Something More…


A year… It had been an entire year after the cure of the Geostigma Syndrome, as well the death of Kadaj and his brothers. To add to the year's events, Marlene and Denzel were both at school situated in Kalm, returning home to Midgar every holiday in order to spend time with Tifa and Cloud.

The bar was still orientated the same; always neat and tidy after the nights work. Chairs, tables, mugs and dishes were all set out in the same fashion, the bar owner not once considering altering the interior design until the children returned. She didn't want to make them feel like everything was changing when they weren't around. Yet the one and only thing that modified in the bar, under the roof of 7th Heaven, was the growing relationship between two childhood friends…

It appeared after various experiences together, it had impacted the friendship, drawing the two closer to one another. And now, with the children gone for school, many close friends and residents spotted a transformation in the relationship taking place at 7th Heaven. What was intriguing was both Tifa and Cloud didn't notice anything more in their relationship than just being friends…

It was evident that close friends were talking about the growing relationship. The sudden news appeared to be the talk of the week, or in this case, months.

As a tanned skin man continued driving down the empty streets, spotting the foggy city called Midgar up ahead, he knew he was a man on a mission. He was the one elected to go and ask questions, as well as retrieve answers for the crew. Cid was so curious about the relationship that he had let Barrett borrow his latest prized possession. Cid had let Barrett drive his latest experimental invention: it was a new modeled car in which he had spent months constructing.

Turning onto the main road, Barrett observed the newly rebuilt Midgar; amazed at how fast the city had recovered.

Buildings in which were once broken and irreparable were reconstructed and were now towering over him. Dark alleyways weren't dark anymore, and the homeless could not be sighted. Within a year, Midgar had become a very well developed city.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cloud Strife heard the sounds of a vehicle making its way up 7th Heaven's driveway. He turned his head and surveyed his surroundings to discover a black car parked a few meters away, aligned with his vision. Standing up and wiping his hands clean on a nearby towel, he put his motorbike work aside, trudging up to the now opened car door, awaiting what was to come.

Hearing the loud engine of a car within the bar, Tifa decided to go and study what was taking place. Striding out onto the porch, her eyes locked onto Barrett's form and a smile broke loosely onto her lips. She watched as the muscular man hauled out a large box from the trunk of the car.

Glancing up, Barrett only just realized he had an audience. "Long time no see." He greeted in his gruff tone.

The mission had commenced…

Author's Note: My latest fanfiction, in which I couldn't wait to start. I've decided to reveal to you a very short piece of 'Something More...' to give you a taste on the events that has happened so far. So did you enjoy it? Or hate it? Please review to signal how well or how poorly I am doing. Constructive criticism is welcome, but it does take time to build writing skills. With that said, enjoy and thanks :D