fell an octave and Lincoln Six Echo looked up, curious as to why.

Jordan Two Delta was sitting across from Tom Lincoln, the latter gently holding her wrist and speaking to her in soft tones. Lincoln Six Echo took a step closer to the scene, wondering why he was so unsettled by it.

He watched as Tom Lincoln raised Jordan's hand to his lips and kissed the tender skin on the inside of her wrist. A tremor went though Lincoln as the scene unfolded.

He didn't like to see Jordan touched like that. The moment he thought it, he wondered why, thinking it must have had something to do with that video he had seen. Jordan's sponsor had touched her lips to another's. A man. What was it about that that seemed to upset him?

For once in his life, he wished one of the supervisors would come, bearing their electronic clipboards to tell Jordan and Tom to watch their proximity. It never came and Lincoln instead, watched Tom's lips on Jordan's wrist, growing more and more flustered.

When Tom pulled back, he shot a look over at Lincoln and grinned. An intense disliking, one he didn't even understand the reason of, came over Lincoln as he stared stolidly back.

Jordan was pulling away, her eyes still partly closed, looking for a lack of a better word, happy. Lincoln closed his eyes and fought down the feeling in the pit of his stomach before Tom excused himself to find his shoes. After Tom had gone, he stepped closer to Jordan, touching her arm. She looked up at him curiously, wondering at the new strange look that had inhabited his eyes. Jordan reached up and removed his hand from her arm, instead lacing her fingers through his. As the new strange, but wonderful feeling washed over him, he relaxed for the first time since he had seen Tom touching Jordan. This, this felt right.

Later, after many years of living in the human world, he would remember the time and correctly identify the tense knot in his stomach and the passionate dislike for the man named Tom Lincoln.

He had experienced his first ever surge of jealousy.

Just a short fic. I loved the movie and I'm very upset that there aren't more Island fan fictions here. Thought I'd offer up this small contribution, I found Lincoln difficult to write, even in this short story. Anyway, here's to anyone who can take up the cause and write some Island fiction, I'd be first in line to review.