Noties: Hi... I think I lost all of you. I know you're thinking 'where the &$&$ is this story going!' The answer - nowhere really. I'm just filling in holes, so in the next story you're not like 'when did that happen?'.

You know what, this is the last chapter. I'm anxious to move on, and I forgot what I wanted to write for this one anyhow, so enjoy!

School resumed as usual. Everything fell back into place. For Harry, it was as close to being normal as he ever was (or at least as normal as you can get when you area magical being). Almost a whole year of no murder attempts, no death eaters, no nothing. It was almost boring. Harry wondered where they all went. One would think that since he killed Voldemort they'd be after him more and more, but just the opposite was happening.

Harry was sitting in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place watching Ginny make herself a sandwich. "I'm bored," he mumbled.

"Poor baby."

"No one's tried to kill me yet this year. I'm starting to think I'll have to go find them."

Ginny poked him with a plastic knife. "There. I tried. Darn knife isn't sharp enough."

"So you're on their side now?" Harry joked.

"I've always been on their side." She sat next to him and ate her sandwich. "I have to do to Diagon Alley. Wanta come?"


Diagon Alley was back to normal as well. No one seemed worried about anything anymore. Harry was stopped by more than a few fans on the way down the street. A reporter flew out of nowhere and snapped several pictures of him and Ginny. By the time they reached the store they wanted their picture was already on everything. "Look," Harry said to her. "You're famous too."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "At least I know every girl in the country is jealous of me now."

When they left the store they were bombarded again. Eventually everyone was satisfied that they had taken pictures of every inch of Harry's body and touched him everywhere and said everything to him, and they began to leave him alone. He and Ginny wandered around, not looking at anything in particular. Ginny stopped to buy something for a potion. Harry moved to the other side of the street to look at an owl desplay. Everything seemed okay, until -

Harry turned quickly. He could have sworn he heard Ginny scream. It's in your head, he told himself. You're just paranoid. But he looked anyway. She wasn't where she was before. He looked up and down the street. She wasn't there either. Then he saw something moving in an alley next to the potions shop...

I knew it was too good to be true, Harry thought. He pulled out his wand and headed across the street. No one else seemed to notice that someone had just taken a girl into the alley. And, yet again, I'm on my own.

He came to an open area behind a shop. Ginny was cowering against a wall. He went to her quickly."Ginny -"

"Look out!" she shrieked. Harry looked. Across the opening was none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry stood up a bit and put himself in front of Ginny.

"Well, look who decided to come out," Bellatrix said, coming closer. "I guess you just couldn't resist the popularity, could you?"

"It's about time you showed up," Harry said. "I was wondering where you went. Hiding because the master is dead, right?"

Bellatrix seemed angry. "He is NOT dead!"

"Oh, I assure you, he is. Now, what is it you wanted? We're in a hurry..."

"The Dark Lord will rise again!"

"Good luck with that. Can we go now?"

Bellatrix came very close to him. Harry was amazed at himself. He wasn't afraid at all. He just stood there, looking bored, as if it were Hermione getting in his face and not a death eater. "Do not under estimate the powers of dark magic," she hissed.

"I wouldn't dare. Are you finished?"

Bellatrix sneered at him. Then her eyes flicked down to Ginny. She smiled and looked back at Harry. "Hmmm, yes... In time. In time! There is a spell. It will happen, in time." She looked down at Ginny again. "There is no denying that. It will happen, and the Dark Lord will return... in time." She turned away from them, walked away, then turned back to look at them again. "I'll be seeing you two again. In a few years... in time..." Bellatrix smiled evily and then vanished.

Ginny stood up behind Harry. "What was that about?"

"Dunno. Maybe she's lost it."

"It had something to do with me and you. In a few years... what's going to happen in a few years?"

"If I knew that we would be extremely less confused." Harry headed back for Diagon Alley.

"But, do you think it's real? A spell that brings back the dead, that could bring him back?"

"I don't know. We'll have to wait and see."


- Fin -

So many things left unanswered - Has Bellatrix lost it? Will Voldemort return? What will happen in a few years? Where did Fred and George put those wet exploding fireworks? Stay tuned...