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Summary: Dumbledore is at it again. He has found yet another way to cause chaos and mischief within the Hogwarts walls. This time, it involves an ancient mirror, soul mates, ballroom dancing, and Fawkes in human form. Can Harry survive the ordeal without forfeiting his identity to another? Can he defy the laws of nature and souls? Does he even want to?

Story Rating: (M)

Chapter Rating: (PG)

Pairing: Fawkes/Harry

Warnings/Notes: Slash, language, AU, etc.

Dear Diary,

I know I have sorely neglected you these past few weeks. I have been busy contemplating the deeper meaning of my existence. Just kidding, it's been exam week and everything's been hectic because of the impending doom of graduation. Fawkes has been little help. On several occasions, he has pulled me away from my studies and ravished me senseless, and I am convinced it was done just to hinder my progress.

Today, however, there are no more exams. Today I leave behind Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Head Boy with several high honors, the names of which I cannot recall for lack of caring. A small part of me is scared of what the future will hold. Voldemort is still at large, after all. Yet another part of me is… excited. It will be the start of a new chapter in my life. A chapter that I intend to fill with pages of happy memories with Fawkes. He's kept me sane these past two years. If not for him, I think I would have thrown in the towel before seventh year even started.

I visited Ginny in St. Mungo's yesterday. She's gotten quite a bit better, I think, since Draco went to visit her. I don't know what was said during their brief exchange, but it has done her a world of good. She managed a smile, the first in a year and a half. I truly hope those two can reconcile their differences. It's not fair that I am so blissfully happy while they are tormented by both each other's presence and absence. I don't particularly like Draco Malfoy, but I would much rather he and Ginny marry than for both to suffer on the edges of insanity.

I hear that Ron and Hermione are getting married the muggle way to solidify their bond. I haven't spoken with them much since the Ball. It's strange, but we never even had a falling out. We just went our separate ways, I guess. My greatest fear going through school was facing their rejection; I thought that if anything were going to break us up, it would be our poorly matched tempers. I never thought it would simply fade away like it did. We're still friends, I think, not 'best friends' but still friends. I hope at the very least we are still friends.

Remus is away on a mission for the Order. Tensions between wizards and dark creatures have increased drastically over the years, and Dumbledore has been pressuring Remus into gaining allies amongst the werewolf clans. He never refuses the Headmaster's wishes. He always obeys his orders and goes to the high-risk villages in search of allies. My heart stops every time I hear about a ministry raid of some helpless werewolf settlement. I am so scared that someday I will see his name on the casualty list. But he is set in his ways. He won't listen to me anymore. Not that he ever did. Sirius was the one who listened, and look where it got him. Dead. Perhaps Remus is the wiser one.

As for me, what is there to say? I'm the Boy-Who-Lived. I will always have a battle to fight. At least I won't have to fight alone. ­


Beneath the entry was a still photograph of two phoenixes perched side by side on a tree branch. One was sleeping soundly, leaning against the other. And the other was staring at the camera with vivid green eyes.